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Ruoxi: Results

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Detailed Results[edit]

2022-11-1413th - 16thA2A-TierCODM Fall Invitational 2022 CODM Fall Invitational 2022FunPlus PhoenixFunPlus PhoenixFunPlus Phoenix0/3Grp S.$1,536
2022-10-025th - 6thA2A-TierChina Masters 2022 S4: Championship CDMCDMChina Masters 2022 S4: ChampionshipFunPlus PhoenixFunPlus PhoenixFunPlus Phoenix2 : 4Douyu GamingDouyu Gaming$20,879
2022-09-253rdA8QualifierChina Masters 2022 S4: Stage 3 CDMCDMChina Masters 2022 S4: Stage 3FunPlus PhoenixFunPlus PhoenixFunPlus Phoenix4 : 2Douyu GamingDouyu Gaming$2,105
2022-09-017th - 8thA8QualifierChina Masters 2022 S4: Stage 2 CDMCDMChina Masters 2022 S4: Stage 2FunPlus PhoenixFunPlus PhoenixFunPlus Phoenix2 : 3All GamersAll Gamers 
2022-08-144thA8QualifierChina Masters 2022 S4: Stage 1 CDMCDMChina Masters 2022 S4: Stage 1FunPlus PhoenixFunPlus PhoenixFunPlus Phoenix1 : 4Douyu GamingDouyu Gaming$1,475
2022-05-284thA2A-TierChina Masters 2022 S3: Championship CDMCDMChina Masters 2022 S3: ChampionshipFunPlus PhoenixFunPlus PhoenixFunPlus Phoenix1 : 4Team WeiboTeam Weibo$29,624
2021-12-125thA1S-TierCODM World Championship 2021 - East Finals CODM World ChampionshipCODM World ChampionshipCODM World Championship 2021 - East FinalsFunPlus PhoenixFunPlus PhoenixFunPlus Phoenix2/-/3Grp S.$40,000
2021-07-272ndA2A-TierDouyu Bounty Invitational 2021 DBIDBIDouyu Bounty Invitational 2021FunPlus PhoenixFunPlus PhoenixFunPlus Phoenix1 : 4Qing Jiu ClubQing Jiu Club 
2021-06-275th - 8thA2A-TierNational Electronic Sports Tournament 2021 NESTNESTNational Electronic Sports Tournament 2021FunPlus PhoenixFunPlus PhoenixFunPlus Phoenix0 : 3QGQG 
2021-06-122ndA2A-TierMasters China Season 1 CDMCDMMasters China Season 1FunPlus PhoenixFunPlus PhoenixFunPlus Phoenix3 : 4$93,769
2021-03-031st - 3rdA8QualifierMasters China Pre-Season Masters CupMasters CupMasters China Pre-SeasonFunPlus PhoenixFunPlus PhoenixFunPlus Phoenix6/-/0Grp S. 
2020-12-255th - 8thA2A-TierTencent Global eSports Arena Invitational Tencent Global eSports ArenaTencent Global eSports ArenaTencent Global eSports Arena InvitationalFunPlus PhoenixFunPlus PhoenixFunPlus Phoenix2 : 3Qing Jiu ClubQing Jiu Club$1,528