Forrest Imel

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[e][h] Forrest Imel
Illustrator Information

Forrest Imel is an American illustrator.

Illustrated Cards[edit]

Card Cost Rarity Type Color Damage Armor Health Effect
Assassinate 7 Uncommon (Call to Arms) Spell Black Deal 10 piercing damage to a unit in any lane.
Bellow 2 Common (Call to Arms) Spell Green Move a creep to a random other lane.
Caught Unprepared 4 Rare (Call to Arms) Spell Green Stun a hero until they equip an item.
Dirty Deeds 3 Uncommon (Call to Arms) Spell Black Deal 2 damage to the enemy tower for each of its improvements.
Earthshaker Rare (Call to Arms) Hero Blue 2 7
Echo Slam 7 Rare (Call to Arms) Spell Blue Deal damage to each enemy equal to the number of enemies.
Enrage 4 Common (Call to Arms) Spell Red Give a red hero +4 Attack and +4 Armor this round.
Fight Through the Pain 1 Common (Call to Arms) Spell Red Give a red hero +2 Armor this round.
Juke 1 Common (Call to Arms) Spell Green Swap an ally with one of its allied neighbors.
Messenger Rookery 1 Common (Call to Arms) Improvement Blue Active: Choose an ally. Choose a combat target for it.
Nyctasha's Guard 25 Rare (Call to Arms) Armor Equipped hero has +1 Armor. Active: Move equipped hero's enemy neighbors to random other lanes.
Obliterating Orb 9 Uncommon (Call to Arms) Consumable Condemn an improvement.
Rebel Instigator 4 Uncommon (Call to Arms) Creep Red 2 3 After the combat phase, if Rebel Instigator dealt battle damage to a creep this round, summon a Rebel Instigator.
Rend Armor 3 Uncommon (Call to Arms) Spell Red Modify a unit with -X Armor where X is its Armor.
Sniper Uncommon (Call to Arms) Hero Black 5 6
Unsupervised Artillery 2 Uncommon (Call to Arms) Improvement Black Active: Deal 4 piercing damage to the enemy tower. May only be used if there are no unblocked enemies.
Ursa Common (Call to Arms) Hero Red 7 10
Watchtower 1 Rare (Call to Arms) Improvement Blue Whenever an enemy improvement enters this lane, draw a card.
Zombie 1 Basic (Base Set) Creep Black 2 2