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Force1 Esports

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[e][h]Force1 Esports
Team Information
Approx. Total Winnings:
: 2020-04-09

Force1 Esports is a South Asia based Esports organization that was formed in February 2020. Force1 is one of the fastest-growing esports organizations in India. They have rosters playing for both, Multiplayer and Battle Royale in Call of Duty: Mobile Esports. Force1 also competes for Esports titles like Free Fire and PUBG Mobile.
The current active rosters for Force1 Esports are acquired from Time2Pound and TUF.



Player Roster[edit]



Temporary stand-ins
ID Name Replacing ID Name Tournament(s)
India OiL  
Srivatsan Suresh
India Ignite Aryan Hardaha India Cup
India DEATH  
Reckoning EsportsReckoning Esports
Priyank Birajdar
India Elf Ayush Hardaha India Cup


Battle Royale[edit]


Battle Royale Active Roster
ID Name Join Date
India 1nsanity Captain Rohan Khatri 2020-09-10 [4]
India DKaleV2 Darshan Kale 2020-09-10 [4]
India GunDey Himanshu Singh 2020-09-10 [4]
India Fer0 Parth Seth 2020-09-10 [4]
India Evolution (Substitute) Sounak Das 2020-09-10 [4]
India Nemesis (Substitute) Yash Todankar 2021-01-21 [9]
India FAKER (Substitute) Rajat Malviya 2021-01-21 [9]




ID Name Position Join Date
India RV Ravi Fichadiya Owner 2020-02-20
India Dragon Shubham Roongta Owner 2020-02-20
India AMBRISH Ambrish Tripathi Manager 2020-02-20
India Amit Amit Singh Tanwar Head of Operations 2020-10-15 [5]
India Rawaky Rishabh Gupta Member of Operations 2020-11-09
India OREO Tushar Khanna Social Media Manager 2020-02-??
India OCTANE Biyas Sen CoDM Community Manager (MP) 2020-09-04
India Scrimzee Sasank Subramanyam CoDM Community Manager (MP) 2020-09-04


Earnings Chart[edit]


Featured Articles[edit]


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