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Public Matches[edit]

  • Only records with VODs of the match itself being uploaded/recorded.
  • Matches without VODs of the match (e.g. only screenshots) will not be recorded.
  • Only Top 50 will be listed
  • Additional Rules
    • Cheating / Hacking is not allowed.
    • Editing any game files that gives a competitive advantage are prohibited. (These configuration edits impact things such as smokes and bushes. We do allow muzzle flash to be turned off)
    • The account level does not matter.


Date Player Time Squad? Ref
2019-05-23 USA SimplyRkn
USA Hill
USA Demlul
6m 36s [1]
2019-03-11 United Kingdom Repzy
United Kingdom NickyGOD
United Kingdom twitchmatik
7m 58s [2]
2019-03-22 Germany Bastii
Germany Shoyo
Austria Matrixx
8m 01s [3]
2019-03-07 Poland thebaku
Poland DinoD
Poland Zexelos
8m 21s [4]
2019-03-22 France Fr0xy
France Malicium
France KinDe62
8m 59s [5]
2019-02-28 Netherlands Dokkii
Turkey spkyc
9m 08s [6]
2019-03-19 USA PAPAGLRTH
USA Andrewosaurusrex
USA SoryForUrSadnes
9m 15s X [7]
2019-03-16 United Kingdom BluuOW
United Kingdom MiniMadLadLiam2
United Kingdom GetBoomedLol
9m 17s [8]
2019-05-16 Norway shackerz
Russia MINiKe
9m 17s [9]
2019-02-25 Croatia FRESHY
Finland Ronba
Sweden N1KOLA
9m 19s [10]
2019-03-08 USA TnTReigns
USA Pride
USA WattyM3
9m 28s [11]
2019-03-25 United Kingdom GaRpY
United Kingdom HELL
Hungary RAISY
9m 28s [12]
2019-03-08 Poland Dixuu
Poland Rokushiik
Poland shatuMONSTER
9m 50s [13]


Date Player Time Squad? Champ? Ref