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Apex Legends: Legends list

This page lists all the playable legends in Apex Legends.

6 Characters is unlocked on the go. Caustic and Mirage must be purchased for 750 Apex Coins or 12,000 Legends Tokens in order to use it.

In each Season, Two new legends will be introduced: one with the launch and another in mid-season, the Legends in each season will be purchasable at the same price as the Unlockable 2.

Starting 6 (Base Game - February 2019)[edit]

Unlockable 2 (Base Game - February 2019)[edit]

Season 1 - Wild Frontier (March 19th, 2019)[edit]

Season 2 - Battle Charge (June 2nd, 2019)[edit]

Season 3 - Meltdown (October 1st, 2019)[edit]

Season 4 (December 2019)[edit]