Apex Legends Global Series - Winter Circuit

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[e][h] ALGS Winter Circuit
Series Information
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ALGS Winter Circuit The Winter circuit is a series of events that will feature tournaments in each Region, that ends with playoffs in the Super Regions. [1]

Online Format[edit]


Date Title
January 29-31, 2021 ALGS Winter #1
February, 19-21 , 2021 ALGS Winter #2
February, 26-28 , 2021 ALGS Winter #3
March 5-7, 2021 ALGS Winter #4
March 19-21, 2021 ALGS Winter LCQ
March 27-28, 2021 ALGS Winter Playoffs
Super Region Region 1 (Dominant Region) Region 2
North America North America North America
South America South America South America
EMEA Europe Europe Middle East Middle East & Africa Africa
APAC North Japan Japan & South Korea Korea
APAC South South East Asia Greater Southeast Asia & Oceania Australia & New Zealand


  • These standings are updated based on the rosters after the latest tournament.
  • Teams highlighted in green have qualified for their region's playoffs by placing Top 2 or 3 (depends on region) in WC #1-4.
  • Teams highlighted in yellow are qualified for their region's playoffs based on the Winter Rankings.
  • Teams highlighted in blue have qualified for their region's playoffs by placing Top 5 in an LCQ.
#TeamPointsPlayer 1Player 2Player 3
1Gambit EsportsGambit Esports Gambit Esports5,160Russia Hardecki1,720Ukraine Artyco1,720Russia Leogri3x61,720
2COOLER EsportCOOLER Esport COOLER Esport5,070Denmark Gnaske1,690United Kingdom Yuki1,690United Kingdom SirDel1,690
3Totem EsportsTotem Esports Totem Esports4,980France JSavageW1,660Italy ShRP1,660France Amaazz1,660
4NessyNessy Nessy4,930Sweden Maydeelol1,600Sweden Graceful1,600United Kingdom Jmw1,730
5FlavorOfTheMonthFlavorOfTheMonth FlavorOfTheMonth4,890Norway Pjeh1,630Sweden Taylor1,630Sweden Noth1,630
6789789 7894,830Russia Xaniya1,610Russia Esdesu1,610Russia Believerok1,610
6Natus VincereNatus Vincere Natus Vincere4,830Ukraine Max-Strafe1,610Germany Nesh1,610Finland Kouhia1,610
8Obey AllianceObey Alliance Obey Alliance4,260Finland Mimu1,420Finland Ruabbe1,420Finland ZeroNothing1,420
9303 Esports303 Esports 303 Esports4,230Norway Pyradice1,410Czech Republic B4mbino1,410France ASKYY1,410
10EndeavourEndeavour Endeavour4,070United Kingdom Noiises1,310United Kingdom Blasts1,380United Kingdom Brynn1,380
11soloQgoatssoloQgoats soloQgoats3,930United Kingdom ShivFPS1,310Ireland Zipeth1,310Denmark Diffq1,310
12K1CKK1CK K1CK3,910Poland Denzaay1,440Poland Siebakk1,440Poland Jacuu1,030
13Mikkel, Can & DanMikkel, Can & Dan Mikkel, Can & Dan3,900Croatia Rpr1,300Denmark Mande1,300Germany Taisheen1,300
14UNDERRATEDUNDERRATED UNDERRATED3,870United Kingdom Dazoh1,290France KSWINNIE1,290United Kingdom Horizxon1,290
15Luminosity GamingLuminosity Gaming Luminosity Gaming3,810Ukraine Sanya1,270Russia Wrugb1,270Ukraine Xron1,270
16NEW EsportsNEW Esports NEW Esports3,520Portugal K4shera1,450Portugal PostKiLL1,170Portugal Vilshen900
17SUCCUBUSSUCCUBUS SUCCUBUS3,460Ireland Funk1,040Spain KRYP1,080Spain Uxako1,340
18MajorPushersMajorPushers MajorPushers3,450Russia Cleaveee1,150Belarus 9impulse1,150Russia RANCHES1,150
19AllianceAlliance Alliance3,390Sweden Hakis1,130Sweden Vaifs1,130Norway IPN-k0u1,130
20Les cités de FranceLes cités de France Les cités de France3,360France Lerabinou1,120France Cyqop1,120France JokeeV21,120
21T-RexT-Rex T-Rex3,200Slovakia Xeriffer880Sweden Dipities1,160Poland QUERNI1,160
22MagiciansMagicians Magicians3,120Russia Maliwan1,040Russia Dsblf1,040Russia Taskmast33r1,040
23123APEX123APEX 123APEX3,090Portugal Hiarka1,030Portugal Nightyz720Spain Uxako1,340
24Third ImpactThird Impact Third Impact2,970United Kingdom Jaazzaz990Finland Ziki990Sweden BallonG990
25Three TreesThree Trees Three Trees2,850France Mistral950France Mpé950France WSerious950
