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GGWP.ID is an Indonesian professional esports organization. GGWP.ID AoV Team is a part of GGWP.ID Esports, an organization that own media and esport clubs. On its founding on 16 June 2017, GGWP.ID was the first professional esport team for Arena of Valor Indonesia and, thus, the oldest.


GGWP.ID was the first club that announce and build a professional team for Arena of Valor. After completed an open recruitment for two months, GGWP.ID was officially launched on 16 June 2017 with a match against Elite8 Esports in a match dubbed GM Challenge, held by the game publisher, Garena Indonesia. GGWP.ID AoV won the game 2-0.

Mo-Cup, Game Prime 2017, and Battle of Valor 2017[edit]

GGWP.ID initially was led by GGWP.Kamil, with GGWP.Rico, GGWP.Eka, GGWP.Ahmad, and GGWP.Dimo as its rooster. After several failures on Mo-Cup (official monthly tournament by Garena), GGWP.ID regrouped and recruited new players to fill the positions. GGWP.Aldi, who joined shortly before Game Prime 2017, becomes the captain when GGWP.Kamil left the team, just after Battle of Valor 2017 ended. GGWP.Aldi and GGWP.Dimo, who stayed at the team, then recruited star players, GGWP.MythR, GGWP.Backdoor, and GGWP.Wyvorz.

AoV Star League Season 1[edit]

On the first half AOV Star League Season 1, the team performed badly with a straight lose in 3 matches. On week 5, SusuGajah from Saudara Esports express his willingness to join GGWP.ID. The information boost the team morale and surprisingly the team won the 6th match against Bigetron, which held the top rank on the competition. This prompt questions from the community whether GGWP.ID cheated by letting SusuGajah play before he officially joined to the team. The allegation was denied by both GGWP.ID and Garena Indonesia, as Garena Indonesia obliged the team to live-stream themselves when playing to ensure that no one is cheating. This win against Bigetron earned GGWP.ID the nickname "Kingslayer".

SusuGajah officially joined GGWP.ID and fight his first match against EVOS, currently the leader on the competition. Surprisingly, GGWP.ID win 2-0 against EVOS. This win boosted GGWP.ID rank to 4th place at the end of the Group Stage.

Crawling from the bottom, GGWP.ID got a clean sheet until they met EVOS AOV at the final round. Tired after long and difficult matches against Bigetron and SES, GGWP.ID finally lose against EVOS on the final round with a 1-3 score.

AoV Star League Season 2[edit]

On ASL Season 2, GGWP.ID won matches against all team in the first-half of the season. They are currently have a 14-win streak.


Player Roster[edit]


Former Squad
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
Indonesia Blackdoor Yayan Hidayat Jungle 201?-??-?? 2018-05-10[1] SFI Esports
Indonesia Aldi Aldi Kurnia Side Lane 201?-??-?? 2019-03-22
Indonesia Uugajah M Ilham Bahrul Jungle 201?-??-?? 2019-03-22
Indonesia CL Randy Shimane Mid 2018-08-31[2] 2019-03-22 BOOM ID
Indonesia QopzY Muhammad Ilham Habibi Side Lane 2018-08-31[2] 2019-03-22
Indonesia BaZTeS Dimoriansa Ramadhan Support 2017-06-16 2019-03-22
Indonesia Wyvorz Hartawan Muliadi Side Lane 2018-??-?? 2018-??-?? EVOS Esports
Indonesia MythR Sultandyo Rayhan Mid 2018-??-?? 2018-??-?? EVOS Esports



ID Name Position Join Date
Indonesia Ricky Setiawan CEO


Date Placement LP Tier Tournament Results Prize
2019-03-22 A33rd - 4th A2Tier 2 ESL Indonesia Championship ESL Indonesia Championship Season 1 0 : 3 $4,250
2019-02-16 A22nd A2Tier 2 ASL AOV Star League Season 2 1 : 3 $17,721.75
2018-11-15 A11st-2nd A7Qualifier ESL Indonesia Championship ESL Indonesia Championship Season 1 Qualifier #1 2 : 0 $0
2018-10-31 A22nd A7Qualifier Arena of Valor International Championship Arena of Valor International Championship 2018 Indonesia Qualifier 0 : 3 $0
2018-03-06 A22nd A2Tier 2 ASL AOV Star League Season 1 1 : 3 $17,286.63
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