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Quake Champions[edit]

Duel is the most common game mode in Quake Champions. The modern version of Duel in Quake Champions, which is still played today, is similar to that of the previous Quake games. The game mode features two players spawning in an arena with a time limit of 10 minutes, and whoever has the most frags when the time limit is hit, wins. In case the score is tied after 10 minutes, the match will continue in Sudden Death, where the player who gets the next frag wins the match. Weapons, ammunition and armor can be picked up across the map as well as shards that reduce the cooldown for the player's ability.

Duel previously featured the selection of three Champions per player, where players would have to consider which Champions were better suited to their unique playstyle and which were effective counters to their opponents’ choices. It was played as a best-of-three match with three total rounds, and in each round, a player had to defeat all three of the opponent’s Champions. When a player was fragged, they would respawn as another of their chosen Champions. When one player had eliminated all three of the opposing Champions, they would be declared winner of that round.