26dead insidedead inside dead inside2,790Russia Sadyama930Russia Fyzu930Russia Stanyyy930
27Forg GangForg Gang Forg Gang2,500France Row1,040Netherlands Faenex730United Kingdom Legitlolly730
28InsidersInsiders Insiders2,040United Kingdom Daniomega680Sweden Kozay680Sweden Galatorix680
2969iQ esports69iQ esports 69iQ esports1,790Germany Sineska670United Kingdom Slayerrrrs670United Kingdom SMEGGYTOE450
30SafelySafely Safely1,750Sweden Mezzenger650Germany Barkadij550Denmark Thex550
31Nuggets, Crumpets & DolphinsNuggets, Crumpets & Dolphins Nuggets, Crumpets & Dolphins1,730Denmark Gdolphn760United Kingdom Nxghz760Denmark Badoli210
32Odin GamersOdin Gamers Odin Gamers1,650Sweden Shadez600Lithuania Poachy600United Kingdom Tyler450
33nOcreativitynOcreativity nOcreativity1,410Russia Arsssq470Russia 7ozzzus470Germany OLDIS470
34Team LegionTeam Legion Team Legion1,340United Kingdom NOOK530France Krama280Ireland Oxbow530
35Fat Boys IntFat Boys Int Fat Boys Int1,290Egypt Lil Max47430Hungary Scurra430Germany MiyZx430
36chikkienuggieschikkienuggies chikkienuggies1,270Sweden Ottr320Slovakia Rondon370Netherlands Rogerboger580
37Morning StarsMorning Stars Morning Stars1,140Sweden Caspere380Italy Mox600380Italy Nisa380
38CroissantCroissant Croissant980France XKana M490France RowbbeN490Clown0
39LETS GO BABYLETS GO BABY LETS GO BABY970Russia CRBI400Russia Unttlerame170Russia Senvelse400
40AvangardAvangard Avangard960Russia Plushka320Russia RexForeverX320Russia Diffauss320
41Game of DronesGame of Drones Game of Drones950Ireland Muhhn550United Kingdom HTPHarold200Germany Julez200
42NJTNJT NJT860France Tireeed410France Jumpaxx300France Navaj150
43WeMakeItWeMakeIt WeMakeIt830Italy Niso220Italy Chron0xd300Italy SABID0PE310
44D1RFlow NoWayD1RFlow NoWay D1RFlow NoWay810Italy Streamiii270Italy SiveN270Italy BloodRayne270
45HexagonHexagon Hexagon730France ZMB280France QKobyy280Norway Readdin170
46PANE&VINOPANE&VINO PANE&VINO720Italy Seregon240Italy Zadkiael240Italy AndreStrong240
47Clique EsportsClique Esports Clique Esports480Denmark StyleS160Norway Ko0mbra160Norway Plomme160
#TeamPointsPlayer 1Player 2Player 3
1Fenerbahçe EsportsFenerbahçe Esports Fenerbahçe Esports5,880Turkey LDraconiaN1,960Turkey Cathryan1,960Turkey PinkyFinkyTinky1,960
2AustralisAustralis Australis5,370Turkey SabroNN1,790Turkey Hestia1,790Turkey EMRE1,790
3Flying CamelsFlying Camels Flying Camels5,350Saudi Arabia MicroFiberz1,950Turkey FoZej1,450United Arab Emirates Atrosty1,950
4ATKATK ATK5,280South Africa DaStwika1,760South Africa WhysoFriendly1,760South Africa Chambie1,760
5DNMK EsportsDNMK Esports DNMK Esports5,050South Africa Altruli1,830South Africa T3nshyxo1,830Turkey Klache1,390
6Team HLDCTeam HLDC Team HLDC5,040Turkey Yaga1,680Turkey Demotivator1,680Turkey Xertys1,680
7PunX Interactive GamingPunX Interactive Gaming PunX Interactive Gaming4,620South Africa Tremblez1,540South Africa Loner1,540South Africa Colder1,540
8Elite GamingElite Gaming Elite Gaming4,030South Africa ViazUU1,640South Africa IM4jin750South Africa JazzJuric1,640
9AllAimNoBrainAllAimNoBrain AllAimNoBrain3,850South Africa WreXu1,290Saudi Arabia Juventic1,280Saudi Arabia L9nded1,280
10TEAMANKATEAMANKA TEAMANKA3,750Turkey CaKkeMann1,250Turkey Medre1,250Turkey Deimoz1,250
11DojoDojo Dojo3,620Turkey Anorak1,620Turkey SoLiDSFB380Turkey Data1,620
12The CrewThe Crew The Crew3,240Saudi Arabia Echo1,080Saudi Arabia AMN1971,080Saudi Arabia ZEAD51111,080
13BruvBruv Bruv2,520Turkey Selomegr840Turkey Selomegr840Turkey AlkeNNyy840
14Three MainThree Main Three Main2,190Turkey EXPECTO730Turkey VieeuX730Turkey Ryuuche730
15Three PeopleThree People Three People2,120Turkey Zoqro420Turkey Snokzyy850Turkey Loci850
16TEAM no limitTEAM no limit TEAM no limit2,070Kuwait IDevilmayCryI690Tunisia Medxtt690Turkey Volcan690
17DETDET DET2,010Turkey Klawzir670Turkey Temperr670Turkey Fnmal670
