ALGS Summer Circuit Playoffs - EMEA

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[e][h]ALGS Summer Circuit Playoffs - EMEA
League Information
ALGS OnlineALGS Online ALGS Online
ALGS Summer CircuitALGS Summer Circuit ALGS Summer Circuit
Europe Europe
Middle East Middle East
Prize pool:
$140,000 USD
ALGS circuit tier:
Liquipedia tier:

Super Regional Playoffs is 2020 Summer Circuit for the Apex Legends Global Series season.


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Host:
    • TBA
  • Analyst:
    • Brazil Vespa (Felipe Rodrigues)
  • Caster:
    • Brazil BiDa (Bernardo Moura)



  • Teams will be seeded by total ALGS points from the Summer Circuit
    • To view the awarded points based on seeding Click here
    • 1st seed - 10 points
    • 2nd seed - 9 points
    • 3rd seed - 8 points
    • 4th seed - 7 points
    • 5th seed - 6 points
    • 6th seed - 5 points
    • 7th seed - 4 points
    • 8th seed - 3 points
    • 9th seed - 2 points
    • 10th seed - 1 point

Point Distribution

  • At the end of each Match, Teams are awarded points for their placement and the Team’s total number of kills as shown on the in-game end of match summary screen (“Match Score”).
    • To view the points distribution Click here
Points Distribution
Place Points
Kill Points 1 per kill
A11st 12
A22nd 9
A33rd 7
A44th 5
A55th 4
A66 - 7th 3
A98 - 10th 2
B211 - 15th 1
A916 - 20th 0

Placement Rules

  • There is no match limit in the Super Regional Playoffs
    • Once a Team reaches the minimum total points of 50 in the Playoffs, The next match becomes "Match Point Eligible" for that team.
    • The first team to win a match after they are "Match Point Eligible" is declared the Super Regional Champion of Summer Circuit - EMEA.
      • After the winner is declared, 2nd-20th are ranked by total Summer Circuit Playoff points.
    • There is no limit to number of teams who can be "Match Point Eligible".

Prize Pool[edit]

$140,000 USD and 74,325 ALGS Points are awarded.


1 August 31st - SJP2 is signed by K1CK. [2]
1Norway iPN-k0u
2Sweden Hakis
3Sweden Vaifs
CSweden Chef P.
1Norway Pjeh
2Sweden Taylor
3Sweden Noth
Luminosity Gaming
1Russia Wrugb
2Ukraine Sanya
3Russia xaniya
CUkraine Xeon
1France Amaazz
2Italy ShRP
3France JSavageW
Lava City Boys
1Turkey sAgiiV2
2Turkey Cathryan
3Turkey foZej
1Russia cleaveee
3Russia Maliwan
ad hoc gaming
1Finland Kouhia
2Slovenia MaTaFe
3Finland ZeroNothing
1 Due to Outsiders having already qualified in Super Regional 1, their Super Regional 2 and Super Regional 3 slots go into the ALGS Points Pool.
2 Due to Gambit Esports having already qualified in Super Regional 1, their Super Regional 3 and Super Regional 4 slots go into the ALGS Points Pool.


