Rocky Canyon

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[e][h]Rocky Canyon
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2023-01-28 — Present

Rocky Canyon is an Age of Empires IV map.


Recent Tournament Appearances[edit]

This automatically generated table shows up to 10 most recent S-Tier and A-Tier tournaments.
Start dateEnd dateTournament
2023-02-182023-04-02Golden League IIGolden League IIGolden League II

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games and can be modified here.
DateTimeGTournamentModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2023-03-2615:00 UTCGolden League 2: Round 31v1LucifroN7 Spain MaliansMarineLorDMalians France MarineLorDWatch VOD
2023-03-2519:00 UTCGolden League 2: Round 31v1LucifroN7 Spain MaliansBeeMalians Russia BeeWatch VOD
2023-03-1918:15 UTCGolden League 2: Round 31v1Beastyqt Serbia Holy Roman EmpireBeeMalians Russia BeeWatch VOD
2023-03-18Golden League 2: Round 31v1Kaiser Johan Sweden RusBeeMalians Russia Bee
2023-03-18Golden League 2: Round 31v1ISanych United Kingdom MaliansCATMalians Russia CAT
2023-03-18Golden League 2: Round 31v1Faye United States RusMatizMalians Poland Matiz
2023-03-18Golden League 2: Round 31v1State United States MongolsSortOfMongols Sweden SortOfWatch VOD
2023-03-0520:25 UTCGolden League 2: Round 21v1MarineLorD France Abbasid Dynasty1puppypawChinese Canada 1puppypawWatch VOD
2023-03-0518:15 UTCGolden League 2: Round 21v1Bee Russia ChineseBeastyqtEnglish Serbia BeastyqtWatch VOD
2023-03-0517:20 UTCGolden League 2: Round 21v1IamMagic Canada Abbasid DynastyWam01Delhi Sultanate Canada Wam01