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Morten: Results

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Detailed Results[edit]

2022-12-103rd - 4thA2A-TierDEDsafio RoyaleDEDsafio RoyaleSK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming1 : 2Brazil LucasXGamer$1,050
2022-11-133rd - 4thA1S-TierQueso Cup Teams EditionQueso Cup Teams EditionSK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming1 : 3Puigins EsportsPuigins Esports$3,000
2022-09-252ndA1S-TierCRL 2022 World FinalsCRL 2022 World FinalsSK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming0 : 2Egypt Mohamed Light$125,000
2022-07-031stA2A-TierClash All Stars by UniversaeClash All Stars by UniversaeSK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming2 : 0Spain Ruben$5,212
2022-06-255th - 8thA2A-TierSnapdragon Pro Series S1 EU & MENA Filter TournamentSnapdragon Pro Series S1 EU & MENA Filter TournamentSK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming1 : 2Egypt Mohamed Light$500
2022-05-213rd - 4thA2A-TierSnapdragon Pro Series S1 EU & MENA Split 1 Open FinalsSnapdragon Pro Series S1 EU & MENA Split 1 Open FinalsSK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming1 : 2Ukraine Rosen$2,000
2022-05-203rd - 4thA8QualifierSnapdragon Pro Series S1 Europe & MENA Split 2 Open Qualifier - Cup 1Snapdragon Pro Series S1 Europe & MENA Split 2 Open Qualifier - Cup 1SK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming0 : 2Egypt Mohamed Light 
2022-05-089thA8QualifierSnapdragon Pro Series S1 EU & MENA Split 1 Open Qualifier - LeaderboardSnapdragon Pro Series S1 EU & MENA Split 1 Open Qualifier - LeaderboardSK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming 
2022-05-019th - 16thA8QualifierSnapdragon Pro Series S1 Europe & MENA Split 1 Open Qualifier - Cup 4Snapdragon Pro Series S1 Europe & MENA Split 1 Open Qualifier - Cup 4SK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming0 : 2France Inoraj 
2022-04-245th - 8thA8QualifierSnapdragon Pro Series S1 Europe & MENA Split 1 Open Qualifier - Cup 2Snapdragon Pro Series S1 Europe & MENA Split 1 Open Qualifier - Cup 2SK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming0 : 2Spain Michifu 
2022-04-2333rd - 64thA8QualifierQueso Cup Golden Edition CB1Queso Cup Golden Edition CB1SK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming0 : 2Egypt Mohamed Light 
2022-04-223rd - 4thA8QualifierSnapdragon Pro Series S1 Europe & MENA Split 1 Open Qualifier - Cup 1Snapdragon Pro Series S1 Europe & MENA Split 1 Open Qualifier - Cup 1SK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming0 : 2Germany xopxsam 
2022-03-263rdA1S-TierBCC Golden EditionBCC Golden EditionSK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming0 : 2Brazil LucasXGamer$6,000
2021-12-055th - 6thA1S-TierCRL 2021 World FinalsCRL 2021 World FinalsSK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming0 : 2Egypt Mohamed Light$40,000
2021-09-198thA8QualifierCRL 2021 Season LeaderboardCRL 2021 Season LeaderboardSK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming 
2021-08-297th - 8thA2A-TierBCC 3 EMEABCC 3 EMEASK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming0 : 2Spain DarkAngel 
2021-07-255th - 8thA2A-TierCWA Cup 3CWA Cup 3 
2021-07-119th - 16thA1S-TierCRL 2021 S06CRL 2021 S06SK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming4/2Grp S.$1,500
2021-06-248thA2A-TierQueso Cup 2021 Summer Split EMEA Group StageQueso Cup 2021 Summer Split EMEA Group StageSK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming7/6Grp S. 
2021-06-1317th - 32ndA1S-TierCRL 2021 S05CRL 2021 S05SK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming2/4/Grp S.$1,000
2021-04-254thA2A-TierNTW 2021NTW 2021GermanyGermanyGermany2 : 3South KoreaSouth Korea$2,750
2021-04-183rdA1S-TierCRL 2021 S03CRL 2021 S03SK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming1 : 2South Korea SandBox$6,000
2021-03-314thA2A-TierGPC 2021 EU & AfricaGPC 2021 EU & Africa 
2021-03-212ndA1S-TierCRL 2021 S02CRL 2021 S02SK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming1 : 2South Korea Line$10,000
2021-01-317th - 8thA2A-TierBCC 2 Europe & AfricaBCC 2 Europe & AfricaSK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming0 : 2Spain RUBÉN 
2020-12-062ndA1S-TierCRL World Finals 2020CRL World Finals 2020SK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming2 : 3Team QuesoTeam Queso$70,000
2020-11-212ndA1S-TierCRL West 2020 Fall SeasonCRL West 2020 Fall SeasonSK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming2 : 3Team QuesoTeam Queso$54,000
2020-09-089th - 12thA2A-TierBren Chong's Cup Summer EditionBren Chong's Cup Summer EditionSK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming0 : 2Mexico Puddin 
2020-08-109th - 16thA2A-TierAMG CUP S2AMG CUP S2SK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming2 : 3Mexico DiegoE 
2020-07-183rd - 4thA1S-TierCRL West 2020 Spring PlayoffsCRL West 2020 Spring PlayoffsSK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming2 : 3Misfits GamingMisfits Gaming 
2020-06-283rdA1S-TierCRL 2020 West Spring Group BCRL 2020 West Spring Group BSK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming2/2Grp S. 
2020-05-105th - 6thA1S-TierNTL Special Edition 2020NTL Special Edition 2020SK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming0 : 2Team PurpleTeam Purple 
2020-04-302ndA3B-TierYoMeQuedoEnCasa Cup 2YoMeQuedoEnCasa Cup 2SK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming2 : 3Dominican Republic adriel 
2020-03-289th - 16thA1S-TierNTW 2020NTW 2020GermanyGermanyGermany1 : 2ItalyItaly 
2020-01-059th - 12thA2A-TierBren Chong's CupBren Chong's CupSK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming1 : 2Belarus LaPoKaTi 
2019-12-073rd - 4thA1S-TierCRL World Finals 2019CRL World Finals 2019SK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming1 : 2Team LiquidTeam Liquid$50,000
2019-10-201stA1S-TierCRL West 2019 FallCRL West 2019 FallSK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming3 : 1Team LiquidTeam Liquid$60,000
2019-08-181stA2A-TierQLASH League 2QLASH League 2SK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming3 : 0Team QuesoTeam Queso$5,000
2019-07-211st - 3rdA1S-TierWCG 2019 CRLWCG 2019 CRLSK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming0 : 2GameWithGameWith$50,000
2019-07-072ndA1S-TierCRL West 2019 SpringCRL West 2019 SpringSK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming0 : 3Team LiquidTeam Liquid$40,000
2019-05-1317th - 32ndA2A-TierMoreno Cup 6Moreno Cup 6Nova EsportsNova EsportsNova Esports2 : 3Mexico YoSoyRick 
2018-10-272ndA1S-TierCRL Europe 2018 FallCRL Europe 2018 FallSK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming0 : 3Team QuesoTeam Queso$40,000