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Map Information
Ensemble Studios
Player capacity:
2, 4, 6 , 8
First appearance:
The African Kingdoms
Competition Span:
2015-11-05 — Present

Serengeti is an Age of Empires II multiplayer map.

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games and can be modified here.
DateTimeGTournamentModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2021-11-2122:30 UTCAorus League 21v1Capoch Argentina BritonsNicovIndians Argentina NicovWatch VOD (G2)
2021-11-2023:30 UTCAorus League 21v1F1Re Brazil MongolsdogaoSicilians Brazil dogaoWatch VOD (G2)
2021-11-2022:15 UTCAorus League 21v1Sobek Chile BerbersdogaoMayans Brazil dogaoWatch VOD (G2)
2021-11-2002:45 UTCAorus League 21v1F1Re Brazil MongolsNicovMongols Argentina NicovWatch VOD (G2)
2021-11-2001:30 UTCAorus League 21v1Capoch Argentina BritonsdogaoMongols Brazil dogaoWatch VOD (G3)
2021-11-1923:45 UTCAorus League 21v1Biry Argentina LithuaniansSobekBerbers Chile SobekWatch VOD (G2)
2021-10-2801:30 UTC3v3 fighters: +2000 elo3v3Nahuel05_ Argentina Mayans
_Tatengue_ Argentina Magyars
RivuxTV Argentina Mongols
Puerco BlackVikings Mexico Puerco Black
Cumans Mexico Keno
Tatars Mexico MostMilk
2021-10-1519:00 UTC3v3 fighters: +2000 elo3v3BadBoy Vietnam Bohemians
RollsRoyce Vietnam Berbers
BuloaSaky Vietnam Saracens
SitauxMongols France Sitaux
Lithuanians France Kougrialka
Tatars France Margougou
2021-10-0719:00 UTC3v3 fighters: +2000 elo3v3BadBoy Vietnam Bohemians
RollsRoyce Vietnam Berbers
CN_KT Vietnam Saracens
AnnotophPortuguese Germany Annotoph
Magyars Germany S3Kingcat
Mongols United States Scotty
2021-10-0719:00 UTC3v3 fighters: +2000 elo3v3Emil :D Denmark Tatars
KongeQrnen Denmark Magyars
Good_luck Denmark Portuguese
SitauxMongols France Sitaux
Lithuanians France Kougrialka
Vietnamese France Margougou