Apex Legends Global Series: Preseason Qualifiers - APAC South

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[e][h]ALGS: Preseason Qualifiers - APAC South
League Information
ALGS Pro League
South East Asia Southeast Asia
South Asia South Asia
Oceania Oceania
Start Date:
End Date:
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  • The four online Preseason Qualifier tournaments will take place on September 11-13, September 25-27, October 2-4, and October 9-11, 2021
  • The winning team from each region in each Preseason Qualifier will automatically qualify for Split 1 of the Pro League
  • Following all four Preseason Qualifier tournaments, the top 16 teams in each region by cumulative points earned throughout the qualifiers will also qualify for Split 1 of the Pro League
  • All other participating teams will begin Split 1 in the Challenger Circuit


  • Teams highlighted in green have qualified through winning a qualifier.
  • Teams highlighted in yellow are qualified for teir Preseason Qualifier Points.

Qualified on Placement
Qualified on Points
#TeamPointsPlayer 1Player 2Player 3
1Ogre 3Ogre 3 Ogre 31,500Taiwan Roieee500Australia ZacROFL500Taiwan Rui500
2XSparkXSpark XSpark1,440India FATTMONSTER480Indonesia Bellkun480Indonesia Salvatorez480
3Golden SageGolden Sage Golden Sage1,410China Kuku470China Jiepai470China AZu470
4Evolution BERZERKEREvolution BERZERKER Evolution BERZERKER1,380Thailand Weiv460Thailand ReFi11z460Thailand INKXTH460
5SNGSNG SNG1,350Australia Draugr450Australia Fussy450Australia Horrid450
6PowerlessPowerless Powerless1,320Thailand Xabby440Thailand Fratis440Thailand Fratis440
7EstrellEstrell Estrell1,290Thailand Geniusx430Thailand Lendnie430Thailand Shusty430
8Reckless Lads XVReckless Lads XV Reckless Lads XV1,260Indonesia ILycious420Indonesia Galcobhar420Indonesia BamB1mBum420
9PavlovaPavlova Pavlova1,230Australia Big vaseline410Australia Inqo410Australia Wuuv410
10Inferno EsportInferno Esport Inferno Esport1,200Thailand FiLLFiLLFeeL400Thailand SmotGrid400Thailand RETEQ400
11On the SticksOn the Sticks On the Sticks1,170Australia ImBeaterThenU390Australia Frags390Australia Seymour390
12AprilApril April1,140China Wuy7380China Jz380China WenXx380
13Reckless Lads GenesisReckless Lads Genesis Reckless Lads Genesis1,110Indonesia Rhytmzz370Indonesia Botakkangker370Indonesia Stingko370
14WGGxPKWGGxPK WGGxPK1,080Indonesia Heeeiii360Indonesia Takkayan360Indonesia StrafingFlame360
15WEAREGODGAMERSWEAREGODGAMERS WEAREGODGAMERS1,050Indonesia BgJAGO350Indonesia Misanthropy350Indonesia MeXiouSx350
16MBT.NAGAMBT.NAGA MBT.NAGA1,020Malaysia FLameShotx340Malaysia R3flex340Malaysia DrDarkaz340
17AntiaaAntiaa Antiaa990Australia Wavar330Australia Cha330Australia Sway330
18WHIZWHIZ WHIZ960Thailand Gaijin320Malaysia TimmyBeng320Thailand Rainniii320
19Perangai EsportPerangai Esport Perangai Esport930Malaysia MrAmi0310Malaysia LittleArif310Malaysia Akim4XD310
20Dimple EsportDimple Esport Dimple Esport900Philippines JubJub300Philippines Zyne300Philippines Nitrogen300
21Im Online NowIm Online Now Im Online Now840Indonesia Giinzz280Indonesia RMikasaa280Indonesia Twistence280
21uwuXuwuuwuXuwu uwuXuwu840Thailand Biggiii280Thailand Asmodeus280Thailand Berysall280
23NonetWorkNonetWork NonetWork810United Nations Dpressed270United Nations Airess270United Nations LEV1ATHANSX270
23We Are TrashWe Are Trash We Are Trash810Singapore SaviourHeavier270Malaysia EixWais270Indonesia Kliesen270
25South CartelSouth Cartel South Cartel780United Nations Molann260United Nations Fwadyy260United Nations Monny260
25RNGRNG RNG780United Nations ThisIsPrak260United Nations Fiiiirman260United Nations 3vee260
27AFxRP SkyriseAFxRP Skyrise AFxRP Skyrise750Indonesia Softboi250Indonesia Cleopvk250Indonesia FckbyLfstyl4250
27InfernoDSCInfernoDSC InfernoDSC750United Nations Summer (APAC Player)250United Nations B4R4BEST250United Nations MoAlt9250
29RebellioNRebellioN RebellioN720United Nations Riotyje240United Nations Narum1eTaiga240Malaysia Syashaaa240
30HeadHuntersHeadHunters HeadHunters690Australia Rice230Australia Warden230Australia SkrrttSkrttt230
30Evolution SupremeEvolution Supreme Evolution Supreme690Thailand HotRod230Thailand Lycoris T230Thailand Xzerlution230
32Dream TeamDream Team Dream Team660Malaysia Angelo220Malaysia Thn2K220Malaysia Xasmic220
32Dynasty Esports ClubDynasty Esports Club Dynasty Esports Club660Australia Flaws220Australia Kingg220Australia Jboxx220
34Infinity ParadoxInfinity Paradox Infinity Paradox630Australia Bobbybao210Taiwan FengXu210Macau KinGs210
34LittleMeowLittleMeow LittleMeow630India Astrzilla210India RONY210India Hrishi222210
36Hardstuck D4Hardstuck D4 Hardstuck D4600United Nations WeiburtenX200United Nations WorstPred200United Nations ProHunterY200
36hello nihaohello nihao hello nihao600United Nations うえのなおか200United Nations Cupid0520200United Nations Shysa2200
38IncorporatedIncorporated Incorporated570Australia Mad190Australia MonsterLeak190Australia Riven190
38QUINCE NANYANGQUINCE NANYANG QUINCE NANYANG570Thailand Aflow190Thailand PATVIP190Thailand Kelyn190
40AFTERMATH Gaming TaiwanAFTERMATH Gaming Taiwan AFTERMATH Gaming Taiwan480Taiwan TsaiG240BoLin0Hong Kong JiuChAng240