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[e][h]DreamHack Winter 2025
League Information
Game mode:
Sweden Jönköping
Prize Pool:
5,000,000 kr SEK
(≃ $599,911 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:

Adding an infobox to your tournament page

An Infobox is one of the standard features of any Liquipedia page and it's no different for tournaments and leagues. The {{Infobox league}}-template should come be before the article text start, but perhaps after other templates such as Tabs or Stub, and also after a banner that you'd like to add to the top. Following will be the explanation of the code, and some templates for you to use on a tournament page.

Code Explanation

{{Infobox league

This brings out the template you will be using.


Either S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier , C-Tier or D-Tier.


Either Monthly , Weekly , Show Match , Misc or Qualifier.

|name=DreamHack Winter 2025

Either PC , Console or Mobile.


Tournament name, link to the banner (upload to LP), and name of organizer, the organizer automatically looks if ther is an LP page with that name and if it finds one it will link to it. You can add up to 4 organizers like this: organizer2 - organizer4 And they'll do the search for each one. Or you can make it into an external link. Also to note: at the moment, Name and Organizer are the only fields that will be displayed even if they are left empty.

|sponsor= [http://www.madeupsite.com/ madeupsite]

Either Offline, Online or Hybrid.


The country or continent in which the event takes place.


For offline events, the city in which the event takes place. If both the city and country fields are filled, the city will appear next to the country flag in one single line named Location (as in the example infobox).

|venue=[http://www.elmia.se Elmia]

For offline events, the venue in which the event takes place.

Tournament Example:


The size of the prize pool for the tournament in USD (used when the tournaments have USD as main currenacy and when the main currency is not USD.


If the currency used by the tournament is not in USD the local currency should be added as per the ISO 4217 currency standard.


The size of the prize pool for the tournament in USD if the tournament prize pool is not in USD.

|date= ''2010-10-10''
|sdate= ''2010-10-10''
|edate= ''2010-10-17''

Date of event or if it spans multiple days, you can instead add start and end date. Please try to use the ISO 8601 date standard (YYYY-MM-DD) with the normal "hyphen-minus" (-) as a seperator.


Make a website link for the tournament.


Make a Facebook link for the tournament. Note that only the part after facebook.com/ should be in the field.


Make a Twitter link for the tournament. Note that only the part after twitter.com/ should be in the field.


Make a Twitch link for the tournament. Note that only the part after twitch.tv/ should be in the field.


Make a Youtube link for the tournament. Note that only the part after youtube.com/ should be in the field.


Used to provide information of how many team slots are available for the tournament, often used in qualifiers that are not filled.


These are to be used for maps in the torunaments map poool, mapX sets the number of maps available for the league. map1 - map10 lists up to 10 possible maps.


Links to the previous and next editions of the serie/tournament.


Ends the use of the template, without this the template will not work.

Copy & Paste Templates

You'll find three templates and a full variables list below. Chose the one that suits your needs the best.

NOTE: After you've entered all the information you have, do not add: 0, N/A, TBD etc to empty variable fields, instead it is often times best to just remove the empty ones, unless you know this information will be coming in the future (like results for first through third place) but then you can just leave the fields blank.