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[e][h]SuomiSuomi Villese
Player Information
Ville Jämsä
(1994-11-30) November 30, 1994 (age 27)
Years Active:
2014 - Present
Total Earnings:
Alternate IDs:
RM Elo (AoE II DE):
2579 (current)
2584 (highest)
QM Elo (AoE IV):
1519 (current)
1534 (highest)
RM Elo (Voobly):
2568 (highest)
2015-07-13 — Present

Ville "Villese" Jämsä (born November 30, 1994) is a Finnish Age of Empires II and Age of Empires IV player who is currently playing for Suomi.


Age of Empires IV[edit]

Villese started playing Age of Empires IV with its official release October 28th, 2021.

On November 6, 2021, Villese played in the Genesis Qualifier, AoE4's first big S tier tournament. AoE4's first big S tier tournament. Where he made it to final round of pool 7, but then lost 0 to 2 to TheMista failing to qualify for one of the top 8 spots in the main event.


2021-09-16IA9 - 10thA0S-Tier1v1Red Bull Wololo VRed Bull Wololo VSuomiSuomiSuomi2/0/2Grp S.$3,000
2021-09-05CA3 - 4thA0S-TierTeamEmpire Wars Duo 2Empire Wars Duo 2SuomiSuomiSuomi3 : 4HeresyHeresy$854
2021-04-25BA2ndA0S-TierTeamTwo Pools 2Two Pools 2SuomiSuomiSuomi2 : 5Tempo StormTempo Storm$850
2021-01-24CA3 - 4thA0S-Tier1v1Red Bull Wololo IIIRed Bull Wololo IIISuomiSuomiSuomi1 : 3Austria Liereyy$3,000
2020-10-24CA3 - 4thA0S-Tier1v1King of the Desert 3King of the Desert 3SuomiSuomiSuomi1 : 4Norway MbL$4,000
2020-06-06CA3 - 4thA0S-TierTeamBattle of Africa 2Battle of Africa 2SuomiSuomiSuomi3 : 4AftermathAftermath$500
2019-08-31CA3rdA0S-TierTeamEscape Champions League LAN FinalsEscape Champions League LAN FinalsSuomiSuomiSuomi1/0/5Grp S.$352
2019-05-11BA2ndA1A-TierTeamEscape Champions League Americas 4v4Escape Champions League Americas 4v4SuomiSuomiSuomi0 : 3AftermathAftermath$313
2018-12-16AA1stA1A-TierTeamEscape Champions League East Asia 2v2Escape Champions League East Asia 2v2SuomiSuomiSuomi3 : 2Team SecretTeam Secret$901
2017-10-22BA2ndA0S-TierTeamSY Nations Cup 3SY Nations Cup 3Finland AFinland AFinland A2 : 4Brazil BBrazil B$1,271
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Recent Matches[edit]

DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2021-12-0314:00 UTCA0S-TierKing of the Desert 4King of the Desert 43:2Serbia DauTWatch VOD
2021-11-2718:45 UTCA0S-TierKing of the Desert 4King of the Desert 43:2Canada slamWatch VOD
2021-11-2517:55 UTCA0S-TierKing of the Desert 4King of the Desert 41:3Spain TaToHWatch VOD
2021-11-1818:15 UTCA0S-TierKing of the Desert 4King of the Desert 43:1Brazil miguelWatch VOD
2021-11-0619:45 UTCA0S-TierGENESIS QualifierGENESIS Qualifier0:2Greece TheMistaWatch VOD
2021-11-0618:00 UTCA0S-TierGENESIS QualifierGENESIS Qualifier2:1Italy Vodka_L_
2021-11-0617:15 UTCA0S-TierGENESIS QualifierGENESIS Qualifier1:0Poland Matiz
2021-10-1714:00 UTCA1A-TierHistory Hit OpenHistory Hit Open2:0Brazil dogaoWatch VOD
2021-10-1615:00 UTCA1A-TierHistory Hit OpenHistory Hit Open2:3Norway TheViperWatch VOD
2021-10-1516:50 UTCA1A-TierHistory Hit OpenHistory Hit Open2:1Belgium PROject_BelgiumWatch VOD
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Earnings Breakdown[edit]

Gear and Settings[edit]

Hardware (list of)
Mouse Mousepad
SteelSeries Sensei Ten ADX Lava (Large)
Keyboard Headset
QPAD MK 50 HyperX Cloud II
Last updated on 2021-05-17 (202 days ago).


  • Villese is an engineering physics student.
  • After getting into the final bracket of Red Bull Wololo 3 on Friday, Villese practiced with TheMax a little over 20 games and even broke his mouse before facing TheViper on Saturday.[1]

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