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KiLLa: Results

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Detailed Results[edit]

2019-07-2133rd - 48thA2A-TierCWL Miami Open 2019 CoD World LeagueCoD World LeagueCWL Miami Open 2019NfiniteNfiniteNfinite0 : 2Freezin ClanFreezin Clan 
2018-11-115th - 8thA7WeeklyGameBattles North America 2k Series BO4 #2 GamebattlesGamebattlesGameBattles North America 2k Series BO4 #2YerrrYerrrYerrr0 : 3eUnitedeUnited 
2018-11-049th - 16thA7WeeklyGameBattles North America 2k Series BO4 GamebattlesGamebattlesGameBattles North America 2k Series BO4First 2kFirst 2kFirst 2k1 : 3100 Thieves100 Thieves 
2018-02-2417th - 32ndA7WeeklyGameBattles North America 2k Series WW2 10 GamebattlesGamebattlesGameBattles North America 2k Series WW2 10Ascendant GamingAscendant GamingAscendant Gaming0 : 3FiveGuyzzFiveGuyzz 
2018-01-2717th - 32ndA7WeeklyGameBattles North America 2k Series WW2 8 GamebattlesGamebattlesGameBattles North America 2k Series WW2 8Rock Bottom 1/27Rock Bottom 1/27Rock Bottom 1/270 : 3ExoMoon GamingExoMoon Gaming 
2017-12-3017th - 32ndA7WeeklyGameBattles North America 2k Series WW2 6 GamebattlesGamebattlesGameBattles North America 2k Series WW2 6Soo WoopSoo WoopSoo Woop1 : 3Team EnvyTeam Envy 
2017-12-1717th - 32ndA7WeeklyGameBattles North America 2k Series WW2 5 GamebattlesGamebattlesGameBattles North America 2k Series WW2 5MontrealMontrealMontreal2 : 3leafshinobileafshinobi 
2017-11-269th - 16thA7WeeklyGameBattles North America 2k Series WW2 3 GamebattlesGamebattlesGameBattles North America 2k Series WW2 3Underworld EsportsUnderworld EsportsUnderworld Esports1 : 3Ghost GamingGhost Gaming 
2017-11-1917th - 32ndA7WeeklyGameBattles North America 2k Series WW2 2 GamebattlesGamebattlesGameBattles North America 2k Series WW2 2Underworld EsportsUnderworld EsportsUnderworld Esports2 : 3Lethal GamingLethal Gaming 
2017-11-1217th - 32ndA7WeeklyGameBattles North America 2k Series WW2 GamebattlesGamebattlesGameBattles North America 2k Series WW2Praying DawgPraying DawgPraying Dawg1 : 3To Be DecidedTo Be Decided 
2016-12-1817th - 20thA1S-TierCWL Las Vegas Open 2017 CoD World LeagueCoD World LeagueCWL Las Vegas Open 2017RevengeRevengeRevenge2 : 3Team InfusedTeam Infused 
2016-09-0425th - 32ndA1S-TierCWL Championship 2016 World ChampionshipWorld ChampionshipCWL Championship 2016RenegadesRenegadesRenegades0/3Grp S.$15,000
2015-09-0613th - 16thA2A-TierUMG Washington DC 2015 umg dc15umg dc15UMG Washington DC 2015XGN CompetitiveXGN CompetitiveXGN Competitive1 : 3TCM-GamingTCM-Gaming 
2015-07-1213th - 16thA2A-TierUMG Dallas 2015 umg dal15umg dal15UMG Dallas 2015XGN CompetitiveXGN CompetitiveXGN Competitive0 : 3vVv GamingvVv Gaming 
2015-05-1717th - 20thA2A-TierUMG California 2015 umg cal15umg cal15UMG California 2015OpTic NationOpTic NationOpTic Nation0 : 3Rise NationRise Nation 
2015-03-2913th - 16thA1S-TierCall of Duty Championship 2015 World ChampionshipWorld ChampionshipCall of Duty Championship 2015OpTic NationOpTic NationOpTic Nation2 : 3Team EnVyUsTeam EnVyUs 
2015-01-045th - 6thA2A-TierUMG Orlando 2015 umg orl15umg orl15UMG Orlando 2015ElevateElevateElevate2 : 3Denial EsportsDenial Esports 
2014-10-1213th - 16thA2A-TierUMG Nashville 2014 umg nas14umg nas14UMG Nashville 2014OpTic NationOpTic NationOpTic Nation0 : 3Aware GamingAware Gaming 
2014-08-245thA2A-TierUMG Dallas 2014 umg dal14umg dal14UMG Dallas 2014Most WantedMost WantedMost Wanted1 : 3OpTic GamingOpTic Gaming$1,000
2014-08-243rdA2A-TierUMG Dallas 2014 umg dal14umg dal14UMG Dallas 2014OpTic NationOpTic NationOpTic Nation1 : 3Team EnVyUsTeam EnVyUs$3,000
2014-05-044thA3B-TierUGC Niagara 2014 ugc nia14ugc nia14UGC Niagara 2014OpTic NationOpTic NationOpTic Nation0 : 3compLexity GamingcompLexity Gaming$2,000
2014-01-053rdA2A-TierUMG Philadelphia 2014 umg phi14umg phi14UMG Philadelphia 2014Curse LVCurse LVCurse LV0 : 3Team KaliberTeam Kaliber$3,000
2013-06-302ndA1S-TierMLG Spring Championship 2013MLG Spring Championship 2013ImpactImpactImpactcompLexity GamingcompLexity Gaming$12,000
2013-04-211stA2A-TierUMG St. Louis 2013 50x50px50x50pxUMG St. Louis 2013Fariko ImpactFariko ImpactFariko Impact4 : 3Team EnVyUsTeam EnVyUs$7,500
2013-04-071stA1S-TierCall of Duty Championship 2013Call of Duty Championship 2013Fariko ImpactFariko ImpactFariko ImpactTeam EnVyUsTeam EnVyUs$400,000
2013-03-311stA3B-TierEuropean Gaming League 9: Blackpool EGLEGLEuropean Gaming League 9: BlackpoolFariko ImpactFariko ImpactFariko Impact6 : 2CloudsClouds$4,103
2012-12-303rdA2A-TierUMG Chicago 2012 UMGUMGUMG Chicago 2012Fariko ImpactFariko ImpactFariko Impact1 : 3compLexity GamingcompLexity Gaming$1,000
2012-10-145th - 6thA3B-TierEuropean Gaming League 8: Manchester EGLEGLEuropean Gaming League 8: ManchesterapeX.TaKeOverapeX.TaKeOverapeX.TaKeOver0 : 3ProphecyProphecy$641
2012-08-192ndA3B-TierUMG Championships 2012 UMGUMGUMG Championships 2012Team FeaRTeam FeaRTeam FeaR0 : 3apeX.CollapseapeX.Collapse$1,100
2012-08-054thA3B-TierEuropean Gaming League 7: Blackpool EGLEGLEuropean Gaming League 7: BlackpoolTeam FeaRTeam FeaRTeam FeaR1 : 3SK GamingSK Gaming$1,086
2012-06-241stA3B-TierUMG Invitational 2012 UMGUMGUMG Invitational 2012Team FeaRTeam FeaRTeam FeaR3 : 0ObeyObey$2,400
2011-09-033rdA1S-TierCall of Duty XP 2011 XPXPCall of Duty XP 2011IcoNsIcoNsIcoNsTeam InfusedTeam Infused$120,000