Apex Legends Global Series: Preseason Qualifiers - EMEA

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[e][h]ALGS: Preseason Qualifiers - EMEA
League Information
ALGS Pro League
Europe Europe
Middle East Middle East
Africa Africa
Start Date:
End Date:
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  • The four online Preseason Qualifier tournaments will take place on September 11-13, September 25-27, October 2-4, and October 9-11, 2021
  • The winning team from each region in each Preseason Qualifier will automatically qualify for Split 1 of the Pro League
  • Following all four Preseason Qualifier tournaments, the top 16 teams in each region by cumulative points earned throughout the qualifiers will also qualify for Split 1 of the Pro League
  • All other participating teams will begin Split 1 in the Challenger Circuit


  • Teams highlighted in green have qualified through winning a qualifier.
  • Teams highlighted in yellow are qualified for teir Preseason Qualifier Points.

Qualified on Placement
Qualified on Points
#TeamPointsPlayer 1Player 2Player 3
169iQ eSports69iQ eSports 69iQ eSports1,500United Kingdom Slayers500United Kingdom SMEGGYTOE500United Kingdom Gxnjy500
2GIGIGIGI GIGI1,440Russia Ojrein480Russia SneakySnitch480Italy SABID0PE480
3AustralisAustralis Australis1,410Turkey SabroNN470Turkey Hestia470Turkey PatEmre470
4EthernalEthernal Ethernal1,380Ireland Muhhn460Czech Republic B4mbino460Poland JelliedCorn460
5NemesisNemesis Nemesis1,350France ZMB450France RobbeN450France Clone450
6Odin GamersOdin Gamers Odin Gamers1,320Sweden EytiiN440Sweden Shadez440Sweden VintaGe-440
7RedragonRedragon Redragon1,290Russia Pkmk430Russia Hisofu430Russia CarryRubick430
8BearClaw GamingBearClaw Gaming BearClaw Gaming1,260Norway Pyradice420United Kingdom Tyler420France ASKYY420
9dead insidedead inside dead inside1,230Russia Stanyyy410Russia Fyzu410Kazakhstan Kazakh boi410
10BORGIRBORGIR BORGIR1,200Sweden Nezedia400Norway Piggy400United Kingdom Fizz400
11K1CKK1CK K1CK1,170Portugal Nightyz390Spain Uxako390Portugal Hiarka390
12Top DogsTop Dogs Top Dogs1,140Finland Mimu380Finland ZeroNothing380Finland Ruabbe380
13SUCCUBUSSUCCUBUS SUCCUBUS1,110Spain KRYP370Netherlands Rogerboger370Germany OLDIS370
14signelunairesignelunaire signelunaire1,080Russia YYok0360Russia AGRAMONxx360Russia TRILL SHIFT360
15Morning StarsMorning Stars Morning Stars1,050Italy Nisa350Italy Mox600350Italy Mask350
16CleanClean Clean1,020Denmark Gdolphn340United Kingdom Naghz340Austria Unlucky340
17AASAAS AAS990Poland AlphaDraft330Italy SiveN330Germany Accentiii330
18TRIHARDTRIHARD TRIHARD960Poland LighT320Poland Hawajska320Poland Sevenn320
19ChichivicaChichivica Chichivica930Russia RaygoooOooo310Russia Z1stens310Russia Voosya310
20FIGVAMFIGVAM FIGVAM900Russia Xanndr300Russia Senvelse300Russia IJustPewPew300
21Huskies eSportHuskies eSport Huskies eSport840United Nations Chrono280United Nations Mugiwara280United Nations Sirkisso280
21Team LegionTeam Legion Team Legion840Ireland Oxbow280United Kingdom Daniomega280United Nations Onionw8280
23AspirateurAspirateur Aspirateur810Belgium QTSati270France Bostone270France Fantasmoke270
23DungeonMast33rsDungeonMast33rs DungeonMast33rs810Russia PlushkaHDD270Russia Exens270Russia Lumiii N270
256 banok na troih6 banok na troih 6 banok na troih780Russia Fiendq260Russia WhoAmI260Russia Kerebere260
25uwuowoboysuwuowoboys uwuowoboys780France LaggeRR260Poland Liemek260France Gooonzaales260
27Phoenix LegacyPhoenix Legacy Phoenix Legacy750Poland Sabz250Germany MISTERARTHER250United Kingdom Liphnn250
27UndertakerUndertaker Undertaker750Latvia Forsak3n250Sweden BallonG250Russia Sadyama250
29TURKsTURKs TURKs720Turkey SAgiiV2240Turkey FoZej240Turkey SoPrecious240
30NIBBLE EsportsNIBBLE Esports NIBBLE Esports690South Africa T3nshy230South Africa Gutbuster230South Africa Twenty230
30SPIRAL TeamSPIRAL Team SPIRAL Team690Russia WeakQ230Russia Crucialje230Russia 1NVUL230
32NurzethexStyleSNurzethexStyleS NurzethexStyleS660Denmark Thex220Denmark StyleS220France NurziiNNNNHOOOO220
32UTFTUTFT UTFT660United Nations LewisConnorx220United Nations IJackmc220United Nations AJO95220
34ATKATK ATK630South Africa DaStwika210Turkey Kralex210South Africa Chambie210
34Mat For VictoryMat For Victory Mat For Victory630United Nations 7BlackIce210United Nations Liker31210United Nations MrKapiTaN210
36LegionFLegionF LegionF620Germany NexX140United Kingdom Xanhere240Italy Stroke240
37Team VolpidTeam Volpid Team Volpid600United Nations Teddy200United Nations Vish200United Nations Slumpeduk200
37MajorPushersMajorPushers MajorPushers600Russia Fitoo200Russia Cleaveee200Russia RANCHES200
39Hope Die LastHope Die Last Hope Die Last570Russia Magpie (Russian player)190Ukraine Target190Russia VaSSS190
40PepegiPepegi Pepegi510Norway IPN170Denmark Taxi170France Eiwiin170
41Weebs OutWeebs Out Weebs Out480Estonia Slempy160Bulgaria BucK160United Kingdom HTPHarold160
42BacalhauBacalhau Bacalhau380Portugal TGB190DekkkMatosinhos0Portugal Godcia190