Bren Chong's Cup Summer Edition

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[e][h]Bren Chong's Cup Summer Edition
League Information
Bren Chongs Cup BrenChongs Cup
In-Game Tournaments + Single Elimination
Group Stage:
Round Robin within Group
Double Elimination
Prize pool:
$6,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Number of Players:



  • 14 Qualifiers - August 17, 18, 25, 26, 27, 2020
    • In each qualifier (14), the casters organize separate in-game tournaments.
    • The top 16 players of each in-game tournament play in a Single Elimination bracket.
    • The winner of each bracket qualifies for Group Stage.
  • Group Stage - August 28 - September 04, 2020
    • 2 players from Special qualifiers, 12 players from Qualifiers and 2 players selected through community vote join the 48 invited players.
    • 64 players divided in 8 groups of 8 players each.
    • Top 4 players of each group qualify for the Playoffs.
    • All matches are played in a Bo3.
    • Tiebreaker
      • 2 Players - Head to Head.
      • 3+ Players - Games W/L. If still tied, Total no. of crowns gained.
  • Playoffs - September 05 - 08, 2020
    • Double Elimination Bracket with 32 starting players.
    • Undefeated bracket all rounds are played in a Bo5.
    • Elimination bracket Rounds 1-6 are played in a Bo3.
    • Elimination bracket Rounds 7 and 8 are played in a Bo5.
    • Grand Final is played in a Bo5.
    • The player who enters the Grand Final from the Elimination bracket has to win 2 Bo5 sets in a row whereas the player from the Undefeated Bracket has to win only 1 Bo5 set.

Broadcast Talent[edit]

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  • Caster:

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Prize Pool[edit]

The prize pool of $6,000 USD is awarded as follows:


Special Qualifiers Players
Netherlands Bobtherock 
Mexico LevySG 
Qualifiers Players
Croatia Beast 
South Korea Geralt 
Bolivia ⚔️⭐MAU⭐⚔️ 
Argentina framsito 
Argentina Bansito 
Argentina Thomas 
United Kingdom KenDaSwagger 
Brazil Wallace 
Syria !¡osama™!¡ 
Germany Wolfstochter 
Mexico Puddin 
Chile Cris_Lyan 
Community Vote
Peru ⚡⚡She⚡⚡ 
Colombia Nicoco23 
Invited Players
Venezuela xPedro15 
Spain RUBEN 
Spain KaNaRiOoo 
Mexico Anaban 
United States thegod_rf 
Mexico Pompeyo4 
United States airsurfer 
Mexico SergioRamos 
Brazil Samuel 
Netherlands Surgical Goblin 
Portugal Vitor75 
Venezuela lich 
United States ⚡Bag™⚡ 
Colombia Kodigoⓒʀ 
Nicaragua TOMMY 
Mexico DiegoE 
Mexico Dark Light 
Brazil Surg TS 
Mexico Adrian Piedra 
Spain iAmJP 
Spain Javi14 
Russia Egor 
Spain Michifu 
Belarus LaPoKaTi 
South Korea JupiterKing 
Spain Bale 
Spain Soking 
Germany Schwarzen 
United Kingdom ThunderStruck 
Spain Cuchii Cuu 
France Azilys 
United Kingdom SaintBelikin 
United Kingdom Boeufmac 
Spain DarkAngel 
Germany Morten 
Argentina Alee 
Mexico YoSoyRick 
Peru Sandalia21 
South Korea TNT 
Peru Miniminter 
Brazil LucasXGamer 
Mexico DiegoB 
Mexico Flash 
Brazil LucDubs 
Brazil Renan Cava 
Dominican Republic adriel 

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