Apex Legends Global Series - Autumn Super Regionals

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ALGS Autumn Circuit The Autumn circuit is a series of events that will feature tournaments in each Region, that ends with playoffs in the Super Regions.

Online Format[edit]


Date Title
October 03-05, 2020 ALGS Autumn #1
October 17-19, 2020 ALGS Autumn #2
Oct-Nov, 31-02 , 2020 ALGS Autumn #3
November, 7-9, 2020 ALGS Autumn #4
December 7, 2020 ALGS Autumn LCQ
December 19-20, 2020 ALGS Autumn Playoffs
Super Region Region 1 (Dominant Region) Region 2
Americas North America North America South America South America
EMEA Europe Europe Middle East Middle East & Africa Africa
APAC North Japan Japan & South Korea Korea
APAC South South East Asia Greater Southeast Asia & Oceania Australia & New Zealand


  • These standings are updated based on the rosters after the latest tournament.
  • Teams highlighted in green have qualified for their region's playoffs by placing top 3 in SR #1-4.
  • Teams highlighted in yellow are qualified for their region's playoffs based on the Autumn Rankings.
  • Teams highlighted in blue have qualified for their region's playoffs by placing Top 2 or Top 4 in an LCQ.