1825 Esports25 Esports 25 Esports1,870Saudi Arabia ZSxlem730Saudi Arabia ShadowCat730Saudi Arabia Trdz410
19MaD ClanMaD Clan MaD Clan1,730Israel PalestnianSolder690Israel 3noooooos690Palestine XDrAGoNiCex350
20TakavidTakavid Takavid1,590SirTildax640LastCombatant640KRALKEREMKRAL310
21For the boizFor the boiz For the boiz1,380South Africa AWEAWE123690South Africa RamkaT690FLEISDUIFIE0
#TeamPointsPlayer 1Player 2Player 3
1Team LiquidTeam Liquid Team Liquid5,520United States Albralelie1,840United States Oh Nocturnal1,840United States Flanker1,840
2MouseAndKeyboardMouseAndKeyboard MouseAndKeyboard5,490United States Claraphi1,830United States Frexs1,830United States Xenial1,830
3SolaFideSolaFide SolaFide5,310United States Dezignful1,770United States Resultuh1,770United States Gentrifyinq1,770
4Peanut Butter SandwichesPeanut Butter Sandwiches Peanut Butter Sandwiches4,950United States PowPow1,650United States Sauceror1,650United States Bowswer1,650
4TSMTSM TSM4,950United States Snip3down1,650United States ImperialHal1,650United States Reps1,650
6Counter Logic GamingCounter Logic Gaming Counter Logic Gaming4,770United States ImMadness1,590United States Lou1,590United States Vaxlon1,590
7NRGNRG NRG4,650United States Sweetdreams1,550United States Nafen1,550United States Rocker1,550
7South StateSouth State South State4,650United States Pride1,290United States Mercyonlyy1,680United States Bronzey1,680
9Complexity GamingComplexity Gaming Complexity Gaming4,530United States IShiny1,510United States Monsoon1,510United States Reptar1,510
10SentinelsSentinels Sentinels4,500United States Retzi1,500Canada Senoxe1,500Canada Crust1,500
11SZNSZN SZN4,030United States FunFPS1,190United States Clane1,420United States Keni1,420
12KSZKSZ KSZ3,860United States StayNaughty1,470United States Zach1,470United States Knoqd920
13Wallie CatchersWallie Catchers Wallie Catchers3,810United States MrGreekGod1,270United States Kotigami1,270United States Stink1,270
14Team SuperiorTeam Superior Team Superior3,690United States ProdigyAces1,230United States Rakkinishu1,230United States Joeyblackout1,230
15HRNHRN HRN3,550United States Hill1,410Canada Euriece730United States Rkn1,410
15MSTMST MST3,550United States Sickks1,160United States Pandxrz1,230United States Metro1,160
17Rare XcellenceRare Xcellence Rare Xcellence3,450United States HisWattson1,150United States BlurrFlavorz1,150United States Keoon1,150
18Absolute MonarchyAbsolute Monarchy Absolute Monarchy3,300United States SleepyPanda1,100United States FatFruitNinja1,100United States Thesirliftsalot1,100
19Flash PointFlash Point Flash Point3,220United States CUBSKi890United States TheRamBeau890United States TeQ1,440
20Bottom 20Bottom 20 Bottom 203,180United States Vein1,060Canada Scuwry1,060United States Onmuu1,060
21Ranked is HarderRanked is Harder Ranked is Harder2,900United States Dropped1,180Canada Zeroplus860Canada Rogue (Canadian player)860
22Team CrueltyTeam Cruelty Team Cruelty2,850United States Sc1ss0rs1,090United States Oisenpai1,090United States Musen670
23YouLikeThatMate?YouLikeThatMate? YouLikeThatMate?2,710China Sung870United States Kruhmmy1,360United States Android Dream480
24Team_F8Team_F8 Team_F82,590United States Skittlecakes770United States Xynoa770United States Protectful1,050
25BSHBSH BSH2,510United States GsBird1,040United States Casper430United States Stuhni1,040
26WE KNOW SHROUDWE KNOW SHROUD WE KNOW SHROUD2,490United States WiKeD830United States Turnzz830United States SYnceD830
27FarmboysFarmboys Farmboys2,460United States Stompez820United States Farmerlucas820United States ImpulsiveDream820
28smilesmile smile2,180United States LionFYD920United States Mini800United States Pettyboss460
29Off-METAOff-META Off-META2,040United States Kasellos680United States Faide680United States Kanaka680
30Westside Gaming ClubWestside Gaming Club Westside Gaming Club1,770United States Muffins590United States Xeratricky590United States Mrhackulo590
