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A cold, wind-swept land with little wood and herds of arctic animals.
Map Information
Ensemble Studios
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Tundra is an Age of Mythology map.

Recent Games[edit]

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DateTimeGTournamentModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2023-08-2020:21 UTCAoM: RTSL Season 321v1
2023-05-2917:00 UTCPunk Cup Tournament1v1TheRapl Greece OdinNullusLoki Russia Nullus
2023-05-2913:30 UTCThe Wisdom of Thoth1v1OdinKing12 United Kingdom SetPhenomenonRa United States Phenomenon
2023-05-2818:00 UTCThe Wisdom of Thoth1v1IKill_UDie Italy LokilecuakKronos lecuak
2023-05-2815:00 UTCAoM EE DM Revival Cup #11v1Grassengroom United States KronosRyukZeus Canada Ryuk
2023-05-2812:00 UTCThe Wisdom of Thoth1v1NoAtlantis Lebanon KronosPOSEIDON_SPAMOranos United States POSEIDON_SPAM
2023-05-2719:30 UTCAoM EE DM Revival Cup #11v1WizSanji New Zealand IsisWesternLongPoseidon Portugal WesternLong
2023-05-25The Wisdom of Thoth1v1Mariano Argentina ZeusAntiRaiderOdin Canada AntiRaider
2023-05-2222:00 UTCThe Wisdom of Thoth1v1IamRevan Greece PoseidonjoeybadzSet United States joeybadzWatch VOD
2023-05-0417:00 UTCMeta Plays Showmatch: PegasusRush vs TheRapl1v1TheRapl Greece ThorPegasusRushPoseidon Israel PegasusRush