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Kevs: Results

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Detailed Results[edit]

2023-03-263rdA2A-TierGarena Masters 2023 S4 Garena MastersGarena MastersGarena Masters 2023 S4Omega EsportsOmega EsportsOmega Esports0 : 3WPM LowKingsWPM LowKings$3,000
2022-08-141stA2A-TierGarena Masters 2022 S3 Garena MastersGarena MastersGarena Masters 2022 S3Omega EsportsOmega EsportsOmega Esports3 : 2Blacklist UltimateBlacklist Ultimate$10,000
2022-05-291stA2A-TierGarena Masters 2022 S2 Garena MastersGarena MastersGarena Masters 2022 S2Omega EsportsOmega EsportsOmega Esports3 : 1Blacklist UltimateBlacklist Ultimate$10,000
2022-04-036th - 13thA2A-TierGarena Invitational 2022 cgi 21cgi 21Garena Invitational 2022Omega EsportsOmega EsportsOmega Esports3/-/2Grp S.$1,000
2022-03-134thA2A-TierGarena Masters 2022 S1 Garena MastersGarena MastersGarena Masters 2022 S1Omega EsportsOmega EsportsOmega Esports1 : 3ALMGHTYALMGHTY$1,500
2021-12-232ndA3B-TierPH Invitational 2021 Winter PH InvitationalPH InvitationalPH Invitational 2021 WinterOmega EsportsOmega EsportsOmega Esports0 : 3Blacklist UltimateBlacklist Ultimate$1,500
2021-09-055th - 8thA2A-TierPhilippines Championship 2021 (CODM Champs) Philippines ChampionshipPhilippines ChampionshipPhilippines Championship 2021 (CODM Champs)RTL EsportsRTL EsportsRTL Esports2/-/1Grp S.$801
2021-02-263rdA2A-TierCall of Duty: Mobile - Philippines Championship 2021 Philippines ChampionshipPhilippines ChampionshipCall of Duty: Mobile - Philippines Championship 2021RTL LegacyRTL LegacyRTL Legacy2 : 3NU AnarchyNU Anarchy$2,500