31CHRCHR CHR1,620United States Hambino590United States Crook590United States E-Boy Ronnie440
32TPMTPM TPM1,560Mexico UpSushi520Mexico TayluSs520Mexico Spongetl520
33Breakfast ClubBreakfast Club Breakfast Club1,530United States NadeZZ600United States OhWizizzy540United States BoxOTea390
34Dudes Night OutDudes Night Out Dudes Night Out1,450United States Aves650United States Rolders800dooplex0
35Ice Force eSportsIce Force eSports Ice Force eSports1,430United States Spaceman360United States G7Dank710United States Viizay360
36ODSTODST ODST1,410Dominican Republic Trinal470United States BurtskE470United States McNuggieButt470
37TSOTSO TSO1,360United States TechedCandy430United States OhWizizzy540United States BoxOTea390
38RCO eSportsRCO eSports RCO eSports1,250Canada Hiarky510United States Blight580United States Nand2o3160
39The DojoThe Dojo The Dojo1,090United States Nokokopuffs570United States Lyric260United States ACEKTM7260
40MilkmenMilkmen Milkmen1,020United States Ava430United States Hero590Qcrook0
41Jimmy DeansJimmy Deans Jimmy Deans900United States 1Girth300United States Mollus300United States Finicki300
42Geyser GunnasGeyser Gunnas Geyser Gunnas840United States CLiNuCaL280United States IMikeLav280United States Lijit280
43Sir Del's Face CamSir Del's Face Cam Sir Del's Face Cam760United States G Sound210United States ShakinBacon210United States Nightravenswing340
44CSDCSD CSD630United States SneakyMonkey210United States ChanceL210United States DoubleZero210
45K1NGSK1NGS K1NGS620United States TheCam310United States Kinkshaminglul310The_Deputy0
46Owner, Manager, BeanOwner, Manager, Bean Owner, Manager, Bean480Canada Urban160Oddity160United States Bean160
47WildHeart EsportsWildHeart Esports WildHeart Esports330United States Compaluisito110United States TheFake110United States Muziques110
482 TTV's 1 Facebook2 TTV's 1 Facebook 2 TTV's 1 Facebook240United States Bambino240Pyrmd0Juicefps0
#TeamPointsPlayer 1Player 2Player 3
1ELITE BRELITE BR ELITE BR5,580Chile Elysium1,860Brazil Jinqs1,860Brazil Theesaar1,860
2Team SingularityTeam Singularity Team Singularity5,550Brazil Bin1,850Brazil OMM1,850Brazil CloNeZERA1,850
3Los Reyes GorreadosLos Reyes Gorreados Los Reyes Gorreados5,250Argentina MaestroJefe1,750Argentina Ricoysuavecito1,750Argentina TheTerroday1,750
4Paradox EsportsParadox Esports Paradox Esports5,110Brazil Besk91,890Brazil ArtiNN11,890Brazil N3LAS1,330
5Loto GamingLoto Gaming Loto Gaming5,000Colombia Denpride1,680Argentina Evzy1,850Chile Kr0noz1,470
64All eSports4All eSports 4All eSports4,980Brazil Piwd1,660Brazil Stalizy1,660Brazil SleeeP1,660
7Flying High eSportsFlying High eSports Flying High eSports4,850Peru Trabz1,450Chile Neokox1,740Chile Wolfx1,660
8DynamicsDynamics Dynamics4,830Argentina Joop1,610Argentina KrimNN-1,610Argentina Aimbotmachin31,610
9Fênix IIFênix II Fênix II4,740Brazil KNd1,580Brazil FOLKZ1,580Brazil Monky1,580
10Maycam EvolveMaycam Evolve Maycam Evolve4,580Brazil Fleow1,460Brazil Quinha1,560Brazil SavINSANO1,560
11Team FenrirTeam Fenrir Team Fenrir4,090Chile Zoltam1,350Chile Trumanjar1,370Chile Zillach1,370
12Fênix IFênix I Fênix I3,990Brazil Avlis1,180Brazil 1Worst1,630Brazil Kolizeum1,180
13POTATO (Brazilian team)POTATO (Brazilian team) POTATO (Brazilian team)3,950Brazil Caffezin1,660Brazil Suwagh1,660Brazil ZBryanxT630
141iQ1iQ 1iQ3,550Colombia DRAM4H1,470Argentina Shikaa790Argentina CaRazorARG1,290
15ALWAYS UP TEAMALWAYS UP TEAM ALWAYS UP TEAM3,270Peru Moxie1,220Peru XzZiE1,220Peru MonoSaurs830
16Antisocial AimersAntisocial Aimers Antisocial Aimers3,110Brazil JNR980Brazil Khalef1,150Brazil Tur0gh-980
16Aztech E-sportsAztech E-sports Aztech E-sports3,110Brazil Stressado1,050Brazil PRV1,030Argentina PirruS1,030
18LeaveNoWitnessesLeaveNoWitnesses LeaveNoWitnesses2,930Peru CyberCater510Chile IMoonDx1,210Argentina Mike1,210
19FIVER5GGFIVER5GG FIVER5GG2,380Brazil THaless350Brazil Guinho1,260Brazil FEU770
