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Call of Duty World League Championship 2019 Group Stage

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Group Stage[edit]

Group A[edit]

Group A
1.eUnitedeUnited eUnited3-09-2
2.ElevateElevate Elevate1-25-7
3.RBL ESportsRBL ESports RBL ESports1-25-7
4.Celtic FC EsportsCeltic FC Esports Celtic FC Esports1-24-7

Group B[edit]

Group B
1.Enigma6 GroupEnigma6 Group Enigma6 Group3-09-1
2.Team WaRTeam WaR Team WaR2-16-3
3.Fuego GamingFuego Gaming Fuego Gaming1-24-8
4.Gen.G esportsGen.G esports Gen.G esports0-32-9

Group C[edit]

Group C
1.FaZe ClanFaZe Clan FaZe Clan3-09-2
2.UnitsUnits Units2-16-5
3.Mazer GamingMazer Gaming Mazer Gaming1-26-7
4.Animosity eSportsAnimosity eSports Animosity eSports0-32-9

Group D[edit]

Group D
1.Team EnvyTeam Envy Team Envy3-09-6
2.Team ReciprocityTeam Reciprocity Team Reciprocity2-18-3
3.Sage eSportsSage eSports Sage eSports1-25-6
4.LGND StatusLGND Status LGND Status0-32-9

Group E[edit]

Group E
1.Team SingularityTeam Singularity Team Singularity3-09-2
2.Luminosity GamingLuminosity Gaming Luminosity Gaming2-16-5
3.UYUUYU UYU1-27-6
4.Vanity AllianceVanity Alliance Vanity Alliance0-30-9

Group F[edit]

Group F
1.100 Thieves100 Thieves 100 Thieves3-09-2
2.Sicario GamingSicario Gaming Sicario Gaming2-16-5
3.Midnight EsportsMidnight Esports Midnight Esports1-26-7
4.FURY GamingFURY Gaming FURY Gaming0-32-9

Group G[edit]

Group G
1.OpTic GamingOpTic Gaming OpTic Gaming3-09-3
2.Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses Evil Geniuses2-17-4
3.TrainHard eSportTrainHard eSport TrainHard eSport1-25-6
4.Carnage GamingCarnage Gaming Carnage Gaming0-31-9

Group H[edit]

Group H
1.SplyceSplyce Splyce3-09-1
2.Team HereticsTeam Heretics Team Heretics2-16-3
3.Aspire eSportsAspire eSports Aspire eSports1-23-7
4.Hybrid GamingHybrid Gaming Hybrid Gaming0-32-9