Watering Hole (AoM)

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[e][h]Watering Hole
The migratory herds stop at these rivers and ponds to drink, but there is no other food available.
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Ensemble Studios
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Watering Hole is an Age of Mythology map.

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2023-05-2116:50 UTCThe Wisdom of Thoth1v1Ghost_Rid3r France HadesCount_Von_CountLoki Netherlands Count_Von_Count
2023-05-2114:30 UTCThe Wisdom of Thoth1v11BatuhaN Turkey OdinNullusThor Russia Nullus
2023-05-2020:00 UTCThe Wisdom of Thoth1v1GrassTheKid United States OranosGaboo21Loki Argentina Gaboo21
2023-05-1818:00 UTCThe Wisdom of Thoth1v1IKill_UDie Italy RaLORDI32Zeus Greece LORDI32
2023-05-0417:00 UTCMeta Plays Showmatch: PegasusRush vs TheRapl1v1TheRapl Greece ThorPegasusRushZeus Israel PegasusRush
2023-04-0120:30 UTCThe Golden Gift1v1Shadowfaxx United Kingdom PoseidonKimoSet France KimoWatch VOD (G2)
2023-04-0118:35 UTCThe Golden Gift1v1Tigerbosss Turkey GaiaKimoRa France KimoWatch VOD (G5)
2023-04-0117:00 UTCThe Golden Gift1v1Shadowfaxx United Kingdom ZeusKimoSet France Kimo
2023-04-0116:15 UTCThe Golden Gift1v1HUSKSUPPE Denmark LokiCount_Von_CountOdin Netherlands Count_Von_CountWatch VOD (G1)
2023-04-0115:00 UTCThe Golden Gift1v1HUSKSUPPE Denmark LokiSheltyThor United Kingdom Shelty