Apex Legends Global Series: Preseason Qualifiers - North America

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[e][h]ALGS: Preseason Qualifiers - North America
League Information
ALGS Pro League
North America North America
Central America Central America
Start Date:
End Date:
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  • The four online Preseason Qualifier tournaments will take place on September 11-13, September 25-27, October 2-4, and October 9-11, 2021
  • The winning team from each region in each Preseason Qualifier will automatically qualify for Split 1 of the Pro League
  • Following all four Preseason Qualifier tournaments, the top 16 teams in each region by cumulative points earned throughout the qualifiers will also qualify for Split 1 of the Pro League
  • All other participating teams will begin Split 1 in the Challenger Circuit


  • Teams highlighted in green have qualified through winning a qualifier.
  • Teams highlighted in yellow are qualified for teir Preseason Qualifier Points.

Qualified on Placement
Qualified on Points
#TeamPointsPlayer 1Player 2Player 3
1Dudes Night OutDudes Night Out Dudes Night Out1,500United States Dooplex500United States SkittleCakes500United States Verhulst500
2NobleNoble Noble1,440United States ImpulsiveDream480United States Farmerlucas480United States Rakkinishu480
3Absolute MonarchyAbsolute Monarchy Absolute Monarchy1,410United States Stompez470United States SleepyPanda470China Sung470
4pub starspub stars pub stars1,380United States Hollow460United States Raven460United States Kasellos460
5BenchWarmersBenchWarmers BenchWarmers1,350United States ImMadness450United States Knoqd450United States RamBeau450
6LazarusLazarus Lazarus1,320United States Hundredz440United States Oisenpai440United States Moohnee440
7SMPSMP SMP1,290United States Mercyonlyy430United States Solve430United States Preslyy430
8xDxD xD1,260Canada Frapper420United States Renegade420United States Help420
9WashedWashed Washed1,230United States Exile410United States Strictly410United States Blitziin410
10Legacy MXLegacy MX Legacy MX1,200Mexico ThePr0400Mexico Jomacs400Mexico Jaguares400
11Sign Us PleaseSign Us Please Sign Us Please1,170United States SYnceD390United States WiKeD390United States Tempest390
12YouLikeThatMate?YouLikeThatMate? YouLikeThatMate?1,140United Kingdom MattPickett380United States Aves380United States Kruhmmy380
13Estral EsportsEstral Esports Estral Esports1,110Mexico Pistillo370Mexico Jalapenin370Mexico NMEgo370
14CLXCLX CLX1,080United States Ceryal360United States Luxford360United States Crewsn360
15Rolla TheoryRolla Theory Rolla Theory1,050United States AmaZe350United States McNuggieButt350United States Oh Wizizzy350
16WashedWashed Washed1,020United States Jeloan340United States Zerbow340United States ImAntBoi340
17Buff PathfinderBuff Pathfinder Buff Pathfinder990United States MaliceMamba330United States Dresavx330United States BBursty330
18UnluckyUnlucky Unlucky960United States Inhuman320United States Lightstarjo320United States Clinucal320
19Aisle 5Aisle 5 Aisle 5930United States Mollus310United States ZDavis310United States Finicki310
20Unsigned TalentUnsigned Talent Unsigned Talent900United States ProdigyAces300United States Nelsinho7x300United States SSikezz300
21Los HefesLos Hefes Los Hefes840United Nations P1p280United Nations Gunch280United Nations False280
21SXGSXG SXG840United States Xednim280United States SlurpeeG280United States SilencedIsGolden280
23LonelyFansLonelyFans LonelyFans810United States Hero270United States OsoRatedR270United States BlueberrySmalls270
23VandalsVandals Vandals810United States Vlfhunter270Canada Lutziana270United States Defeated270
25Bad BoysBad Boys Bad Boys780Mexico Forcee260United States Yubn260United States Promo z260
25Literally VibingLiterally Vibing Literally Vibing780United States Banshee260United States Seadye260United States Jaronxyz260
272 Brains 1 Controller2 Brains 1 Controller 2 Brains 1 Controller750United States TeQ250United States Xeratricky250United States Mrhackulo250
27Never LuckyNever Lucky Never Lucky750United States OxyAres250United States LionFYD250United States Fulzi250
29Optimal AmbitionOptimal Ambition Optimal Ambition720United States NadeZZ240United States BoxOTea240United States Blaeku240
29Dark MatterDark Matter Dark Matter720United States 4TH3GRAM240United States Zerk240United States Kaps240
31DexterousDexterous Dexterous690United States Nemuro230United States Keen230United States Lauktah230
31BOTBOT BOT690United States Babytoolie230United States Just Feral230United States Sihexa230
33HooiyaHooiya Hooiya660United States WeThePeople1220United States Kuzmei220United States TaingySauce220
33Sussy BakasSussy Bakas Sussy Bakas660United States Mika220United States Shini220United States KwlaBear220
35NightmareNightmare Nightmare630United States CheersH8210United States Fragment210United States IamCWas210
35The Semi ProsThe Semi Pros The Semi Pros630United States FatFruitNinja210United States ZProficiency210United States Double0negative210
37CCECCE CCE600United States Fluxx200United States Prophet200United States Ivan200
38OrgSignUsOrgSignUs OrgSignUs590United Nations HappyRammus190United States Ekko200Canada Masked200
39TitanesTitanes Titanes570United States ZaniS190United States Leeloo190United States Jefflovo190
40RCO eSportsRCO eSports RCO eSports450United States Nand2o3150United States Bborton150United States Holliday150
41Sniper MetaSniper Meta Sniper Meta420United States Blight140United States Protectful140United States Rolders140
42Bikini BottomBikini Bottom Bikini Bottom330Canada Maarcil110United States INoles110United States Decoys110
43Zero LatencyZero Latency Zero Latency300United States Resookie100United States Shrosuke100United States SneakyMonkey100