Apex Legends Global Series 2022-23: Split 1 Challenger Circuits - North America

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[e][h]ALGS: 2022 Split 1 Challenger Circuits - North America
League Information
North America North America
Central America Central America
Start Date:
End Date:
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  • The four online Split 1 Challenger Circuits tournaments will take place on November 19-21, December 3-5, December 17-19, and January 7-9
  • The winning team from each region in each Challenger Circuit will automatically qualify for Split 2 Qualifier of the Pro League
  • Following all four Challenger Circuit tournaments, the top 18 teams in each region by cumulative points earned throughout the circuits will also qualify for Split 2 Qualifier of the Pro League
  • All other participating teams will begin Split 2 in the Challenger Circuit


  • Teams highlighted in green have qualified through winning a circuit.
  • Teams highlighted in yellow are qualified for their Challenger Circuit Points.

Qualified on Placement
Qualified on Points
#TeamPointsPlayer 1Player 2Player 3
1GOWGOW GOW1,500United States Avexys500United States DeToX500United States Awons500
2BLVKHVNDBLVKHVND BLVKHVND1,440United States SaveGriffin480United States Kotigami480United States Voltic480
3StormtroopersStormtroopers Stormtroopers1,410United States Viizay470United States Prophet470Canada Coce470
4No NameNo Name No Name1,380Mexico TIMTacosDeCabeza460Colombia Denpride460Mexico Gyozey460
5Team IntelTeam Intel Team Intel1,350United States IcyRvR450United States Flinzar450United States JET450
6ValkyrieValkyrie Valkyrie1,320United States Sauz440Canada Layn440United States Shini440
7Lock It InLock It In Lock It In1,290United States Orioles430United States Slayr430United States Xynew430
8TSSTSS TSS1,260United States Hambino420United States MessiaH420United States BlurrFlavorz420
9BAD BOYSBAD BOYS BAD BOYS1,230United States Rambrro410United States Fuhhnq410United States Yubn410
10Team RevengeTeam Revenge Team Revenge1,200United States Carlonfam400United States LilleyCo400United States Escape_(American_player)400
11AMVAMV AMV1,170United States Milez390United States Voiid390United States Arkology390
12Team InfernoTeam Inferno Team Inferno1,140United States HiitsTyler380United States Adept380United States Xantsuki380
13VoidVoid Void1,110United States Blitziin370United States Bborton370United States Washee370
14SMPSMP SMP1,080United States Sung360United States Mollus360Canada IProficiency360
15Team DivergeTeam Diverge Team Diverge1,050United States Ajnassudah350United States SleepyPanda350United States GsBird350
16Risen RoseRisen Rose Risen Rose1,020United States Trevstacks340United States Fluxx340United States PluggedCube340
17TKCTKC TKC990United States Turnzz330Mexico Forcee330United States Kiciks330
18SkyzSkyz Skyz960United States UrWraith320United States Ciywa320United States UrDooM320
19Half-Life 3Half-Life 3 Half-Life 3930United States Crewsn310United States Nokokopuffs310Denmark Taxi310
20ProdigyxESportsProdigyxESports ProdigyxESports900United States Sorame300United States Pope300United States 22Eggyboi300
21Berry BoysBerry Boys Berry Boys840United States Rhelay280United States FatFruitNinja280Canada Kuzmei280
21BoltyBolty Bolty840BoxOTea280United States Gizmack280Canada Oveglove280
2310x10x 10x810United States Donfinity270United States Phobia270United States OUK_AstraL270
23LTC EsportsLTC Esports LTC Esports810United States McLovin270United States NotDaniel270United States DANMANNTIC270
25ASPYREASPYRE ASPYRE780United States ZarckLee260United States YOURfreeXP260United States PoyZed260
25Buff PathfinderBuff Pathfinder Buff Pathfinder780United States RONN1E260United States AnimeBoobsUwU260United States Dracos260
