Signature Cards

Signature Cards are cards associated with hero cards. When adding a hero to a deck, three copies of its signature card are automatically added to the deck as well.


Card Hero Rarity Type Cost Color Damage Armor Health Effect
Act of Defiance Rix Uncommon Spell 5 Green Silence a unit this round.
Allseeing One's Favor Omniknight Rare Spell 4 Green Modify a green hero with "Allies have +2 Regeneration."
Aphotic Shield Abaddon Uncommon Spell 2 Green Purge enemy effects from a unit. Give that unit +2 Armor and +2 Retaliate this round.
Assassinate Sniper Uncommon Spell 7 Black Deal 10 piercing damage to a unit in any lane.
Assault Ladders Sorla Khan Uncommon Improvement 3 Black Allies deal +2 damage when attacking a tower.
Astral Imprisonment Outworld Devourer Uncommon Spell 4 Blue Stun a unit this round. Give that unit Damage Immunity this round.
Ball Lightning Storm Spirit Rare Spell 3 Black Move an allied black hero to an empty combat position in any lane.
Barracks Prellex Uncommon Improvement 5 Blue Summon a Melee Creep into this lane each deployment phase.
Battlefield Control J'Muy the Wise Basic Spell 1 Blue Choose a unit. Choose a combat target for it.
Berserker's Call Axe Rare Spell 6 Red Choose an allied red hero. It battles its enemy neighbors.
Blood Rage Bloodseeker Common Spell 4 Black Silence a unit this round. Give that unit +4 Attack this round.
Chain Frost Lich Rare Spell 7 Black Deal 3 damage to a unit. Repeat 7 times: Deal 3 damage to a random unit to its left or right.
Coup de Grace Phantom Assassin Common Spell 6 Black Discard a random card. Condemn a hero.
Divided We Stand Meepo Rare Spell 4 Blue Summon a Meepo.
Double Edge Centaur Warrunner Rare Spell 1 Red Give a red hero +8 Attack and -8 Armor this round.
Duel Legion Commander Uncommon Spell 2 Red Choose an allied red hero and another unit. They battle each other.
Echo Slam Earthshaker Rare Spell 7 Blue Deal damage to each enemy equal to the number of enemies.
Eclipse Luna Uncommon Spell 6 Blue Repeat one time for each charge: Deal 3 piercing damage to a random enemy.
Empower Magnus Common Spell 4 Green Modify a unit with +3 Attack and +3 Cleave.
Enrage Ursa Common Spell 4 Red Give a red hero +4 Attack and +4 Armor this round.
Fighting Instinct Keefe the Bold Basic Spell 5 Red Modify a red hero with +1 Attack and +1 Armor.
Frostbite Crystal Maiden Common Spell 3 Blue Deal 2 damage to a unit and disarm it this round.
God's Strength Sven Common Spell 6 Red Modify a red hero with +4 Attack.
Gust Drow Ranger Rare Spell 4 Green Silence an enemy hero and its allied neighbors this round.
Hand of God Chen Rare Spell 7 Green Fully heal each ally. Give allies Damage Immunity this round.
Heartstopper Aura Necrophos Common Spell 4 Black Modify a black hero with "Deal 2 piercing damage to this hero's enemy neighbors before the action phase."
Ignite Ogre Magi Common Improvement 3 Blue Deal 1 piercing damage to each enemy before the action phase.
Ion Shell Dark Seer Common Spell 4 Green Modify a unit with +3 Retaliate.
Kraken Shell Tidehunter Uncommon Spell 1 Red Modify a red hero with +1 Armor. Get initiative.
Mana Drain Lion Common Spell 2 Black Give the enemy tower -2 Mana this round and give your tower +2 Mana this round.
March of the Machines Tinker Rare Improvement 5 Black Before the action phase, if there are charges on March of the Machines, remove one and deal 2 damage to the enemy tower and 2 damage to each enemy.
Mystic Flare Skywrath Mage Common Spell 6 Blue Deal 12 damage evenly divided among a unit and its allied neighbors.
Nether Ward Pugna Rare Improvement 4 Red After opponent plays a spell, deal 3 damage to the enemy tower.
No Accident Debbi the Cunning Basic Spell 3 Black Deal 2 damage to a unit.
Prey on the Weak Kanna Rare Spell 4 Blue Summon a Hound of War for every damaged unit.
Primal Roar Beastmaster Common Spell 7 Red Stun a unit blocking an allied red hero this round. Move that unit's allied neighbors to random other lanes.
Prowler Vanguard Fahrvhan the Dreamer Basic Creep 4 Green 0 8 Prowler Vanguard's allied neighbors have +1 Armor.
Roseleaf Druid Treant Protector Common Creep 4 Green 2 6
Savage Wolf Lycan Common Creep 4 Green 3 3 Modify Savage Wolf with +1 Attack and +2 Health after the combat phase.
Sow Venom Venomancer Common Spell 4 Blue Summon two Plague Wards.
Steel Reinforcement Mazzie Common Improvement 4 Red Your tower has +1 Armor.
Thundergod's Wrath Zeus Common Spell 7 Blue Deal 4 piercing damage to each enemy hero in all lanes.
Track Bounty Hunter Common Spell 3 Black Give a hero +10 Bounty until it dies.
Verdant Refuge Enchantress Common Improvement 5 Green Allies have +1 Armor
Viper Strike Viper Uncommon Spell 3 Green Give a unit "Deal 2 piercing damage to this unit before the action phase" until it dies.
Viscous Nasal Goo Bristleback Common Spell 4 Red Modify a unit with -2 Armor.
Whirling Death Timbersaw Uncommon Spell 2 Red Choose an allied red hero. Deal 2 damage to its enemy neighbors and give them -2 Attack this round.
Winter's Curse Winter Wyvern Uncommon Spell 6 Black Disarm a unit until end of round. That unit's allied neighbors battle it.