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Vietnam Legends
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Vietnam Legends (VNA) - before 2016 (Clan Masters: The Final Showdown) known as Vietnam Strategy (VNS) - is a Vietnamese clan competing in Age of Empires II tournaments since August 2003 when VNS was found by All, Binh and KoolPixel. The original domain was changed after one year to


Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
Vietnam ACCM Hoang Huy 2016 [1]
Vietnam saymyname 2016 [1]
Vietnam CooL 2016 [1]
Vietnam BadBoy 2020-06-06 [2]
Vietnam SongSong 2021-03-28


Members of the first roster who are inactive by now:

Inactive Squad
ID Name Join Date Inactive Date
Vietnam All
Vietnam BluE_EyeS
Vietnam LenhHoXung
Vietnam novalily
Vietnam Sheep


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Vietnam BacT Bien Ha 2016 [1] 2020-10-19[3] Infinity Legends


2021-04-25EC5 - 8thA0S-TierTwo Pools 2Two Pools 22 : 3$500
2020-05-31EA5 - 6thA0S-TierBattle of Africa 2Battle of Africa 21 : 4$1,000
2019-05-11CA3 - 4thA1A-TierEscape Champions League Americas 4v4Escape Champions League Americas 4v40 : 3$567
2018-09-09CA3 - 4thA1A-TierEscape Champions League Africa 2v2Escape Champions League Africa 2v22 : 3$367
2018-08-19CA3 - 4thA1A-TierEscape Champions League East Europe 4v4Escape Champions League East Europe 4v40 : 3$567
2016-10-09CA3rdA0S-TierClan Masters: The Final ShowdownClan Masters: The Final Showdown1 : 4$5,000
2015-12-20GA7thA0S-TierClan Masters: InvitationalClan Masters: Invitational3 : 1$250
2015-03-29GA7thA0S-TierWar is ComingWar is Coming5 : 2$2,500
2013-09-15FA6thA0S-TierThe Medieval Wars 2013The Medieval Wars 20131 : 4$450
2012-07-15DA4thA0S-TierThe Tribal Wars 2012The Tribal Wars 2012$1,500
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2021-03-20EC5 - 8thA0S-TierHidden Cup 4Hidden Cup 4ACCM Vietnam1 : 3Germany JorDan_AoE$4,390
2021-01-24CA3 - 4thA0S-TierRed Bull Wololo IIIRed Bull Wololo IIIACCM Vietnam1 : 3Serbia DauT$3,000
2020-09-27AA1stA2B-TierAyre Age League: Season OneAyre Age League: Season OneACCM Vietnam4 : 3Vietnam BacT$250
2020-08-23IG9 - 16thA0S-TierRed Bull Wololo IIRed Bull Wololo IIACCM Vietnam1 : 3Canada Hera$750
2020-05-15BA2ndA2B-TierRed Bull Gaming World: Online Series featuring Red Bull WololoRed Bull Gaming World: Online Series featuring Red Bull WololoACCM Vietnam1 : 2Norway TheViper$308
2020-03-20IG9 - 16thA0S-TierHidden Cup 3Hidden Cup 3ACCM Vietnam0 : 3Norway TheViper$1,256
2020-03-20IG9 - 16thA0S-TierHidden Cup 3Hidden Cup 3BacT Vietnam0 : 3Norway MbL$1,256
2019-03-31AA1stA2B-TierDemEyesRed Arena CupDemEyesRed Arena CupBacT Vietnam4 : 1China Vivi$175
2018-11-02AA1stA1A-TierEscape Champions League Middle East 1v1Escape Champions League Middle East 1v1BacT Vietnam3 : 1Spain TaToH$1,008
2017-02-12CA3rdA1A-TierEscape Gaming Masters #2 - Survival GuideEscape Gaming Masters #2 - Survival GuideBacT Vietnam1 : 2Serbia DauT$450
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