Apex Legends Global Series Online Tournament 4

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Apex Legends Global Series ALGS Online
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Online Tournament 4 is the fourth qualifier event of the Apex Legends Global Series season, which allows for qualification to the Premier 3.
The Online tournament is seperated into eight different regions. For the first 9 Online Tournaments there will be a set amount of teams that can qualify for the following tournament.

Regional Seeds[edit]

Region Qualifying teams Tournament
North America North America (NA) Top 5 Teams North America
Europe Europe (EU) Top 5 Teams Europe
South America South America (SA) Top 2 Teams South America
South Korea South Korea (KR) Top 2 Teams South Korea
Japan Japan (JP) Top 2 Teams Japan
South East Asia Greater Southeast Asia (GSEA) Top 1 Teams Greater SEA
Oceania Australia & New Zealand (Oceania) (ANZ) Top 1 Teams Oceania
Middle East Middle East & Africa Africa (MEA) Top 1 Teams Middle East & Africa