20Fênix IIIFênix III Fênix III2,250Ellie750Nego1750Negan750
21InsomniaInsomnia Insomnia2,200Argentina GregoM7960Argentina Mange960Argentina Nicetox280
22WtF TeamWtF Team WtF Team2,050Brazil 1MrHundor210Brazil Groot490Chile Zoltam1,350
22Zer0 LatencyZer0 Latency Zer0 Latency2,050Colombia Hyperz1,020Chile Cyptripio820Colombia Sakurao210
24Fake Love BlackFake Love Black Fake Love Black1,890Brazil Azazel630Brazil Lusquinn630Brazil Natsuu630
25balaligthbalaligth balaligth1,880Argentina 1ndraking830Chile Maveriick720Argentina Prote330
26BerserkersBerserkers Berserkers1,760Brazil Onii-chan260Brazil DKZ750Brazil OcultDay750
27DemencyDemency Demency1,560Brazil FireWyrd340Colombia Scannor610Colombia ZRo610
28FusioN TeamFusioN Team FusioN Team1,400Frazigames0Brazil Khronnos570Brazil Vin1830
29Union eSports BrazilUnion eSports Brazil Union eSports Brazil1,290Brazil Edr520Brazil 1MaDzin520Brazil Sullivera250
30IneXTeamIneXTeam IneXTeam1,260Chile UndRcL240Chile HooK780Chile MaTii240
31Selva Brasil EsportsSelva Brasil Esports Selva Brasil Esports1,230Brazil Snolzerah230Brazil Jester2u230Brazil Souta770
32Without NameWithout Name Without Name1,130Argentina Del1cten310Argentina JayceeTower310Argentina Jerkeid510
33Flawless GamingFlawless Gaming Flawless Gaming1,080Brazil ISkyee360Brazil Japan3t360Brazil Kraulley360
34Nexus TeamNexus Team Nexus Team990Brazil 1BOSSz330Brazil Guuizf330Brazil PjjNGaa330
35Atari Vicio ClubAtari Vicio Club Atari Vicio Club900MrXZero300Kunjin300Ragnar300
35Chimera TeamChimera Team Chimera Team900UKiinGzz0Brazil TriNITYz270Brazil ZBryanxT630
37Swift MovementsSwift Movements Swift Movements750Chile Nightmarenow250Chile PibeExplorador250Chile TRACKINGMASTER69250
38CocococoCocococo Cocococo600Dvketality200OIHUNTERZZ200XCrowsxD200
39ProBono eSportsProBono eSports ProBono eSports570Brazil ImBrenst190Brazil PintosPlays1190Brazil DJLuiVitao190
40TempesT e-sportsTempesT e-sports TempesT e-sports560undRcL0OnlyMadmenKnow0Brazil Guifaria1560
#TeamPointsPlayer 1Player 2Player 3
1FENNEL KoreaFENNEL Korea FENNEL Korea5,520South Korea Dogma1,840South Korea Minseong1,840South Korea JungHee1,840
2Crazy RaccoonCrazy Raccoon Crazy Raccoon5,400South Korea Cpt1,800South Korea Ras1,800South Korea Selly1,800
3FENNELFENNEL FENNEL5,370Japan Curihara1,790Japan Mo-mon1,790Japan Pinotr1,790
4T1T1 T15,160South Korea KaronPe1,720South Korea Obly1,720South Korea Parkha1,720
5JUPITER VEGAJUPITER VEGA JUPITER VEGA5,070Japan JIGEN1,690Japan T23tatsu1,690Japan SudetakiN1,690
6Team NortheptionTeam Northeption Team Northeption5,010Japan MarcyK1,670Japan Oziko1,670Japan YukaF1,670
7GTS BlackGTS Black GTS Black4,920Japan Cabbagest1,640Japan Brasilian1,640Japan AvadoN1,640
8Sengoku GamingSengoku Gaming Sengoku Gaming4,620Japan Pinky1,540Japan Shoh1,540Japan Pantashia1,540
9SunSister GodSunSister God SunSister God4,300Japan Shomaru1,520Japan MUSCLE1,520Japan Anemone1,260
10USG IXiAUSG IXiA USG IXiA4,020Japan Sapoten1,340Japan Yayolvy1,340Japan NegMegs1,340
11ORTHROS MAGICALORTHROS MAGICAL ORTHROS MAGICAL3,870Japan AhnuG1,290Japan Tosh11,290Japan PinoNolR1,290
12Connect Gaming AceConnect Gaming Ace Connect Gaming Ace3,720South Korea Ashes1,240South Korea Heegak1,240South Korea Jusna1,240
13Flora esportsFlora esports Flora esports3,570Japan Shakabo1,190Japan ShunMi1,190South Korea Mainy1,190
14GTS ArtGTS Art GTS Art3,510Japan Ray1,170Japan Tethy1,170Japan Karaaju1,170
14Hybrid Eclipse AriseHybrid Eclipse Arise Hybrid Eclipse Arise3,510South Korea Ahn2e1,170South Korea KaRma1,170South Korea Rutzi1,170
16chouette Gamingchouette Gaming chouette Gaming3,420Japan Potqtq1,140Japan Lusy1,140Japan Jewel1,140
17Team EGGTeam EGG Team EGG3,210Japan Ftyan1,070Japan Saku1,070Japan Lejetta1,070
18LFTLFT LFT3,160Japan LiNlN1N1,210Japan YUKIO740Japan Lemonade1,210
19Lag GamingLag Gaming Lag Gaming3,080Japan Tari31,020Japan Kyoya1,030Japan KaLPiNG1,030
