King Growth League Fall 2020

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[e][h]King Growth League Fall 2020
League Information
King G-League KGL
Fighting Esports Group
China Wuxi
Group Stage
Double Round-Robin and Single Round-Robin
Double Elimination
Prize Pool:
¥ 3,000,000 CNY
(≃ $438,199 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Upcoming Matches
ESC vs. Simple
September 20, 2020 - 10:00 UTC
BFG vs. WZ
September 20, 2020 - 12:00 UTC
LX vs. MGL
September 21, 2020 - 07:00 UTC
CW vs. ESG
September 21, 2020 - 10:00 UTC
MON.Nova vs. VSG
September 21, 2020 - 12:00 UTC



  • Regular Season - September 13th - November 18th, 2020, All matches are Bo5, the Regular Season will consist of 3 rounds, where each team will not have a round-robin among all teams;
    • Qualifying Stage - September 13th - 30th, 2020
      • 15 teams will be drawn into 3 groups, and playing with a round-robin system, and after the round-robin has done, the teams will be re-grouped into 3 groups for the Group Stage Round:
        • 1st place from each group will be grouped into Group S
        • 2nd-3rd place from each group will be grouped into Group A
        • 4-5th place from each group will be grouped into Group B
    • Group Stage - First Round: October 4th - 21st, 2020 and Second Round: November 1st - 18th, 2020
      • Group S, Group A and Group B will continue the round robin, Group S will be played in double round-robin system, while the others will be played in single round-robin.
    • Seat Decider Matches - October 26th - 27th, 2020
      • 1st-3rd place from Group S, 1st-3rd place from Group A, and 1st-3rd place from Group B will have a chance to grab a higher seat or secure the seat in their group.
      • Match details
        • Group S: 1st Place vs Group A: 3rd Place
        • Group S: 2nd Place vs Group A: 2nd Place
        • Group S: 3rd Place vs Group A: 1st Place
        • Group A: 4th Place vs Group B: 3rd Place
        • Group A: 5th Place vs Group B: 2nd Place
        • Group A: 6th Place vs Group B: 1st Place
  • Playoffs - November 22nd - December 12th, 2020
    • 3 teams from Group S, 6 teams from Group A and 1 top team from Group B will qualify for Playoffs
    • Double-elimination, All matches are Bo7
    • Ultimate Battle

In Honor of Kings Pro League: Fall 2018, the playoffs round has set the new rules for drafting and using heroes, which is called Global Ban-Pick (also use in AOV Tournament, started in AOG Spring 2019). But their is a special rules which is not same as AOV tournament in the Game 7, called Ultimate Battle.

  • The Ultimate battle will start if there is a tied series in Game 6 after the crystal has been destroyed (3:3).
  • After the crystal been destroyed, the referee will allow the coach, analyst or the other staffs in each team to draft the heroes in Game 7 for 3 minutes. After the time is out, the coach must submit the hero lineups and challenger spells to the referee, and then coach must leave the stage. There will be a penalty if the players don't use the same heroes and challenger spells as the coach submit.
  • The time will be start counting when the coach come to the stage, and the referee will give a signal for the countdown at 1 minute, 30 seconds, and 10 seconds.
  • Each team's hero lineups will not be visible for the opponent team.

Broadcast Talent[edit]

Prize Pool[edit]

The distribution of Honor of Kings Winter Champion Cup 2020 will be announced later.
The top 2 teams will secure a seat in KPL Spring 2021.
12-13th place will have to play in KGL Spring 2021 - Promotion Round.
Bottom 2 teams will be eliminated from the tournament.

¥3,000,000 CNY ($439,251.51 USD~) are spread among the teams as seen below:



