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TyRanT was an Age of Empires II team formed from a wide variety of top players, namely TheViper, DauT, JorDan_23, TaToH, and slam (the last core lineup), and even older, yet legendary players such as kkab, Grunt, halen, and Arch_Koven. In July 2018, the core players of the team at that time left, and went on to form the Age of Empires II lineup for Team Secret.


Player Roster[edit]


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Norway TheViper Ørjan Larsen 2011-03-23 2018-07-14 Team Secret
Spain TaToH Roberto Jiménez 2018-01-21 2018-07-14 Team Secret
Germany JorDan_23 Marco Bloch 2011-03-20 2018-07-14 Team Secret
Canada slam Chris Gregson 2014-02-06 2018-07-14 Team Secret
Serbia DauT Darko Dautovic 2011-03-26 2018-07-14 Team Secret
Brazil RiuT Daniel Lima 2013-09-10 2018-07-04 Lords of Skulls
Vietnam BacT Biên Ha 2014-02-06 2020-10-19 Infinity Legends
Brazil F1Re Helenês Cândido 2014-02-06 2018-07-04 Lords of Skulls


2018-04-29AA1stA0S-TierBattle of Africa 1Battle of Africa 14 : 0$3,251
2018-04-07AA1stA1A-TierThe Legacy Cup IIThe Legacy Cup II6 : 4$218
2016-10-09BA2ndA0S-TierClan Masters: The Final ShowdownClan Masters: The Final Showdown4 : 5$7,000
2015-12-20AA1stA0S-TierClan Masters: InvitationalClan Masters: Invitational4 : 1$1,550
2014-03-16AA1stA8Show M.TyRanT War 1: TyRanT vs Dream Team (Arabia 4v4)TyRanT War 1: TyRanT vs Dream Team (Arabia 4v4)1 : 0$2,000
2014-03-09AA1stA8Show M.TyRanT War 1TyRanT War 16 : 6$2,000
2013-09-15AA1stA0S-TierThe Medieval Wars 2013The Medieval Wars 20136 : 1$3,250
2012-10-02AA1stA1A-TierSY-Cup 2012SY-Cup 20129/0/0Grp S.$1,500
2012-07-22AA1stA0S-TierThe Tribal Wars 2012The Tribal Wars 2012$6,000
2011-11-05AA1stA0S-TierWorld Clan League 7World Clan League 75/0/0Grp S.$3,122
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2017-12-16AA1stA0S-TierKing of the Desert 1King of the Desert 1TheViper Norway5 : 4Austria Liereyy$1,622
2017-08-26AA1stA0S-TierEscape Gaming - Euro CupEscape Gaming - Euro CupTheViper Norway2 : 1Austria Liereyy$2,600
2017-07-02AA1stA1A-TierEscape Gaming - All-StarsEscape Gaming - All-StarsTheViper Norway5 : 3Spain TaToH$1,174
2017-01-23AA1stA1A-TierEscape Gaming Masters #1Escape Gaming Masters #1TheViper Norway3 : 1Serbia DauT$1,200
2016-12-18AA1stA1A-TierBattle for AngkorBattle for AngkorTheViper Norway3 : 0Serbia DauT$1,200
2015-10-11AA1stA0S-TierWorld Series of Video Games World Championship Maldives 2015World Series of Video Games World Championship Maldives 2015TheViper Norway3 : 2China Mr_Yo$3,250
2013-12-08BA2ndA0S-TierClash of the TitansClash of the TitansJorDan_23 Germany5/0Grp S.$4,200
2013-12-08AA1stA0S-TierClash of the TitansClash of the TitansTheViper Norway4/1Grp S.$6,000
2013-12-08CA3rdA0S-TierClash of the TitansClash of the Titans_DauT_ Serbia3/2Grp S.$3,200
2012-04-20AA1stA8Show M.DauT vs JorDan_23DauT vs JorDan_23DauT SerbiaGermany JorDan_23$5,000
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