20DeToNatorDeToNator DeToNator2,760Japan Leia920Japan Mukai920Japan Ak1to920
21Reignite NorthReignite North Reignite North2,400Japan Sano874800Japan DizzyMizLizyy800Japan 788800
22Serpens E-sportsSerpens E-sports Serpens E-sports2,040Japan Nishizumi680Japan MaRyuMu680Japan Seimax680
23AVALON GamingAVALON Gaming AVALON Gaming1,980Japan AsanagiSio820Japan Quruto470Japan Senapoppo690
23ORTHROS FANGORTHROS FANG ORTHROS FANG1,980Japan Tenorin660Japan DavinCi660Japan InFighT660
25RayRoadGamingRayRoadGaming RayRoadGaming1,830Japan Gorilla610Japan Check610Japan Kyaryneru610
26Wararabe ChojaWararabe Choja Wararabe Choja1,800Japan Koyomi900Moro16CS0Japan Wararararararabe900
27PTLPTL PTL1,770Japan Pachi590Japan Tantan2590Japan Tkm590
28ice creamice cream ice cream1,750Japan Rapi390Japan MatsuTasu660Japan N22JB700
29NarraTive VansheeNarraTive Vanshee NarraTive Vanshee1,740Japan SaNo580Japan Lac1a580Japan Madiller580
30CTG ibushiGin KoreaCTG ibushiGin Korea CTG ibushiGin Korea1,680South Korea Jevy560South Korea Winter560South Korea Aurora560
31Luster7Luster7 Luster71,500Japan 0warRy340Japan 5CG580Japan Raitchi580
32Hybrid EclipseHybrid Eclipse Hybrid Eclipse1,450Japan Sakamoto590Japan SqSuRai270Japan R4qris590
33TEAM FRUITS STARTEAM FRUITS STAR TEAM FRUITS STAR1,320Japan Zipman360Japan Daiki600Japan Xest360
34RASE e-sports SiriusRASE e-sports Sirius RASE e-sports Sirius1,260Japan YUITO420Japan Nyankido420Japan Sindy420
35Connect GamingConnect Gaming Connect Gaming1,150Japan Sherry570Japan Magpie580Kinnta0
36White CloudWhite Cloud White Cloud1,140South Korea Eos380South Korea Cruze380South Korea Yong380
37CTG ibushiGinCTG ibushiGin CTG ibushiGin1,110Japan Fzr220Japan Lemon670Japan Ryuo220
38Revolution in esports Affairs SigrdRevolution in esports Affairs Sigrd Revolution in esports Affairs Sigrd990Japan Vetyd200Japan Uzagiii590Japan Yuynx200
39Team UNITETeam UNITE Team UNITE960Japan Aesir320Japan Gucci320Japan Kirishima320
4018641864 1864930Japan Bluemingzz310Japan PokotinDX310Japan XMe1on_Pan310
41Team LLTeam LL Team LL900South Korea Vor3z300South Korea YunDB300South Korea ZedLtachi300
42Kurenai GamingKurenai Gaming Kurenai Gaming870Japan Otom290Japan Exokat290Japan Omays290
43FAV gamingFAV gaming FAV gaming690Japan Noiz230Japan Okina95230Japan YutOa230
43Fiveness FeliciaFiveness Felicia Fiveness Felicia690Japan Nemu230Japan Momonga230Japan Shynk230
45EXiA Gaming EternityEXiA Gaming Eternity EXiA Gaming Eternity570Japan Zakiy190Japan LingMu190Japan Ripsasuke190
46SCARZ WhiteSCARZ White SCARZ White540Japan LeoN180Japan Rumad180Japan Artl4G180
47Luster7SLuster7S Luster7S160ORca0Japan Orca80Japan Rap1d80
#TeamPointsPlayer 1Player 2Player 3
1Reignite SouthReignite South Reignite South6,000Thailand Tempplex2,000Australia Zer02,000Australia Genburten2,000
2Tom Yum KungTom Yum Kung Tom Yum Kung5,640Thailand Dexter1,880Thailand Chambers1,880Thailand Killoposz1,880
3WOLFPACK ARCTICWOLFPACK ARCTIC WOLFPACK ARCTIC5,370Indonesia Zaratass1,790Indonesia Twizy1,790Indonesia Kisanss1,790
4REJECTREJECT REJECT5,280Australia Sharky1,760Australia Emtee1,760Australia Prycyy1,760
5Dire WolvesDire Wolves Dire Wolves5,250Australia AirSaaan1,750Australia SkrrttSkrttt1,750Australia Wxltzy1,750
6INVATE EsportsINVATE Esports INVATE Esports5,130Thailand G0PGAP1,710Thailand Lalab4ng1,710Thailand SaiyajinGOD1,710
7WOLFPACK SHADOWWOLFPACK SHADOW WOLFPACK SHADOW5,000Indonesia Silver Sky1,560Indonesia EzFlash1,720Indonesia Bellkun1,720
8Inside The RingInside The Ring Inside The Ring4,720Thailand Xabby1,610Thailand ApexSQL1,500Thailand EMILIAZII1,610
9NOIRNOIR NOIR4,560Indonesia Salvatorez1,520Indonesia Bastiaan1,520Indonesia DoomMVP1,520
10Golden CatGolden Cat Golden Cat4,520Thailand Birdtv1,490Thailand SAIBER1,540Thailand Jack1,490
11DreamFireDreamFire DreamFire4,490China Yus1,370China 3Mz1,560China XiaoKai1,560
