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Civilization Information

Zeus is a Major God of the Greeks in Age of Mythology.

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games and can be modified here.
DateTimeGTournamentMapModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2021-10-1913:00 UTCDream ShowmatchOasis (AoM)1v1TheMistaGr_ Greece ZeusIamMagicRa Canada IamMagicWatch VOD
2021-10-1514:00 UTCDariusTheGreat vs TheRaplAlfheim1v1TheRapl Greece ZeusDariusTheGreatIsis Iran DariusTheGreatWatch VOD (G5)
2021-10-1514:00 UTCDariusTheGreat vs TheRaplOasis (AoM)1v1TheRapl Greece ZeusDariusTheGreatThor Iran DariusTheGreatWatch VOD (G4)
2021-10-1514:00 UTCDariusTheGreat vs TheRaplSea of Worms1v1DariusTheGreat Iran ZeusTheRaplZeus Greece TheRaplWatch VOD (G3)
2021-10-1514:00 UTCDariusTheGreat vs TheRaplGhost Lake (AoM)1v1TheRapl Greece ZeusDariusTheGreatPoseidon Iran DariusTheGreatWatch VOD (G2)
2021-10-1514:00 UTCDariusTheGreat vs TheRaplMediterranean (AoM)1v1DariusTheGreat Iran ZeusTheRaplZeus Greece TheRaplWatch VOD (G1)
2021-10-1016:00 UTCIamMagic vs _NebuchadnezzarFrozen Wastes1v1IamMagic Canada ZeusIamJoe|_NebuchadnezzarRa United Kingdom TBDWatch VOD
2021-10-1016:00 UTCIamMagic vs _NebuchadnezzarWatering Hole (AoM)1v1IamMagic Canada ZeusIamJoe|_NebuchadnezzarOdin United Kingdom TBDWatch VOD
2021-10-1016:00 UTCIamMagic vs _NebuchadnezzarMarsh (AoM)1v1IamMagic Canada ZeusIamJoe|_NebuchadnezzarIsis United Kingdom TBDWatch VOD
2021-10-1016:00 UTCIamMagic vs _NebuchadnezzarBlue Lagoon1v1IamMagic Canada ZeusIamJoe|_NebuchadnezzarSet United Kingdom TBDWatch VOD