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Liquipedia:Team Page Tutorial

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[e][h]Full Clan name
Team Information
Name of the CEO
Name of the Manager
Names of the teams coach(es)
Team Captain:
Name of the team captain
Name(s) and links to sponsor pages
The Date when the team was created (YYYY-MM-DD)
The Date when the team was disbanded


This is a tutorial for how to create and maintain your own Team page on Liquipedia. We'll go through how to deal with the different templates. The bold text will be the actual "code". A good template ready to copy and paste will be found at the end of each segment.


An important part of any Liquipedia page is good headings to make an easy to navigate Table of Contents (or TOC)-box at the top of the page. some normal ones include Overview, Format, Players, Group-stage, Bracket, Rules and Racial Distribution. You can of course create others and ignore some to best suit the tournament you're creating the page for. You create a heading by starting a new line and entering:
And then another line break after it so as to leave it as the only text or code on that line. The HEADER NAME should be changed to the name you want to give the header. If you want to make a sub header within that section, use three equal-signs on each side of the name, and a further sub heading would be four equal-signs on each side.

Adding an infobox to your tournament page[edit]

An Infobox is one of the standard features of any Liquipedia page and it's no different for tournaments, leagues, Player Pages or Team Pages, situated at the top right corner of a page it gives some brief information about the Team. The {{Infobox team}}-template should come before the article text, but perhaps after other templates such as Tabs or Stub, and also after a banner, should you have added that to the top of the page. Following will be the explanation of the code.

Code Explanation[edit]

Copy & Paste Templates[edit]

You'll find a full variables list below.

Adding a timeline dynamic tabs to your Team page[edit]

A Timeline Dynamic tab is the standard way to add an timeline on a Team Page on Liquipedia. The first tab should always be the current year.

Code Explanation[edit]

Copy & Paste Templates[edit]

(Team Mayhem)


Creating and adding a Active Roster list[edit]

Here is how you create an active roster list. A Former roster list should be added in the tab "players" After "joindate=" you can add "|captain=yes" for the player who is the team captain.

Code Explanation[edit]

Copy & Paste Templates[edit]

(Team Mayhem)
Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
India Learn Captain Jash Shah 2020-02-22
India Neutrino Zeel Patel 2019-03-27
India Vegaz Anirudh Vhavle 2020-02-22
India Broszxs Sameer Sinha 2020-05-??
India BurnZ Chiranthan Shetty 2020-07-07
India Trunks Rishi Dubey 2020-06-??
India Grim (Substitute) Husanbir Singh Sidhu 2020-02-22
India Creameh (Substitute) Ruyam Ganatra 2020-02-22
The code to create the above Active Roster list would be
{{SquadPlayer |flag=in |player=Learn|captain=yes|name=Jash Shah|role=IGL|joindate=2020-02-22}}
{{SquadPlayer |flag=in |player=Neutrino|name=Zeel Patel|joindate=2019-03-27}}
{{SquadPlayer |flag=in |player=Vegaz|name=Anirudh Vhavle|joindate=2020-02-22}}
{{SquadPlayer |flag=in |player=Broszxs|name=Sameer Sinha|joindate=2020-05-??}}
{{SquadPlayer |flag=in |player=BurnZ|name=Chiranthan Shetty|joindate=2020-07-07}}
{{SquadPlayer |flag=in |player=Trunks|name=Rishi Dubey|joindate=2020-06-??}}
{{SquadPlayer |flag=in |player=Grim|substitute|name=Husanbir Singh Sidhu|joindate=2020-02-22}}
{{SquadPlayer |flag=in |player=Creameh|substitute|name=Ruyam Ganatra|joindate=2020-02-22}}

Creating and adding a Organization staff list[edit]

Copy & Paste[edit]

{{Organization start}}
{{OrganizationPerson |person= |flag= |name= |position= |joindate= }}
{{Organization end}}


Here is an example:

ID Name Position Join Date
Poland Staff1 Staff Name Founder 2015-01-01
Greece Staff2 Staff Name CEO 2015-01-01
Brazil Staff3 Staff Name Head of Esports 2017-01-01
Norway Staff4 Staff Name General Manager 2017-03-01
Romania Staff5 Staff Name CoDM Community Manager 2017-06-10
Russia Staff6 Staff Name Analyst 2018-02-01
Ukraine Staff7 Staff Name Social Media Manager 2018-03-01

Creating and adding a Roster Navbox[edit]

To create a Roster Navbox simply add the Team roster template to the bottom of your Page and every player that is in the ActiveSquad template will get added to it automatically

Copy & Paste[edit]

{{Team roster}}


Here is an example:

Team Page Design[edit]

Here you will see how a Team page design should look like. Use the above templates to create an complete team page.

See Also[edit]

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