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[e][h] TheViper
Player Information
Ørjan Larsen
December 13, 1991 (1991-12-13) (age 29)
Years Active (Player):
2011 - Present
Total Earnings:
2011-08-23 — 2018-07-14
2018-07-14 — 2020-07-27
2020-09-10 — Present

Ørjan "TheViper" Larsen (born December 13, 1991) is a Norwegian Age of Empires II player who is currently playing for GamerLegion. Since he became an active player in 2010, TheViper has won more tournaments than any other AoE2 player in history and is wildly regarded as one of the most successful AoE2 players of all time. His father Svein «_PkZ_» Larsen founded the website AoEZone in 2008, and is himself an active member of the AoE2 community.

In May 2019 TheViper moved to Leipzig in Germany where he is currently living with his German girlfriend Debbie.


2020-03-22AA1stA0S-Tier1v1Hidden Cup 3Hidden Cup 3Team Secret4 : 0Canada Hera$13,560
2020-01-12AA1stA0S-Tier1v1Nili's Apartment Cup 3Nili's Apartment Cup 3Team Secret6 : 4Canada Hera$8,112
2019-09-01AA1stA0S-TierTeamEscape Champions League LAN FinalsEscape Champions League LAN FinalsTeam Secret5 : 2$4,500
2019-02-16AA1stA0S-Tier1v1Nili's Apartment Cup 2Nili's Apartment Cup 2Team Secret7 : 3Spain TaToH$5,000
2019-02-03AA1stA0S-Tier1v1King of the Desert 2King of the Desert 2Team Secret5 : 3Austria Liereyy$5,000
2018-04-29AA1stA0S-TierTeamBattle of Africa 1Battle of Africa 1TyRanT4 : 0$3,251
2016-10-09BA2ndA0S-TierTeamClan Masters: The Final ShowdownClan Masters: The Final ShowdownTyRanT4 : 5$7,000
2015-03-29AA1stA0S-TierTeamWar is ComingWar is ComingTyRanT Legends4 : 0$37,100
2013-12-08AA1stA0S-Tier1v1Clash of the TitansClash of the TitansTyRanT4/1Grp S.$6,000
2012-07-22AA1stA0S-TierTeamThe Tribal Wars 2012The Tribal Wars 2012TyRanT$6,000
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Recent Matches[edit]

DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2021-01-1619:45 UTCA0S-TierRed Bull Wololo IIIRed Bull Wololo III2:0Norway MbLWatch VOD
2020-11-1517:00 UTCA8Show M.Hera vs TheViperHera vs TheViper4:1Canada HeraWatch Game 1 Watch Game 2 Watch Game 3 Watch Game 4 Watch Game 5
2020-11-0816:15 UTCA1A-TierTournament Champions League 2020Tournament Champions League 20206:3Austria LiereyyWatch VOD
2020-11-0815:30 UTCA1A-TierTournament Champions League 2020Tournament Champions League 20201:0Canada HeraWatch Game 1
2020-11-0814:00 UTCA1A-TierTournament Champions League 2020Tournament Champions League 20200:1Austria LiereyyWatch Game 1
2020-11-0722:30 UTCA1A-TierTournament Champions League 2020Tournament Champions League 20201:2Austria LiereyyWatch VOD
2020-11-0719:20 UTCA1A-TierTournament Champions League 2020Tournament Champions League 20202:1China Mr_YoWatch VOD
2020-11-0715:15 UTCA1A-TierTournament Champions League 2020Tournament Champions League 20202:1Canada HeraWatch VOD
2020-10-1817:00 UTCA0S-TierKing of the Desert 3King of the Desert 30:3China Mr_YoWatch VOD
2020-10-1118:30 UTCA0S-TierKing of the Desert 3King of the Desert 33:0Finland TheMaxWatch VOD
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Gear and Settings[edit]

Monitor Refresh rate
Asus VG248QE 144 Hz
Corsair K65 Rapidfire
Last updated on 2020-07-17 (184 days ago).

Earnings Breakdown[edit]


  • TheViper's favorite color to play is yellow.
  • Since TheViper seemed to have very good maps more often than other players, especially T90Official liked to talk about TheViper's "map hax" (ironically).
  • TheViper is known for trolling the community with absurd strategies, often using smurf accounts.
  • TheViper is also well known for his comeback ability (example, vs Hera).
  • Age of Empires runs in the family, with TheViper's father, PkZ, owning and operating the AoEZone website.
  • Debbie, Ørjan's significant other, often refers to him as Vipey when casting games he is on.
  • TheViper will often listen to ASMR videos when doing work for his YouTube channel.[1]
  • TheViper likes to play other games than Age of Empires II as a warm-up for tournament games, such as Starcraft and Age of Empires III.
  • TheViper's and Debbie's dog is called Justus.
  • TheViper is named after the nickname of the Wrestler Randy Orton (born 01.04.1980)[2]


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