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Organization: 2015-10-14
Arena of Valor team: 2019-07-19
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Donuts Unsold Stuff Gaming is a multi-game Japanese esports organization.



  • Unsold Stuff Gaming was a team that formed by Blizzard team. The players of this team were gathered from high rank player in AOV Japan server. Mai is a former and the captain. Slashmoon and Dejiwo were a formers of Divine Brothers in VainGlory with JohnDoe who is a member of Killer Gaming. HipPii and Kirito are the following players that have joined this team. They are exchange students from Vietnam. Sota is a member of this team since AWC 2019 due to HipPii who was working in Japan at that time. He joined this team as a Jungle player before and become a Midlane player since AIC 2019. Kabuki has joined the team since A-League 2019 due to Kirito's health wasn't good.
  • In the year of 2020, there is a change in the team. SlashMoon and Dejiwo has announced in Twitter that they have retired.
  • October 15th, 2020, Japanese video game developer/publisher Donuts Co. Ltd. acquires the organization, and renames to "Donuts Unsold Stuff Gaming".

Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Position Join Date
Japan Mai Tanaka Maiki (田中毎期) Side Lane 2019-07-19
Japan Kabuki Midlane/Jungle 2019-08-25
Japan tatuki217 Midlane 2019-12-10
Japan Threez Jungle 2020-03-06
Japan hiroki325 Side Lane 2020-03-06
Japan Khaz Support/Side Lane 2020-03-06


Former player
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
Vietnam Sota Ho Duc Khanh Jungle 2019-07-19 2020-03-04 NewStar
Vietnam HipPii Do M. Hung Jungle 2019-08-30 2020-03-04 NewStar
Vietnam Kirito Phùng Anh Tú Midlane 2019-07-19 2020-03-04
Japan Slashmoon Shin Nakamura(中村 真) Side Lane 2019-07-19 2019-01-06
Japan dejiwo Ken Nakamura(中村 軒) Support 2019-07-19 2019-01-06



ID Name Position Join Date
Japan Bettini Daisuke Takahashi (高橋 大輔) Owner 2015-10-14
Japan Fitchman Coach 2019-07-19


Date Placement LP Tier Tournament Results Prize
2020-03-28 A22nd A3Tier 3 Arena of Valor Japan League Arena of Valor Japan League Spring 2020 0 : 4 $0
2020-01-05 A33rd A7Qualifier AESF e-Masters AESF e-Masters Chengdu 2020 - East Asia Regionals 0/-/2 Grp. S. $0
2019-11-14 A55 - 8th A1Tier 1 Arena of Valor International Championship Arena of Valor International Championship 2019 3 : 4 $16,000
2019-09-15 A11st A7Qualifier Arena of Valor International Championship AIC 2019 Japan Qualifier 2 : 2 $0
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