Improvement Cards

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Improvement Cards are cards played to trigger an active or passive lane effect. Improvements can be played across lanes.


Card Cost Rarity Color Effect
Aghanim's Sanctum 4 Uncommon Blue Active: Fully restore your tower's Mana.
Altar of the Mad Moon 4 Uncommon Green Allied Melee Creeps have +2 Regeneration.
Assault Ladders 3 Uncommon Black Allies deal +2 damage when attacking a tower.
Assured Destruction 3 Rare Black All heroes have +4 Siege.
Barracks 5 Uncommon Blue Summon a Melee Creep into this lane each deployment phase.
Bitter Enemies 2 Rare Black After the combat phase, remove a charge from Bitter Enemies. Before the action phase, if there are zero charges on Bitter Enemies, deal 6 damage to both towers.
Burning Oil 1 Uncommon Red Your tower has +2 Retaliate.
Cheating Death 4 Rare Green Active: Give a unit a Death Shield this round. May only be used if there is an allied green hero in this lane.
Conflagration 5 Rare Blue Deal 2 damage to each enemy before the action phase.
Escape Route 1 Rare Black Active: Return an allied hero to the Fountain.
Fractured Timeline 2 Rare Blue Before the action phase, give a random card in opponent's had +1 Lock.
Glyph of Confusion 6 Rare Blue Whenever any unit enters this lane, stun it this round.
Grand Melee 3 Rare Red If there is an allied red hero in this lane, all heroes have +2 Cleave.
Homefield Advantage 4 Uncommon Green Before the action phase disarm a random enemy this round.
Howling Mind 3 Uncommon Blue You and your opponent draw an extra card each round.
Ignite 3 Common Blue Deal 1 piercing damage to each enemy before the action phase.
Iron Fog Goldmine 3 Common Black Get 3 gold after the combat phase.
Keenfolk Turret 4 Uncommon Black Active: Deal 2 piercing damage to a unit.
March of the Machines 5 Rare Black Before the action phase, if there are charges on March of the Machines, remove one and deal 2 damage to the enemy tower and 2 damage to each enemy.
Messenger Rookery 1 Common Blue Active: Choose an ally. Choose a combat target for it.
Mist of Avernus 3 Uncommon Green Modify allies with +1 Attack before the action phase.
Nether Ward 4 Rare Red After opponent plays a spell, deal 3 damage to the enemy tower.
Path of the Bold 3 Rare Red After you play a red card, modify a random ally with +1 Attack.
Path of the Cunning 3 Rare Black After you play a black card, modify a random ally with +1 Siege.
Path of the Dreamer 3 Rare Green After you play green card, give your tower +3 Regeneration until end of round.
Path of the Wise 3 Rare Blue After you play a blue card, deal 1 piercing damage to a random enemy.
Revtel Investments 3 Rare Black Add a charge to Revtel Investments after the combat phase. Active: Get 4 gold for each charge. Condemn Revtel Investments.
Selemene's Favor 4 Common Green Your tower has +2 Mana.
Steam Cannon 7 Rare Black Active: Deal 4 piercing damage to a unit in any lane.
Steel Reinforcement 4 Common Red Your tower has +1 Armor.
Temple of War 3 Uncommon Red All equipped heroes have +2 Attack and +1 Armor.
The Oath 3 Rare Black You can not play spells or creeps while this is the active lane. If there is an allied black hero in this lane, allies have +4 Attack.
The Omexe Arena 6 Uncommon Red Draw a card after a hero dies.
The Tyler Estate 4 Uncommon Black Both towers have -2 Mana.
Trebuchets 1 Common Black Deal 2 piercing damage to the enemy tower before the action phase.
Unearthed Secrets 3 Rare Green Draw a card after the combat phase if your tower was dealt damage this round.
Unsupervised Artillery 2 Uncommon Black Active: Deal 4 piercing damage to the enemy tower. May only be used if there are no unblocked enemies.
Verdant Refuge 5 Common Green Allies have +1 Armor
Watchtower 1 Rare Blue Whenever an enemy improvement enters this lane, draw a card.