Match Point
Placements and killsPoints
TeamTotalRound 1
Round 1
September 13, 2020 - 14:00 BST
First Place
NorthNorth North
Second Place
Third ImpactThird Impact Third Impact
Third Place
GnaskeStrafeDelGnaskeStrafeDel GnaskeStrafeDel
Round 2
Round 2
September 13, 2020 - 14:30 BST
First Place
Second Place
Luminosity GamingLuminosity Gaming Luminosity Gaming
Third Place
NorthNorth North
Round 3
Round 3
September 13, 2020 - 15:00 BST
First Place
GnaskeStrafeDelGnaskeStrafeDel GnaskeStrafeDel
Second Place
Gambit EsportsGambit Esports Gambit Esports
Third Place
LazarusLazarus Lazarus
Round 4
Round 4
September 13, 2020 - 15:30 BST
First Place
NessyNessy Nessy
Second Place
GnaskeStrafeDelGnaskeStrafeDel GnaskeStrafeDel
Third Place
Round 5
Round 5
September 13, 2020 - 16:00 BST
First Place
GnaskeStrafeDelGnaskeStrafeDel GnaskeStrafeDel
Second Place
NorthNorth North
Third Place
ad hoc gamingad hoc gaming ad hoc gaming
MP #
1.GnaskeStrafeDelGnaskeStrafeDel GSD71372212100112772988112664
2.NorthNorth NORTH601121111375518000542229445
3.K1CKK1CK K1CK509200112772000037444513135
4.NessyNessy NESSY4513111547712144112998244-
5.Third ImpactThird Impact TI45294473005455131227366-
6.Luminosity GamingLuminosity Gaming LG421901129551315545995400-
7.Gambit EsportsGambit Esports GMB3812111638829552000012100-
8.AllianceAlliance ALL377312124522111331513311100-
9.MajorPushersMajorPushers MP33547782111173001600013155-
10.FlavorOfTheMonthFlavorOfTheMonth FoTM2918000111554566633316022-
11.Les cités de FranceLes cités de France LCDF2863441020014166170006399-
12.LazarusLazarus LZR2810211160223777922214122-
13.VarazzeVarazze VRZ254588131001510073229233-
14.OUTSIDERSOUTSIDERS OS2382111900063001212210233- hoc gamingad hoc gaming AHG2016022921110233102003711-
16.ExorcismExorcism EXOR111701118011160331115518000-
17.1907 Fenerbahçe Esports1907 Fenerbahçe Esports FB1014100141009200824419000-
18.GamersOriginGamersOrigin GO51113320000170001410017000-
19.25 Esports25 Esports 255200001510082221900020000-
20.Lava City BoysLava City Boys LCB41510017000190001800015111-
Match Point Progression
TeamAccumulative Total
1.GnaskeStrafeDelGnaskeStrafeDel GSD1617365371
2.NorthNorth NORTH2941414760
3.K1CKK1CK K1CK221213250


Additional Content[edit]


LanguageEnglish SpeakingPortuguese SpeakingFrance

Viewership Stats
Peak Viewers 41 294
Average Viewers 33 314
Hours Watched 111 046

Country Representation[edit]

#Country / RegionRepresentationPlayers
1Russia Russia13 / 60 (22%)7ozzzus, cleaveee, dsblf, Emersons, Hardecki, Leogri3x6, Maliwan, RANCHES, Sadyama, Stanyyy, taskmast33r, Wrugb, xaniya
2France France10 / 60 (17%)Amaazz, Cyqop, JSavageW, JokeeV2, KaDyh, Lerabinou, Mistral, Mpé, Osnazeni, wSerious
3Sweden Sweden7 / 60 (12%)BallonG, Graceful, Hakis, maydeelol, Noth, Taylor, Vaifs
4Turkey Turkey6 / 60 (10%)Cathryan, foZej, Kralex, LDraconiaN, PinkyFinkyTinky, sAgiiV2
5Finland Finland4 / 60 (7%)Kouhia, Silta, ZeroNothing, ziki
6Poland Poland3 / 60 (5%)Denzaay, KIMCZU, Siebakk
6Ukraine Ukraine3 / 60 (5%)Artyco, Max-Strafe, Sanya
6United Kingdom United Kingdom3 / 60 (5%)jaazzaz, Jmw, SirDel
9Denmark Denmark2 / 60 (3%)Gnaske, Mande
9Norway Norway2 / 60 (3%)iPN, Pjeh
9Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia2 / 60 (3%)ShadowCat, zSxlem
12Croatia Croatia1 / 60 (2%)rpr
12Germany Germany1 / 60 (2%)Taisheen
12Italy Italy1 / 60 (2%)ShRP
12Slovenia Slovenia1 / 60 (2%)MaTaFe
12United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates1 / 60 (2%)Atrosty