Creep Cards

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Creep Cards are non-hero units cards played into lanes. They have attack and health and may also possess armor or other additional abilities.


Card Rarity Color Damage Armor Health Effect
Assassin's Apprentice Common Black 3 2 Active: Choose a combat target for Assassin's Apprentice
Assassin's Shadow Rare Black 15 5 Siege 5. Assassin's Shadows has -2 Attack for each ally.
Bronze Legionnaire Common Red 4 2 2
Centaur Hunter Basic Red 4 8
Champion of the Ancient Rare Green 2 6 Play Effect: Modify Champion of the Ancient with +1 Attack, +1 Health, and +1 Cleave for each enemy.
Cursed Satyr Uncommon Red 6 6 Summon a Zombie for your opponent after the combat phase.
Disciple of Nevermore Common Black 4 -2 4 Other allies have +2 Attack and -2 Armor.
Emissary of the Quorum Rare Green 1 2 10 Active: Modify allies with +2 Attack and +2 Health.
Hellbear Crippler Common Red 3 3 When Hellbear Crippler deals battle damage to a unit, modify that unity with -1 Attack.
Hound of War Basic Black 2 1
Incarnation of Selemene Rare Blue 3 11 Fully restore your towers Mana after you play any card.
Keenfolk Golem Rare Red 13 13 Play Effect: Discard your hand.
Legion Standard Bearer Uncommon Red 0 6 Legion Standard Bearer's allied neighbors have +4 Attack.
Loyal Beast Basic Red 3 1 3 When Loyal Beast deals battle damage to a unit, modify that unit with -1 Attack.
Marrowfell Brawler Rare Red 6 16
Melee Creep Basic 2 4
Mercenary Exiles Rare Red 2 1 4 Active: Spend all your gold. Modify Mercenary Exiles with +X Attack and +X Health where X is half the gold spent.
Oglodi Catapult Uncommon Black 0 4 Deal 2 piercing damage to the enemy tower before the action phase.
Oglodi Vandal Common Black 4 4 Play Effect: Deal 4 damage to the enemy tower.
Ogre Conscript Common Red 7 2 7
Ogre Corpse Tosser Rare Red 2 10 Deal 2 piercing damage to the enemy tower after an allied Melee Creep dies.
Pit Fighter of Quoidge Rare Black 2 8 Modify Pit Fighter of Quoidge with +2 Attack after an allied neighbor dies.
Plague Ward Basic Blue 1 3 Before the action phase, deal 2 piercing damage to a random enemy neighbor of Plague Ward.
Prowler Vanguard Basic Green 0 8 Prowler Vanguard's allied neighbors have +1 Armor.
Rampaging Hellbear Rare Green 2 3 Modify Rampaging Hellbear with +4 Attack after the combat phase.
Ravenhook Rare Black 3 6 Active: Condemn a random item equipped by the unit blocking Ravehook. Get gold equal to the base coast of that item.
Ravenous Mass Rare Black 1 1 Active: Condemn Ravenous Mass's allied neighbors. Modify Ravenous Mass with their Attack and Health.
Rebel Decoy Common Green 2 3 Active: Swap Rebel Decoy with another ally.
Rebel Instigator Uncommon Red 2 3 After the combat phase, if Rebel Instigator dealt battle damage to a creep this round, summon a Rebel Instigator.
Red Mist Pillager Uncommon Red 4 2 After the combat phase, if Red Mist Pillager dealt battle damage to a tower this round, summon a Red Mist Pillager.
Relentless Zombie Common Blue 2 2 Play Effect: Give Relentless Zombie a Death Shield.
Revtel Convoy Rare Green 0 2 Revtel Convoy has +X Attack where X is equal to half your gold.
Roseleaf Druid Common Green 2 6
Roseleaf Rejuvenator Common Green 7 7 Play Effect: Heal your tower 7.
Roseleaf Wall Basic Green 0 8
Satyr Duelist Common Green 3 5 Modify Satyr Duelist with +2 Attack after the combat phase.
Satyr Magician Uncommon Blue 2 5 Active: Fully restore your tower's Mana.
Savage Wolf Common Green 3 3 Modify Savage Wolf with +1 Attack and +2 Health after the combat phase.
Selfish Cleric Common Green 4 4 Fully heal Selfish Cleric after the combat phase.
Sister of the Veil Uncommon Black 4 5 Active: Choose a combat target for Sister of the Veil.
Smeevil Armsmaster Uncommon Red 2 2 Play Effect: Modify a random allied hero with +2 Attack.
Smeevil Blacksmith Uncommon Green 2 2 Play Effect: Modify a random allied hero with +1 Armor.
Stonehall Elite Uncommon Red 4 2 2 Modify Stonehall with +2 Attack and +2 Health after a unit blocking it dies.
Thunderhide Alpha Rare Green 25 2
Thunderhide Pack Common Green 14 14 Siege 6.
Troll Soothsayer Uncommon Blue 2 8 Draw an extra card each round.
Tyler Estate Censor Uncommon Black 2 8 The enemy tower has -1 Mana.
Untested Grunt Common Black 4 2
Vhoul Martyr Common Green 2 2 Death Effect: Modify allies with +1 Attack and +1 Health.
Zombie Basic Black 2 2