Ghost Owl Gaming
Side LaneHong Kong Dat 
JunglerChina Aixiao 
MiddleChina ShangJi 
Side LaneChina AoHan 
SupportChina Jiuyu 
Side LaneChina ChangSheng 
JunglerChina Zijin 
Side LaneChina Qing 
Main RosterStaff
CChina DaHe 
Main RosterSubstitutes
Mighty Tiger Gaming
Side LaneChina JiuLong 
JunglerChina Mf 
MiddleChina Msir 
Side LaneChina Evil 
SupportMalaysia Guang 
Side LaneChina Song 
SupportChina QF 
MiddleChina White 
SupportMalaysia Prozai 
Main RosterStaff
CChina Beckman 
AChina Pomi 
Main RosterSubstitutes
Crown Watcher
Side LaneChina Play 
JunglerChina City 
MiddleChina Chao 
Side LaneChina Gin 
SupportHong Kong Jayden 
Side LaneChina Panda 
Side LaneChina LaoBei 
Main RosterStaff
CChina Quinns 
Main RosterSubstitutes
Team VSG
Side LaneChina Dong 
JunglerChina XingC 
MiddleChina AIM 
Side LaneChina Fengchen 
SupportChina LYU 
Side LaneChina LinFeng 
JunglerChina DaoErX 
Side LaneChina Chen 
MiddleChina LuoYe 
Main RosterStaff
CChina yaoyao 
Main RosterSubstitutes
Esports of Macao China
Side LaneMacau AOLIN 
JunglerChina CHAO 
MiddleChina YQ 
Side LaneMacau YYU 
SupportChina COLA 
Side LaneChina XIII 
JunglerMacau CS 
SupportChina TAO 
Main RosterStaff
CChina AK 
Main RosterSubstitutes
ESG Gaming
Side LaneChina Lilo 
JunglerChina BaiYu 
MiddleChina Shen 
Side LaneChina Lujiu 
SupportChina XiXi 
Side LaneChina BaiGe 
JunglerChina RuYuan 
Main RosterStaff
CChina Mayi 
Main RosterSubstitutes
AS Monaco Nova Esports1
Side LaneChina Redeem 
JunglerChina GuXing 
MiddleChina XinZui 
Side LaneChina Yueli 
SupportChina BBei 
China Canyang 
Side LaneChina XN 
Main RosterStaff
CChina Aragon 
Main RosterSubstitutes
ESC 729
Side LaneChina Stone 
JunglerChina Lele 
MiddleChina Hexi 
Side LaneHong Kong Casso 
SupportChina Freedom 
China Lang 
China Linc 
Main RosterStaff
CChina Chai 
Main RosterSubstitutes
Kunshan Sports Center
Side LaneChina XiaoQiu 
JunglerChina Wuya 
MiddleChina Yingsa 
Side LaneChina LinRan 
SupportChina Wuji 
Side LaneChina Mengxi 
MiddleChina Ruchu 
Side LaneChina Wunian 
Main RosterStaff
CChina Kaikai 
AChina 0721 
Main RosterSubstitutes
LanXiang Gaming
Side LaneChina BB 
JunglerChina YeDu 
MiddleChina JiuShen 
Side LaneChina YeBan 
SupportChina Yi 
JunglerChina WuDao 
MiddleChina FengChen 
Main RosterStaff
CChina Cuxin 
CChina Dabai 
Main RosterSubstitutes
Mammoth Gaming League
Side LaneChina Gucheng 
JunglerChina QQian 
MiddleChina Molu 
Side LaneChina Ysir 
SupportChina Xiaonuan 
JunglerChina Lindong 
Side LaneChina GGuang 
SupportChina ZhiPei 
Main RosterStaff
CChina NaiKing 
CChina Fan 
Main RosterSubstitutes
WanZhen Esports Club
Side LaneChina Rank 
JunglerChina An 
MiddleChina Ming 
Side LaneChina Roc 
SupportChina Mac 
Side LaneChina Xiaoxin 
SupportChina Lanxi 
Main RosterStaff
CChina Vc 
Main RosterSubstitutes
Victorious Gaming
Side LaneChina Qiangwei 
JunglerChina BaiYe 
MiddleChina Bafan 
Side LaneChina Sannian 
SupportChina Xibai 
Side LaneChina Zhaoyang 
JunglerChina HengJiu 
Main RosterStaff
CChina chudong 
AChina Bob 
Main RosterSubstitutes
Side LaneChina LiXiang 
JunglerChina YeQu 
MiddleChina Scc 
Side LaneChina MingZai 
SupportChina QianYi 
Side LaneChina PiPi 
MiddleChina YeYu 
Side LaneChina HuiGuang 
Main RosterStaff
CChina YeYuan 
Main RosterSubstitutes
Born For Gaming2
Side LaneChina Shenzao 
JunglerChina Guxin 
MiddleChina QiYue 
Side LaneChina LangChen 
SupportChina Yisheng 
Side LaneChina Cool 
JunglerChina Mian 
JunglerChina Xiaozou 
MiddleChina Heimao 
Main RosterStaff
CChina MoMo 
AChina Nine 
Main RosterSubstitutes
1 AS Monaco FC, a French football association become a partner with Nova Esports in Honor of Kings division.[1]
2 Douyu Qi, the champion from National Competition withdrew from the tournament, and be replaced by Born For Gaming.

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