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Black Hawks Clan (also known as BhC) is a Brazilian eSports Organization that competes in Quake Champions and CS:GO with a Male and Female teams. Black Hawks Clan is a registered brand/organization in Brazil and USA, with Headquarters in Sao Paulo and an office in Massachusetts.

[e][h]Black Hawks Clan
Team Information
Brazil Wallace "CowboY" Lobão
Kronic Host
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Black Hawks Clan - BhC, was a Quake One Clan founded in 1996 in Brasilia, Brazil.

In the inception of multiplayer gaming in 1996, Black Hawks Clan became nationally recognized after winning the first ever BYOC Lan Party in Brazil, the Quakenet in 1997 and winning the 1st Brazilian Quake Championship in Goiania in 1999.

In 2001, BhC competed in the CPL Tilt 2001 of Counter Strike, winning the qualifiers bracket and finishing in 9th-12th.

Black Hawks Clan eSports was established in 2019.

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name Join Date
Argentina maxter Maximiliano Gonzalez 2020-05-14


CTF and 4x4
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Brazil CowboY Wallace Lobão 1996-11-01 2001-01-01
Brazil Power Guilherme Carvalho 1997-02-01 2001-01-01
Brazil JDevil João Daniel Carvalho 1997-02-01 2001-01-01
Brazil JickSat Rodrigo Senna 1997-03-05 2001-01-01
Brazil Mata Pato João Paulo Cherulli 1997-01-03 2001-01-01
Brazil Felix Diogo Barbosa 1997-03-05 2001-01-01
Brazil K2 Klaus Koster 1997-02-01 2001-01-01
Brazil GOD Silvio Nunes 1997-02-01 2001-01-01
Brazil Segredo Francisco Neto 1997-03-05 2001-01-01
Brazil Gringo Rodrigo Gontijo 1997-02-01 2001-01-01
Brazil SinistrO Sergio Moreira Filho 1996-11-01 2001-01-01
Brazil El Fiera Fabian Gutierrez 1996-11-01 2001-01-01
Brazil Wr3ck3r Fabricio Netto 1996-11-01 2001-01-01
Brazil nosfa Filipe Barbosa 2019-08-25 2020-09-17


Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize
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