UGC: Predator Series 2019: 2nd Strike

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[e][h]UGC Predator Series 2019: 2nd Strike
League Information
Predator Series
North America North America
Kill race
Prize Pool:
$4,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
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The Apex Predator Series presented by U.S. Army Esports is an ongoing Apex Legends tournament spanning over two-weeks. The Apex Predator Series will feature a unique derby-style scoring system where players will be awarded points based off both kill counts and placings.


Derby format Starts 6:00 PM CST August 9th Ends 6:00 PM CST August 23rd Championship Round for the Top 16 teams begins on October 24th at 12:00PM CST Players can play as many matches as they want between October 12th and October 25th for score submission

During this period, teams will be ranked off their ten highest scoring matches Top Competitor will the chance to play in as many matches as they can to qualify for the Predator Series Finals on October 26th. This Derby will only count games played in the Public playlist

Point Breakdown[edit]

Eliminations Points
1-4 4 ea
5-8 6 ea
9-12 8 ea
13+ 10 ea
Placement Points Placement Points
1st 60 11th 27
2nd 47 12th 25
3rd 45 13th 22
4th 44 14th 20
5th 43 15th 17
6th 40 16th 15
7th 37 17th 10
8th 35 18th 5
9th 32 19th 2
10th 30 20th 1

Prize Pool[edit]

$4,000 USD are spread among the teams and players as seen below:


Top 15[edit]


Heat 1[edit]

# Team Scores
A11st Prism eSports
735 pts
A22nd Le Trio
714 pts
A33rd DUSK Combat Force
704 pts
702 pts
A55th Sola Fide Alpha
694 pts
A66th Caustic Gaming
691 pts
A77th Love Gaming Challengers
678 pts
A88th TeamMiddleClass
677 pts
A99th The Happy Campers
676 pts
B010th Good Ole Boys
671 pts
B111th US Army Esports
668 pts
B212th We Apeing
667 pts
B313th BKA
661 pts
B414th TIBB0T
660 pts
B515th Raze Faction Gaming
660 pts
B616th The Happy Campers Blue
660 pts

Heat 2[edit]

# Team Scores
A11st Le Trio
359 pts
A22nd BKA
355 pts
A33rd We Apeing
354 pts
A44th The Happy Campers
354 pts
350 pts
A66th Caustic Gaming
345 pts
A77th Good Ole Boys
343 pts
A88th Love Gaming Challengers
337 pts
A99th DUSK Combat Force
328 pts
B010th The Happy Campers Blue
322 pts
B111th Raze Faction Gaming
317 pts
B212th US Army Esports
314 pts
B313th Sola Fide Alpha
296 pts
B414th TeamMiddleClass
247 pts
B515th Prism eSports
0 pts

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