12AthaimAthaim Athaim4,320Thailand Oatto1,440Thailand Minds1,440Thailand NutsuruSama1,440
13EXO ClanEXO Clan EXO Clan4,260Australia ThePlayer K1,420Australia Rakiiii1,420Australia Jaro1,420
14MonkeyzMonkeyz Monkeyz4,200Australia Rudenay1,530Thailand Jubjibbib1,140Thailand SUNSERIES1,530
15StinkyBStinkyB StinkyB3,780Taiwan Chr1s8781,310Taiwan Roieee1,160Taiwan OWO1,310
16PerihelionPerihelion Perihelion3,720Australia Noobles1,240Australia SonicTheLedgePog1,240Australia Nxus1,240
17grApegrApe grApe3,340Malaysia BunnyH0p1,160Indonesia Bigzzy820Thailand KzyyX1,360
18Valor EsportsValor Esports Valor Esports2,460Taiwan JieLun900Taiwan BeiBei900Taiwan Youzi660
19Invictus GamingInvictus Gaming Invictus Gaming2,140China Yus1,370China Xzz250China Zzj520
20WHIZWHIZ WHIZ2,100Thailand Gaijin330Thailand Fratis1,070Australia Trent700
21Primis KomandaPrimis Komanda Primis Komanda2,040Indonesia Heeeiii680Indonesia Takkayan680Indonesia LittleFlamie680
22BOSS GOLDBOSS GOLD BOSS GOLD2,030Malaysia PunyPwner730Malaysia Presto570Malaysia LittleArif730
23Experience Esport 3Experience Esport 3 Experience Esport 32,000Thailand IKILLONLYNOOB800Thailand Geniusx600Thailand Iguyyyyy600
24Experience EsportExperience Esport Experience Esport1,990Thailand Snookiez700Thailand Reteqq2490Thailand Shustyyy800
25IKAN TEMPURIKAN TEMPUR IKAN TEMPUR1,810Indonesia Oyra670Indonesia Nocturn570Indonesia Idgaf570
26Vessel ESportVessel ESport Vessel ESport1,590Indonesia Rhytmzz530Indonesia PuuRsue530Indonesia Botakkangker530
27YLNYLN YLN1,520Australia LowKey840Singapore Yanlys340Australia Night340
28AmuskaAmuska Amuska1,470Indonesia KazuyaJUN370Indonesia IBianCa730Indonesia MuraMasa370
29KindergartenKindergarten Kindergarten1,440Thailand Okie640Thailand Dero800Appraisre0
30PhantomPhantom Phantom1,380Australia Flaws530Australia Weetbixkid320Australia Kingg530
30WGGxBTCWGGxBTC WGGxBTC1,380Drizzly0Indonesia Apitygh690Indonesia Gehuu690
32SEMETON APOLLOSEMETON APOLLO SEMETON APOLLO1,370Indonesia Anathema350Indonesia SarcusVir350Indonesia Oyra670
33StrawVanChocStrawVanChoc StrawVanChoc1,260Malaysia OnRogue420Malaysia 8uzzDaGreat420Malaysia AbeJai420
34FFPS HypeFFPS Hype FFPS Hype1,140Indonesia Avi (Indonesian player)380Indonesia Htx380Indonesia Emen380
35Experience EsportExperience Esport Experience Esport1,120Thailand AlterEgo210Thailand P0kKiiz210Thailand Snookiez700
361 Cheater 2 Brains1 Cheater 2 Brains 1 Cheater 2 Brains1,020India FATTMONSTER340Singapore Yanlys340Australia Night340
37AcriAnimo NexonAcriAnimo Nexon AcriAnimo Nexon980Malaysia Solar250Malaysia SadTom480Malaysia ZomukZek250
38ATHENSATHENS ATHENS920Thailand Devyg460Lemonae (Thai player)0Thailand SmotGrid460
39Perangai Gaming 2Perangai Gaming 2 Perangai Gaming 2850Malaysia MrAmi0310Malaysia R3flex310Malaysia Yraz230
40Ancient LunAAncient LunA Ancient LunA690Indonesia ChochoW230Indonesia Non-verr230Indonesia ChrisndoZ230
41DayOneDayOne DayOne420Malaysia Weehuu210Malaysia N0srA210BOURON0
42Inferno EsportInferno Esport Inferno Esport400Thailand Unlimited200Thailand Rios200HickJae0
43Version1Version1 Version1360Philippines LiLmimzy120Philippines MyAntu120Philippines Aikyu120
44Defiant GamingDefiant Gaming Defiant Gaming0CJ0RonMctavish0AbNFilo0
44Tear Gas WarriorsTear Gas Warriors Tear Gas Warriors0Eclipse0Memories0Nav1CK0


Event Date Prize Pool 1st 2nd
ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs - APAC North
2021-03-28 2021-03-28
T1T1 T1 Crazy RaccoonCrazy Raccoon Crazy Raccoon
ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs - EMEA
2021-03-28 2021-03-28
FlavorOfTheMonthFlavorOfTheMonth FlavorOfTheMonth Natus VincereNatus Vincere Natus Vincere
ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs - North America
2021-03-27 2021-03-27
NRGNRG NRG SolaFideSolaFide SolaFide
ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs - APAC South
2021-03-27 2021-03-27
ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs - South America
