Alix Branwyn

[e][h] Alix Branwyn
Illustrator Information

Alix Branwyn is an American illustrator.

Illustrated Cards[edit]

Card Cost Rarity Type Color Damage Armor Health Effect
Arcane Assault 4 Common (Call to Arms) Spell Blue Deal 2 damage to the tower. Draw a card.
Arcane Censure 4 Common (Call to Arms) Spell Black Modify the enemy tower with -1 Mana.
Roseleaf Druid 4 Common (Call to Arms) Creep Green 2 6
Satyr Magician 5 Uncommon (Call to Arms) Creep Blue 2 5 Active: Fully restore your tower's Mana.
Treant Protector Common (Call to Arms) Hero Green 4 10