James Paick

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[e][h] James Paick
Illustrator Information

James Paick is an American illustrator.

Illustrated Cards[edit]

Card Cost Rarity Type Color Damage Armor Health Effect
Centaur Hunter 5 Basic (Call to Arms) Creep Red 4 8
Howling Mind 3 Uncommon (Call to Arms) Improvement Blue You and your opponent draw an extra card each round.
Iron Fog Goldmine 3 Common (Call to Arms) Improvement Black Get 3 gold after the combat phase.
Keenfolk Plate 8 Uncommon (Call to Arms) Armor Equipped hero has +1 Armor. Equipped hero has +1 Armor for each of its attackers. Equipped hero's attackers have -1 Armor.
March of the Machines 5 Rare (Call to Arms) Improvement Black Before the action phase, if there are charges on March of the Machines, remove one and deal 2 damage to the enemy tower and 2 damage to each enemy.
Spring the Trap 7 Rare (Call to Arms) Spell Red Summon two Centaur Hunters into any lane.
Thunderstorm 6 Uncommon (Call to Arms) Spell Blue Deal 4 damage to each enemy.
Tinker Rare (Call to Arms) Hero Black 7 5
Tresdin's Standards 4 Rare (Call to Arms) Spell Red Modify a red hero with "After you play a red card, give this hero and its allied neighbors +1 Attack and +1 Armor this round."
Tyler Estate Censor 4 Uncommon (Call to Arms) Creep Black 2 8 The enemy tower has -1 Mana.