2021-03-27 2021-03-27
Fake Love E-SportsFake Love E-Sports Fake Love E-Sports Flying High eSportsFlying High eSports Flying High eSports
ALGS Winter Circuit #4 - APAC North
2021-03-06 2021-03-06 to 2021-03-07
ALGS Winter Circuit #4 - Europe
2021-03-05 2021-03-05 to 2021-03-07
Gambit EsportsGambit Esports Gambit Esports COOLER EsportCOOLER Esport COOLER Esport
ALGS Winter Circuit #4 - South America
2021-03-06 2021-03-06 to 2021-03-07
Paradox EsportsParadox Esports Paradox Esports Los Reyes GorreadosLos Reyes Gorreados Los Reyes Gorreados
ALGS Winter Circuit #4 - North America
2021-03-05 2021-03-05 to 2021-03-07
KSZKSZ KSZ MouseAndKeyboardMouseAndKeyboard MouseAndKeyboard
ALGS Winter Circuit #4 - APAC South
2021-03-06 2021-03-06 to 2021-03-07
Reignite SouthReignite South Reignite South REJECTREJECT REJECT
ALGS Winter Circuit #4 - Middle East & Africa
2021-03-06 2021-03-06
1907 Fenerbahçe Esports1907 Fenerbahçe Esports 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports ATKATK ATK
ALGS Winter Circuit #3 - Europe
2021-02-26 2021-02-26 to 2021-02-28
FlavorOfTheMonthFlavorOfTheMonth FlavorOfTheMonth Natus VincereNatus Vincere Natus Vincere
ALGS Winter Circuit #3 - South America
2021-02-27 2021-02-27 to 2021-02-28
Loto GamingLoto Gaming Loto Gaming Paradox EsportsParadox Esports Paradox Esports
ALGS Winter Circuit #3 - North America
2021-02-26 2021-02-26 to 2021-02-28
Team LiquidTeam Liquid Team Liquid SolaFideSolaFide SolaFide
ALGS Winter Circuit #3 - APAC South
2021-02-27 2021-02-27 to 2021-02-28
Reignite SouthReignite South Reignite South Tom Yum KungTom Yum Kung Tom Yum Kung
ALGS Winter Circuit #3 - APAC North
2021-02-27 2021-02-27 to 2021-02-28
FENNELFENNEL FENNEL Crazy RaccoonCrazy Raccoon Crazy Raccoon
ALGS Winter Circuit #3 - Middle East & Africa
2021-02-27 2021-02-27
1907 Fenerbahçe Esports1907 Fenerbahçe Esports 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports Flying CamelsFlying Camels Flying Camels
ALGS Winter Circuit #2 - North America
2021-02-19 2021-02-19 to 2021-02-21
Counter Logic GamingCounter Logic Gaming Counter Logic Gaming NRGNRG NRG
ALGS Winter Circuit #2 - APAC South
2021-02-20 2021-02-20 to 2021-02-21
Reignite SouthReignite South Reignite South EXO ClanEXO Clan EXO Clan
ALGS Winter Circuit #2 - APAC North
2021-02-20 2021-02-20 to 2021-02-21
Crazy RaccoonCrazy Raccoon Crazy Raccoon Team EGGTeam EGG Team EGG
ALGS Winter Circuit #2 - Europe
2021-02-19 2021-02-19 to 2021-02-21
K1CKK1CK K1CK NessyNessy Nessy
ALGS Winter Circuit #2 - South America
2021-02-20 2021-02-20 to 2021-02-21
Team SingularityTeam Singularity Team Singularity Los Reyes GorreadosLos Reyes Gorreados Los Reyes Gorreados
ALGS Winter Circuit #2 - Middle East & Africa
2021-02-20 2021-02-20
Flying CamelsFlying Camels Flying Camels 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports1907 Fenerbahçe Esports 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports
ALGS Winter Circuit #1 - APAC South
2021-01-30 2021-01-30 to 2021-01-31
Reignite SouthReignite South Reignite South MiTH Team 1MiTH Team 1 MiTH Team 1
ALGS Winter Circuit #1 - APAC North
2021-01-30 2021-01-30 to 2021-01-31
ALGS Winter Circuit #1 - Europe
2021-01-29 2021-01-29 to 2021-01-31
Mikkel Can & DanMikkel Can & Dan Mikkel Can & Dan Third ImpactThird Impact Third Impact
ALGS Winter Circuit #1 - South America
2021-01-30 2021-01-30 to 2021-01-31
ELITE BRELITE BR ELITE BR Team SingularityTeam Singularity Team Singularity
ALGS Winter Circuit #1 - North America
2021-01-29 2021-01-29 to 2021-01-31
SolaFideSolaFide SolaFide Ranked is HarderRanked is Harder Ranked is Harder
ALGS Winter Circuit #1 - Middle East & Africa
2021-01-30 2021-01-30
Flying CamelsFlying Camels Flying Camels 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports1907 Fenerbahçe Esports 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports