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[e][h]Quake World Championship 2020
League Information
Quake Pro League QPL
Game Mode:
World Online
Prize pool:
$150,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Number of Players:
Liquipedia Tier:

This template produces an Infobox on a league page.


Parameter Explanation
mode The mode the league played
image Picture
liquipediatier The Tier the league falls under per the Notability Guidelines
series The name of the series it was played in
name The name of the tournament
shortname Shortened name of the tournament if possible
icon Small image used to uniquely identify the tournament
organizer Name of the organization or person who organized the tournament
sponsor Names of any sponsors that the tournament has. Use <br> to split additional sponsors to separate lines.
country Name of the country or region that the tournament is played in
city Name of the city (if offline) or the region that the tournament was played in
venue For offline events, the venue in which the event takes place.
type The type of tournament (Offline, Online)
format Format the Tournament played in (Single Elimination, Double Elimination, Group Stage, Swiss Stage). Use <br /> to split additional Formats to separate lines.
prizepool The size of the prize pool for the tournament
localcurrency If the currency used by the tournament is not in USD the local currency should be added as per the ISO 4217 currency standard.
prizepoolusd The size of the prize pool for the tournament in USD if the tournament prize pool is not in USD
Date of event or if it spans multiple days, you can instead add start and end date. Please try to use the ISO 8601 date standard (YYYY-MM-DD) with the normal "hyphen-minus" (-) as a seperator.
game The game the tournament was played on
web Make a website link for the tournament.
bracket Make a link to the bracket for the tournament if hosted on another site.
facebook Make a Facebook link for the tournament. Note that only the part after facebook.com/ should be in the field.
twitter Make a Twitter link for the tournament. Note that only the part after twitter.com/ should be in the field.
twitch Make a Twitch link for the tournament. Note that only the part after twitch.tv/ should be in the field.
youtube Make a Youtube link for the tournament. Note that only the part after youtube.com/ should be in the field.
How many teams played(if team tournament) or how many players played(if individual tournament)
map These are to be used for maps in the torunaments map poool, mapX sets the number of maps available for the league. map1 - map10 lists up to 10 possible maps.
Links to the previous and next editions of the serie/tournament.


The following code was used to create the infobox on this page.

{{Infobox league
|series=Quake Pro League
|name=Quake World Championship 2020
|tickername=QWC 2020
|shortname=QWC 2020
|image=Quake Pro League logo.png
|map2=Blood Covenant
|map3=Blood Run
|map4=Corrupted Keep
|map5=Ruins of Sarnath
|map6=The Molten Falls
|map7=Vale of Pnath

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You can copy the code snippet below and fill in the parameters to customize this Infobox. If any parameter doesn't apply, leave it blank and that line will not appear in the Infobox.

{{Infobox league