[e][h] Vargasni
Illustrator Information
Randy Vargas

Randy "Vargasni" Vargas is a Cuban illustrator.

Illustrated Cards[edit]

Card Cost Rarity Type Color Damage Armor Health Effect
...And One For Me 4 Uncommon (Call to Arms) Spell Blue Choose a hero. Put a base copy of a random item equipped by that hero into your hand.
Enchantress Common (Call to Arms) Hero Green 4 8
Ignite 3 Common (Call to Arms) Improvement Blue Deal 1 piercing damage to each enemy before the action phase.
Legion Commander Uncommon (Call to Arms) Hero Red 6 1 8
Nether Ward 4 Rare (Call to Arms) Improvement Red After opponent plays a spell, deal 3 damage to the enemy tower.
Ogre Magi Common (Call to Arms) Hero Blue 3 7
Pick Off 4 Uncommon (Call to Arms) Spell Black Deal 4 damage to a unit in any lane.
Pugna Rare (Call to Arms) Hero Red 6 9