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Detailed Results[edit]

2021-05-254thA3B-TierMobile Mayhem 2021 Spring: North America Mobile Mayhem North AmericaMobile Mayhem North AmericaMobile Mayhem 2021 Spring: North AmericaNova InvictusNova InvictusNova InvictusTrovo MayhemTrovo Mayhem 
2020-03-086thA4C-TierMPL CODM League - NA Season 1 MPLMPLMPL CODM League - NA Season 1Status QuoStatus QuoStatus Quo3/-/3Grp S. 
2011-11-209th - 12thA1S-TierMLG National Championship 2011 MLGMLGMLG National Championship 2011JuKeDJuKeDJuKeD1 : 3apeX.CollapseapeX.Collapse 
2011-10-168thA2A-TierMLG Orlando 2011 MLGMLGMLG Orlando 2011JuKeDJuKeDJuKeD0 : 3XtravagantXtravagant$800