Lius Lasahido

[e][h] Lius Lasahido
Illustrator Information

Lius Lasahido is an Indonesian illustrator.

Illustrated Cards[edit]

Card Cost Rarity Type Color Damage Armor Health Effect
Barracks 5 Uncommon (Call to Arms) Improvement Blue Summon a Melee Creep into this lane each deployment phase.
Bitter Enemies 2 Rare (Call to Arms) Improvement Black After the combat phase, remove a charge from Bitter Enemies. Before the action phase, if there are zero charges on Bitter Enemies, deal 6 damage to both towers.
Centaur Warrunner Rare (Call to Arms) Hero Red 4 14
Conflagration 5 Rare (Call to Arms) Improvement Blue Deal 2 damage to each enemy before the action phase.
Disciple of Nevermore 3 Common (Call to Arms) Creep Black 4 -2 4 Other allies have +2 Attack and -2 Armor.
Double Edge 1 Rare (Call to Arms) Spell Red Give a red hero +8 Attack and -8 Armor this round.
Fighting Instinct 5 Basic (Base Set) Spell Red Modify a red hero with +1 Attack and +1 Armor.
Keefe the Bold Basic (Base Set) Hero Red 6 1 11
Mazzie Common (Call to Arms) Hero Red 6 3 6
Ogre Conscript 6 Common (Call to Arms) Creep Red 7 2 7
Prellex Uncommon (Call to Arms) Hero Blue 3 5
Shop Deed 22 Rare (Call to Arms) Consumable Each item in your Secret Shop costs X less gold, where X is equal to its base cost.
Spot Weakness 3 Uncommon (Call to Arms) Spell Red Give a hero and its allied neighbors Pierce this round. Draw a card.
Steel Reinforcement 4 Common (Call to Arms) Improvement Red Your tower has +1 Armor.