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Player Information
Lars Otto
August 19, 1995 (age 28)
Years Active:
2018 - Present
Alternate IDs:
Gavagai, Phantom of the Arena
Approx. Total Winnings:
Age of Empires II
Age of Empires IV (inactive)
Tournament (AoE2):
2122 (current)
2195 (highest)
RM Voobly (AoE2):
2018 (highest)

Lars "Running" Otto (born August 19, 1995) is a German Age of Empires II and Age of Empires IV (inactive) player.


Age of Empires II[edit]

Running is known for his Arena and closed map skill. His playing style in Arena tournaments generally follows the meta, with a priority on map and relic control though light cavalry play, building to the ideal composition for his civilisation. In unfavorable matchups, Running sometimes opts to tower rush in combinations with archers. While he prefers closed maps, Running has never limited himself in tournaments, playing closed map competitions as well as tournaments with more varied map pools.

Running's initial success came in 2021 while competing in the German Championship. He beat PhilippHJS and Nili before meeting JorDan_AoE in the finals, where he lost 1:5, securing him the second place. Masters of Arena 6 was the first large Arena tournament Running participated in. He started the tournament strong, beating Dark for a spot in the main event and sweeping Yo 3:0 in the round of 16. After this upset, Running faced fellow Arena-expert Babaorum and gets swept 0:3 himself, netting a 5th-8th place.

His strong streak of closed map performances continued in 2022, starting with a second place in Master of the Circus 2. He loses the final 1:4 to Vinchester, who executed his "Vinchester rush" nearly every game. In September 2022, Running qualified for Wallhalla, a tournament that featured only closed maps. He fought his way through a stacked bracket, beating DauT, Ganji and TaToH before finally falling to Yo in a final that came down to the last game. Of his own accord, this tournament is the one he is most proud of, citing it as "the tournament that showed he could compete with the top 5 on closed maps". With a fourth place in Return of Reverse Pick and two seasons in T90 Titans Platinum League in 2023, Running solidified himself as a rounded player that performs on multiple map types.

In team game tournaments, Running prefers playing pocket. He has no regular teammates and forms ad-hoc teams for the big tournaments, playing with Vinchester and classicpro for Battle of Africa 3 and Dragonstar and StonePleaseAoE for the Delicious Whirled Cup 2023. He mentions Nations Cup 2023 as the team game tournament for which he practiced the most, enjoying the synergy with his teammates.

Running frequently faces DauT in the main events of tournaments, and names him as one of his favourite opponents. Their series score is 3:5 in favor of DauT, with Running winning every series in 2022 and DauT winning every series in 2023. On the other hand, Running considers ACCM to be his nemesis. Running has met ACCM often in qualifiers for S-tier tournaments, where he has never managed to win a series and advance.

Age of Empires IV[edit]

Running first tried Age of Empires IV during technical stress test weekend in September 2021 where he spent some time learning the game, then with its official release on October 28th, 2021 he continued to practice and learn the game, competing in the Genesis Qualifier. Running played Age of Empires IV until May 2022, with his best placing being a cash finish in the Golden League.


2024-07-071stB-TierAge of Empires IIMad Random Cup 2Mad Random Cup 2
Germany AGermany A
4 : 2
Killing Generation of BrazilKilling Generation of Brazil
2024-04-201stB-TierAge of Empires IITheViper x EsportManager - Arabia CupTheViper x EsportManager - Arabia Cup3 : 2$110
2023-11-062ndB-TierAge of Empires IIRising Teams: Gold BracketRising Teams: Gold Bracket
1 : 3
All Around The WorldAll Around The World
2023-04-267th - 8thS-TierAge of Empires IINations Cup 2023Nations Cup 2023
Germany AGermany A
2 : 3
Brazil ABrazil A
2022-09-242ndA-TierAge of Empires IIWallhallaWallhalla3 : 4$840
2022-08-134th - 8thA-TierAge of Empires IIT90 Titans League: Gold LeagueT90 Titans League: Gold League2 : 3$300
2022-06-195th - 8thS-TierAge of Empires IIBattle of Africa 3Battle of Africa 3
0 : 4
2022-05-152ndB-TierAge of Empires IIMaster of the Circus 2Master of the Circus 21 : 4$200
2022-05-0111th - 13thS-TierAge of Empires IVGolden LeagueGolden League11/0/6Grp S.$1,500
2021-02-072ndA-TierAge of Empires IIGerman Championship 2021German Championship 20211 : 5$903.28
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Recent Matches[edit]

DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2024-06-2313:00 UTCA1A-TierShenAiXie Cup: QualifierShenAiXie Cup: Qualifier0:4Vietnam Thành Cổ Quảng Trị
2024-06-1918:00 UTCA1A-TierShenAiXie Cup: QualifierShenAiXie Cup: Qualifier3:0Hungary dave_hun
2024-05-1814:00 UTCA0S-TierWarlords III: Qualifier 2Warlords III: Qualifier 22:3Taiwan z40
2024-05-1518:30 UTCA0S-TierWarlords III: Qualifier 2Warlords III: Qualifier 23:1Belarus OLADUSHEK
2024-05-0819:30 UTCA0S-TierWarlords III: Qualifier 1Warlords III: Qualifier 11:3Norway TheMbL
2024-05-0315:00 UTCA0S-TierWarlords III: Qualifier 1Warlords III: Qualifier 13:2Estonia Overtaken
2024-04-2823:40 UTCA0S-TierWarlords III: Qualifier 1Warlords III: Qualifier 13:0Austria hoi
2024-04-2711:30 UTCA1A-TierThalassocracy CupThalassocracy Cup0:3Serbia DauT
2024-04-2017:00 UTCA2B-TierTheViper x EsportManager - Arabia CupTheViper x EsportManager - Arabia Cup3:2Ukraine classicpro
2024-04-2015:25 UTCA2B-TierTheViper x EsportManager - Arabia CupTheViper x EsportManager - Arabia Cup2:1Germany StonePleaseAoE
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Earnings Breakdown[edit]


  • He is an history and philosophy student.