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[e][h] Crypto
Legends Information
Tae Joon Park
Home World:
Unlocked by:
12,000 Legend Tokens
750 Apex Coins
Release Date:
Surveillance Drone
Drone EMP

Crypto Crypto | Surveillance Expert[edit]

"Crypto"is a Recon-Type legend in Apex Legends. This legend is released as a part of Meltdown season.. Players can unlock Crypto with 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins ($9.99 USD). The legend is not bound to the Meltdown battle pass.


Ability: Passive
Affects: Self & Allies
Enemies detected by the Surveillance Drone within the meters of your position are marked for you and your teammates to see.
Trigger Condition:
 Enemies within 30 meters
Ability: Passive
Affects: Whole team
Scanning Survey Beacons reveals the next circle's location.
Scan Time:
Trigger Condition:
 Interact with a beacon
Surveillance Drone
Ability: Tactical
Crypto deploys an aerial drone that allows to view the surrounding area from above. If the drone is destroyed, there is a moderate cooldown before Crypto can deploy another.
40 Seconds
Drone EMP
Ability: Ultimate
Crypto's Surveillance Drone sets off an EMP blast that deals shield damage, slows enemies, and disables traps.
Charge Time:

Drone HP:

 180 Seconds
 30 Meters
 50 HP Shield damage to each enemy
 70 HP


It’s hard to be scared when you’re prepared.

Orphans raised on the streets of Suotamo, Tae Joon and his foster sister Mila Alexander escaped a life of squalor by becoming computer engineers, designing drones that transmit the Apex Games throughout the Outlands. But one day, Tae Joon disappeared with an important company secret, and his sister vanished under mysterious and violent circumstances. However, Crypto claims to have had no contact with Tae Joon, and the case remains unsolved.

Crypto’s motives for joining the Apex Games are almost as mysterious as the man himself. In recent interviews, he claims he is seeking justice – but for what, exactly, remains unknown.

Version History[edit]

Version Balance Changes
  • New legend.
  • Nerf EMP
    • EMP no longer destroys friendly Gibraltar Dome Shields.
    • Dome Shields no longer can stick to Crypto’s Drone.
Fortune's Favor
  • Buff Drone
    • Crypto can now ping banners, while in drone, to warn teammates of nearby squads.
  • Rework EMP
    • EMP will now slow teammates caught in the blast, even if they had no shields. This means that players who have used Revenant’s Death Totem will also be slowed.
  • Buff Drone
    • Crypto can now activate respawn and survey beacons from his drone. Doing so is instant instead of requiring a prolonged use.
    • Surveillance Drone: 30HP → 60HP.
    • Surveillance Drone hitbox size: cube of edge length 16 → cube of edge length 24.
  • Nerf Surveillance Drone
    • Remove ability to stick arc stars to friendly drones.
  • Buff Surveillance Drone
    • Crypto's drone can now scan and open care packages.
    • Can no longer use his drone to "hijack" a respawn beacon that's already in use.

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