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Organ Grinder is a series of Show Matches across multiple different Arena FPS games, organized by Tastyspleen.


ORGAN GRINDER is a monthly Duel event that facilitates grudge matches between pairs of players. Players will sign up with their opponent, select a game, select maps, and then play a single BO3 during the show.

Valid games include Doom 2, Quakeworld, Quake II, Quake Live, Quake 4, CPMA, Diabotical, Doombringer, Warfork, Quake Champions, and more!

The show will collect donations into a prize pool. Winners of their duels will split 75% of the pool, losers will split 25%.

Signups are taken first-come-first-serve, regardless of skill level. Some curation may occur to support variety during the show. Signup periods last one week after the prior event, and matches will be selected the following week.


Event Location Game Date Prize Pool Winner Loser
Organ Grinder #1: GMT vs Y2Jake United Kingdom United Kingdom Diabotical March 6, 2021 $214.28 United Kingdom Y2Jake United Kingdom GMT
Organ Grinder #1: OAKu vs DeadBeat United States United States Q3: CPMA March 6, 2021 $214.28 United States OAKu United States DeadBeat
Organ Grinder #1: StelaZ vs KlouN Europe Europe Quake 4 March 6, 2021 $214.28 France KlouN Poland StelaZ
Organ Grinder #1: Nessy vs bLoc Scotland Scotland DOOMBRINGER March 6, 2021 $214.28 Scotland Nessy Scotland bLoc30
Organ Grinder #1: Hendy vs Blindlight World World Diabotical March 6, 2021 $214.28 United Kingdom Hendy United States Blindlight
Organ Grinder #1: Baccobax vs Genia World World QC: DOOM Edition March 6, 2021 $214.28 Italy Baccobax United States geNia
Organ Grinder #1: Dev vs HateDaddy North America North America DOOM II March 6, 2021 $214.28 Canada DevastatioN United States HateDaddy
Organ Grinder #2: StelaZ vs WiseGenie Europe Europe Quake Champions April 10, 2021 $146.48 Russia WiseGenie Poland StelaZ
Organ Grinder #2: bps vs LocKtar Sweden Sweden QuakeWorld April 10, 2021 $146.48 Sweden bps Sweden LocKtar
Organ Grinder #2: deekay vs ilesku Europe Europe Reflex April 10, 2021 $146.48 Germany deekay Finland ilesku
Organ Grinder #2: Dez vs Phi Russia Russia Q3: CPMA April 10, 2021 $146.48 Russia DEZ Russia phi
Organ Grinder #2: KlouN vs sTPHN Europe Europe Quake 4 April 10, 2021 $146.48 Netherlands sTPHN France KlouN
Organ Grinder #2: David vs maq Poland Poland Quake II April 10, 2021 $146.48 Poland David Poland maq
Organ Grinder #2: Cobalt vs Mogo United States United States Quake Champions April 10, 2021 $146.48 United States Mogo United States Cobalt
Organ Grinder #3: BouvToTheMax vs Ahab United States United States Quake Live May 15, 2021 $TBD United States TBD United States TBD
Organ Grinder #3: CHERRA vs WiseGenie Russia Russia Diabotical May 15, 2021 $TBD Russia TBD Russia TBD
Organ Grinder #3: sarin vs Lunokhod Russia Russia Q3: CPMA May 15, 2021 $TBD Russia TBD Russia TBD
Organ Grinder #3: deekay vs Ramagan Europe Europe Reflex May 15, 2021 $TBD TBD TBD