ALGS Autumn Circuit Playoffs - South America

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[e][h]ALGS Autumn Circuit Playoffs - South America
League Information
Apex Legends Global Series ALGS Online
Apex_Legends_Global_Series/Autumn_Circuit ALGS Autumn Circuit
South America South America
Prize Pool:
$119,000 USD
ALGS Circuit Tier:
Liquipedia Tier:

Autumn Circuit South America Playoffs is part of the 2020 Autumn Circuit for the Apex Legends Global Series season.


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Caster:
    • Brazil pOkiz (Vinicius Zanquetta Costa)



  • The top ten (10) seeded Teams that qualify for the Playoffs through AC OTs or by Autumn Circuit ALGS Points will start the AC Playoffs with points as follows:
    • To view the awarded points based on seeding Click here
    • 1st seed - 10 points
    • 2nd seed - 9 points
    • 3rd seed - 8 points
    • 4th seed - 7 points
    • 5th seed - 6 points
    • 6th seed - 5 points
    • 7th seed - 4 points
    • 8th seed - 3 points
    • 9th seed - 2 points
    • 10th seed - 1 point

Point Distribution

  • At the end of each Match, Teams are awarded points for their placement and the Team’s total number of kills as shown on the in-game end of match summary screen (“Match Score”).
    • To view the points distribution Click here
Points Distribution
Place Points
Kill Points 1 per kill
A11st 12
A22nd 9
A33rd 7
A44th 5
A55th 4
A66 - 7th 3
A98 - 10th 2
B211 - 15th 1
A916 - 20th 0

Placement Rules

  • There is no match limit in the Autumn Playoffs
    • Once a Team reaches the minimum total points of 50 in the Playoffs, The next match becomes "Match Point Eligible" for that team.
    • The first team to win a match after they are "Match Point Eligible" is declared the Champion of Autumn Circuit - South America.
      • After the winner is declared, 2nd-20th are ranked by total Autumn Circuit Playoff points.
    • There is no limit to number of teams who can be "Match Point Eligible".

Prize Pool[edit]

$119,000 USD and 38,730 ALGS Points are awarded.


1 November 11th - Millions Gaming releases the team. [1]
1 December 16th - Team Singularity signs the roster of sKy hunters. [2]
Carnage Gaming
1Argentina CaRazor 
2Argentina zolden 
3Chile Kr0noz 
Los Reyes Gorreados
1Argentina MaestroJefe 
2Argentina Ricoysuavecito 
3Argentina TheTerroday 
Team Cruelty
1Chile Wolfx 
2Chile Brans 
3Chile Neokox 
1Argentina Dalleart 
2Brazil Fleow 
3Argentina Shikaa 
Team Fenrir
1Chile Maveriick 
2Chile Trumanjar 
3Chile Zillach 
1Argentina aimbotmachin3 
2Brazil Eternal 
3Argentina 1ndraking 
1Argentina Joop 
2Argentina KrimNN- 
3Argentina GregoM7 
Team Brave Soldiers
1Brazil dilucc 
2Brazil Asleep 
1 Due to BRAZUCAS having already qualified in SA Autumn #3, their SA Autumn #4 slot goes into the ALGS Points Pool.
2 BRAZUCAS, noRG, and BRAZUCAS Yellow changed their rosters after SA Autumn #4 so their reserved spots went to the top finishers in the SA LCQ.


Match Point
Placements and killsPoints
TeamTotalRound 1
Round 1
December 19, 2020 - 14:00 BRT
First Place
Team Cruelty
Second Place
Team Singularity
Third Place
Los Reyes Gorreados
Round 2
Round 2
December 19, 2020 - 14:40 BRT
First Place
Team Cruelty
Second Place
Team Brave Soldiers
Third Place
Round 3
Round 3
December 19, 2020 - 15:20 BRT
First Place
Second Place
Trust Yourself
Third Place
Round 4
Round 4
December 19, 2020 - 16:00 BRT
First Place
Trust Yourself
Second Place
Carnage Gaming
Third Place
Los Reyes Gorreados
Round 5
Round 5
December 19, 2020 - 16:40 BRT
First Place
Second Place
Third Place
Round 6
Round 6
December 19, 2020 - 17:20 BRT
First Place
Team Cruelty
Second Place
Carnage Gaming
Third Place
1. Cruelty Team90112171711277633312100200001121616
2. ELITE BR BLACK581700019000451192101011211115433
3. LRG5337229200737737991024411111
4. Carnage531901163448233293392442944
5. LTG51151881415554775410101313319033
6. Trust Yourself51102221510029121211277170339211
7. iFluzz4863333777111334533190003766
8. BRT.Yellow4592114511112881112245668200
9. Fenrir41454454661022220000376617000
10. Singularity342999200001800010211633318011
11. Brave Soldiers30734429552000017000121227333
12. INS28111001210037551603373006355
13. ELITE BR YELLOW241800017022131338200111224588
14. Oie225444733315133180001512215100
15. WithOutSponsor211211110255922263331601116011
16. TENGAA2116000160221601114100293310211
17. BRT148233821112100190001803313111
18. Omega1313111111331410015100540012100
19. CODE101410018000190007300823320000
20. Magnificent9200001311117000131001410014144

Additional Content[edit]


LanguagePortuguese SpeakingSpain

Viewership Stats
Peak Viewers 5 243
Average Viewers 4 150
Hours Watched 16 254

Country Representation[edit]

#Country / RegionRepresentationPlayers
1Brazil Brazil31 / 60 (52%)1rynex, Alvezzito, Besk9, Bin, CL1CKz, DIOK7, Dilucc, Eternal, FELPIZZY, FOLKZ, FireWyrd, Fleow, Jinqs, Khalef, N3LAS, Novak, OMM, ONGe111, PRV, Piwd, Rhythm, SleeeP, Stalizy, V0idzada, artiNN1, asleep, avlis, fuinhaFPS, kolizeum, theesaar, tur0gh-
2Argentina Argentina15 / 60 (25%)1ndraking, CaRazorARG, Dalleart, Flea, GregoM, Joop, KrimNN-, MaestroJefe, Ricoysuavecito, Shikaa, TheTerroday, aimbotmachin3, evzy, skaluh, zolden
3Chile Chile9 / 60 (15%)7ouzz, Brans, Elysium, Kr0noz, Maveriick, Neokox, Trumanjar, Wolfx, Zillach
4Colombia Colombia3 / 60 (5%)DRAM4H, Denpride, Duvan
5Peru Peru2 / 60 (3%)Trabz, ZETAAAH