27Chadimus PrimeChadimus Prime Chadimus Prime750United States Adayum21250United States Southpaw45250United States Slackinq250
27Vengeance (american team)Vengeance (american team) Vengeance (american team)750United States Daultonxo250United States TBreezy39250United States Paps250
29MarketRollersMarketRollers MarketRollers720United States WolandUA240United States Dober240United States FLUDDSM240
29US Army EsportsUS Army Esports US Army Esports720United States Koda240United States ClaeyPex240United States Ruszty240
31MotionOfTheOceanMotionOfTheOcean MotionOfTheOcean690United States Dustyxe230United States XxProf230Canada Direwolf230
31UnknownUnknown Unknown690United States Syco230United States Anthm230United States Nox1ce230
33Pirate KrewPirate Krew Pirate Krew660United States XNoDiii220United States Jxhnny220United States THMPER220
33booty banditsbooty bandits booty bandits660United States Tipstoo220United States Irid220United States Icyspyder220
35Team WashedTeam Washed Team Washed630United States Megachi210United States Bunkwavi210United States RYuhzu210
35Zero MarksMenZero MarksMen Zero MarksMen630United States MoonShineFX210United States Papa_Miget210United States Vozskii210
37DimeloDimelo Dimelo600Venezuela AndM21200Mexico Xploidz200Mexico Akuma_Wraths200
37Maidenless OnesMaidenless Ones Maidenless Ones600United States Zora200United States Ideas_xo200United States PheonixSpelledCorrectly200
39KrypticKryptic Kryptic570Canada Ralphy190Canada ImFishT190Canada Evade190
39The CryptThe Crypt The Crypt570United States ArtsyXVI190United States Siaterrr190United States Digvibezz190
41GLYTCH GamingGLYTCH Gaming GLYTCH Gaming510United States ILockss170United States MATCH1N170United States Soupy170
41NERF MOZAMNERF MOZAM NERF MOZAM510United States Dom2Cracked170United States LottaWayz170United States DuskUpNext170
41Stinky GamersStinky Gamers Stinky Gamers510Canada TangyAc170United States MOOMAN170United States Defeated170
41Team BACTeam BAC Team BAC510Canada Goondiggidy170United States ProdigalM170United States L1ghtning170
45Berries N CreamBerries N Cream Berries N Cream480United States Kiyaani160United States Soapz160United States Kaisener160
45DAM EsportsDAM Esports DAM Esports480United States Blossom160United States ZKona160United States Vyvans160
45Discord KittensDiscord Kittens Discord Kittens480United States Hose160United States Tollkage160Canada Arc160
45Running LateRunning Late Running Late480United States ItsRigo160United States WhiteTomCru1se160United States Double0negative160
49dreamteamdreamteam dreamteam450United States 6lake150United States Rus5150United States ItsDumpyy150
49Exile GamingExile Gaming Exile Gaming450United States BeamONcontroller150United States Shrimp150United States Jeaaniius150
49L BozoL Bozo L Bozo450United States CrohnieWeDeserve150United States NoirBB150United States Real150
49Team All MightTeam All Might Team All Might450Mexico Terry5v150Mexico GSkyy150Mexico Kino_Ishi150
53GiraffesGiraffes Giraffes420United States Sunyhero140Dominican Republic Ruzino140United States Jiimothyy140
53Jumbo PigletsJumbo Piglets Jumbo Piglets420Canada Zuni_(Canadian_player)140United States SA_Bamclick140United States WEAVENNNN140
53SaturnSaturn Saturn420Mexico SiLenT140United States MJ140United States WizardCoin23140
53VeNom GamingVeNom Gaming VeNom Gaming420United States Untold140United States Zerxsh140United States JACE140
57A New OriginA New Origin A New Origin390United States IK1tK4t130United States Mutat3dWesker130Canada RSOA130
57Ekko's BoysEkko's Boys Ekko's Boys390United States KwispyBacon130Canada ImRatedX130Canada Itz_Dizzi130
57Khaos GamingKhaos Gaming Khaos Gaming390United States AntKhaos130United States LyricalFlash130United States IEpod130
57QC MEXQC MEX QC MEX390United States 6estrada130Mexico Viorc130Mexico PABLiTO130
61NinaLemNinaLem NinaLem360United States Vaforite120United States VJazmyn120United States Winkkzz120