List of player mouse settings

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This table collectively displays all sets of mouse settings included on player pages.

The gray, blue and red backgrounds indicate a retired, inactive and banned player, respectively.

List of notable players' settings[edit]

Player Team eDPI DPI Sensitivity Zoom Yaw Inverted Accel. Raw Input Ptr Spd Polling Rate Mouse Mousepad

6sonya, Almaril, Alostraz, Anima, Ardi, CHERRA, Camma, Cooller, DaHanG, GNiK, GaRpY, GoonChamp, HaloLagann, Jankygoatsmugla, KANZA, Keltz, Klyb, LySt, Milton, PULZ, PepCo, Rell, Scucchi, St0n3, Steej, Strongsage, Ton1, Vo0, Warden, Yup, ZorakWar, abso, agent, baSe, ballin4life, cYpheR, chompa-, ckap, clawz, cnz, d3th, davjs, deathr0w, deekay, dooi, ecent, enesy, fazz, festiveturtle, gaiia... further results

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