Apex Legends Global Series 2022-23: Split 1 Challenger Circuits - APAC South

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[e][h]ALGS: 2022 Split 1 Challenger Circuits - APAC South
League Information
Southeast Asia Southeast Asia
South Asia South Asia
Oceania Oceania
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End Date:
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  • The four online Split 1 Challenger Circuits tournaments will take place on November 19-20, December 3-4, December 17-18, and January 7-8
  • The winning team from each region in each Challenger Circuit will automatically qualify for Split 2 Qualifier of the Pro League
  • Following all four Challenger Circuit tournaments, the top 18 teams in each region by cumulative points earned throughout the circuits will also qualify for Split 2 Qualifier of the Pro League
  • All other participating teams will begin Split 2 in the Challenger Circuit


  • Teams highlighted in green have qualified through winning a circuit.
  • Teams highlighted in yellow are qualified for their Challenger Circuit Points.

Qualified on Placement
Qualified on Points
#TeamPointsPlayer 1Player 2Player 3
1小男友小男友 小男友1,500China Xd500China JR500China Yc500
2MurasakiMurasaki Murasaki1,440Australia You'reXP480Australia AwKare480Australia Ticcle480
3AYWAYW AYW1,410China D1t470China ShouZZ470China A1en470
4Evolution EsportEvolution Esport Evolution Esport1,380Thailand ReFi11z460Thailand INKXTH460Thailand ZERG460
5KyLingKyLing KyLing1,350China Jokerrr450China ZHCC450China Ajie450
6world not fairworld not fair world not fair1,320China GuGu440China Noname440China Xzz440
7LG GamingLG Gaming LG Gaming1,290China CrazyCong430China Kuku430China Smoggy430
8WLCWLC WLC1,260Malaysia Angelo420New Zealand Sway420Australia Yukoi420
9DisunifiedDisunified Disunified1,230Thailand Mubblin410Australia Jesko410Philippines Dodge410
10PhantomPhantom Phantom1,200Australia Gods_Plan400Australia Clxrity400Australia GrannyySmith400
11F.A.T.EF.A.T.E F.A.T.E1,170Philippines Hams390Australia ItzDawi390Philippines 23Tikss390
12No Regret LifeNo Regret Life No Regret Life1,140China We1N1380China Wen7380China PP380
13PassionfruitPassionfruit Passionfruit1,110Singapore Hannzi370Singapore SyeonJi370Singapore Devo370
14ErCyErCy ErCy1,080China XX360China Hans1r360China ABCc03117360
15HWN ESPORTSHWN ESPORTS HWN ESPORTS1,050India Shastriji350India WarLord350India NOXY350
16Forever LFTForever LFT Forever LFT1,020Australia TimmyTiiimE340Singapore RobinFTW340Malaysia Koreru340
17NAOS EsportsNAOS Esports NAOS Esports990Philippines Raph330Philippines Madness330Philippines Sintelle330
18Evolution SupremeEvolution Supreme Evolution Supreme960Thailand Lycoris_T320Thailand GentryZ320Thailand Giinger1320
19YeetYeet Yeet930Thailand XCloverist310India Weewooweewowewoo310Malaysia IDracois310
20Halal CertifiedHalal Certified Halal Certified900New Zealand PerplexApple300New Zealand Bloom300Australia Argyle300
21BLZRBLZR BLZR840New Zealand Rainsz280Australia LLuna280Australia Brake280
21ForTheBadgeForTheBadge ForTheBadge840Australia Birno280Australia Nuin280Australia LadyMK280
23SoulReaverSoulReaver SoulReaver810Hong Kong Arthur_zai270Hong Kong FAI270Hong Kong Mochi270
23Team SandwichTeam Sandwich Team Sandwich810Thailand MISixRabbit270Thailand UZeN0270Thailand JEAZO.S270
25Mission CompleteMission Complete Mission Complete780Thailand Xzerlution260Thailand DPRESSED260Thailand Niklaus260
26KitcheninDungeonKitcheninDungeon KitcheninDungeon750Thailand Vanilla250Thailand TrackingBAD250Thailand DAIKI250
26Scary PenguinsScary Penguins Scary Penguins750New Zealand Jazzjuric250Vietnam CallMe_JV250Australia Pem250
28SEER OF TRIUMPHSEER OF TRIUMPH SEER OF TRIUMPH720Indonesia ILemon8240Indonesia Satzilla240Indonesia STARDUST240
28South Emperor MafiaSouth Emperor Mafia South Emperor Mafia720Philippines MhaiGOD240Philippines Almighty791240Philippines RonMctavish240
30ENAAKKKKENAAKKKK ENAAKKKK690Indonesia WagnerRolf230Indonesia FIFTYSEVENPIXEL230Indonesia RiivaL230
30RookieRookie Rookie690Taiwan BeiBei230Taiwan AFu230Hong Kong Zachy230
329LXL9LXL 9LXL660Malaysia Xekutz220Malaysia LittleArif220Malaysia Presto220
32Mystic EsportsMystic Esports Mystic Esports660Australia Hartoot220Philippines 25thJamzy220Philippines Jisaku0220
34IGx OroborosIGx Oroboros IGx Oroboros630Indonesia Tyg_Ronin210Philippines Ais_Original210New Zealand Marshall210
34Space CoupeSpace Coupe Space Coupe630Australia Imprxzuh210Australia Walsh210Australia Zen_(Australian_player)210
36NasiLemakNasiLemak NasiLemak600Malaysia Akim200Singapore Asianshroudy200Singapore GucciPradas200
36NuttersNutters Nutters600Malaysia Yarimell200Singapore Deldran200Philippines Syenut200
38Black BullBlack Bull Black Bull570Indonesia Samoo190Indonesia S0methinx190Indonesia Ping225190
38Xero GlobalXero Global Xero Global570Taiwan Aa500530190Taiwan Rui_(Player)190Taiwan Happy190